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Alexandria sightseeing’s 2022

We’re going to discover everything about Alexandria sightseeing’s in detail through this blog post from FTs blog.

It was established by Alexander the Great. It was ruled by Queen Cleopatra. The birth as well as the history of the region of Alexandria is a defining trait for prominent ones.

The Great Library of Alexandria as well as the colossal Pharos Viewing platform – one of seven wonders of the ancient world – were located in this stunning jewel of a town in the Mediterranean.

In more recent years, from the late nineteenth century to the 1950s, Alexandria was a bohemian popular tourist destination, with a glinting cast of authors, composers, and painters who called the city residence.

Alexandria sightseeing’s

Serapeum of Alexandria

The Serapeum Temple, devoted solely to Serapis as well as constructed by Ptolemy III, is among the religious centers in Alexandria. Whilst also it was mostly broken by the Romans in 391 CE, a few original works, like Pompey’s Pillar, which would be constituted by 2 huge sphinxes, remain just on site. Previously, the temple served as one of the most essential annexures to the Great Library of Alexandria. The Serapeum is worth a visit because of its historic value and great location.

Fortress of Qaitbay

The Pharos is no longer standing, having been destroyed by an earthquake, but its place is marked by the 15th fort of Qaitbay, a stunning exemplar of Mamluk army architectural style at its best. It is regarded as among Egypt’s most impressive defensive hideouts, as well as along the Mediterranean Sea coast. In the 15th century AD, it played an integral part in Alexandria’s fortification system. This castle was built by Sultan Al-Ashraf Abou Alnasr Seif Eldin Qaitbay Alzahiry and therefore is located at the entry to the eastern harbor on Pharos Island’s eastern tip. Components of the lighthouse’s ruins are seen in the building projects of the old fort.

Go buried in the Kom el-Shuqqafa Catacombs.

The Kom el-Shuqqafa Catacombs are hewn from the rock just on the southern slopes of a hill inside the Carmous neighborhood.

They are assumed to date from the second century AD but are an outstanding demonstration of the typical Alexandrian fuse of Egyptian as well as Greco-Roman fashions.

They were found in 1900 (as a result of a donkey having fallen into them) and thus are laid out on many tiers of sarcophagi as well as loculi (shelf tomb) chambers.

Pompey’s Pillar

In Carmous, close to the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, stands Alexandria’s sole fully intact ancient memorial, which would be strewn with the remnants of ancient walls, architecture, design fragments, and rubble.

Pompey’s Pillar rises from the ancient ruins and renowned Serapeion (Monastery of Serapis), which was once used to shop the Awesome Library of Alexandria’s overspill of writings.

Baths of the Romans

In ancient Alexandria, there were two types of Roman baths: secret and public. Private baths are classified into two types: Footbath which was used for a quick wash. That was a deep stone body of water anybody could gain entry by trying to take just one or two points down. Bath – Almost all of the time, rich people used such baths, which resembled the modern ones being used today. It was also used as a coffin after it died. The bath was covered with a stone cover. Public baths were not a time to experience a bath, but also a place for entertainment, trying to read, leisure, as well as other activities.

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Dive into the Submerged Ruins of Alexandria

Diving in Alexandria, with exception of diving in the Red Sea, is not really about colorful corals as well as fish life. Reefs in the Eastern Harbor area, on the other hand, are about ancient submerged rubble.

For scuba diving, Alexandria offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive among the old city’s felled monuments and columns.

Be cognizant that submerged accessibility on a snorkel in Alexandria is poor.

In recent times, the waters off the shoreline here had also supplied a plethora of treasures for submerged archaeology.

Archaeologists have found the port city of Heracleion-Thonis in the bay of Aboukir to the northern of the city and also have decided to bring many of the jewels to the exterior, which is now on showcase in Alexandria’s exhibitions.

Alexandria National Museum

This museum, which opened in 2003 and is housed in a rebuilt Italian palace that used to shelter the US embassy, includes over 1,800 ancient artifacts that tell the story of Alexandria. You’ll be allowed to see appears to work from the Hellenistic period, which includes jewels, armaments, as well as coins.

Gardens of Montazah

Montazah, a lush haven of tall palm trees, clipped lawns, but also flourishing flowers just on the city’s eastern outskirts, once was off-limits to all but the royal palace as well as one‘s fasteners.

Constructed in the 1890s as a log cabin by Khedive Abbas Hilmi, it was afterward significantly expanded by King Fuad as well as supplanted Ras el-Tin Palace as the royal family’s summer home.

The oddly constructed Montazah Palace, including its ornamented Florentine-inspired towers as well as Rococo flourishes, isn’t available to the public, but everybody is encouraged to stroll through the sprawling lawns, which can be a welcome piece of the essence after a day expended in Alexandria’s hustle-bustle.

Stanley Bridge

This 400m (1,300ft) bridge provides magnificent scenery of the Mediterranean. It was intended to be a perfect complement to the Royal Montazah Palace. You can pass it on foot or by car on your manner to the Corniche. During the warmer months, there is indeed a tiny stretch of beach for going for a swim, as well as an impressive myriad of fine restaurants that come alive at the night. After dinner, stroll forward with it here for the finest photo opportunities.

What are the recommendations for people in Alexandria?

The iconic Bibliotheca Alexandrina is among the greatest things to see in Alexandria Egypt.

This is a contemporary recreation of the antiquity Library of Alexandria, which was said to contain more understanding as well as books than every location in the ancient world.

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