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Cairo Shopping Malls

Cairo Shopping Malls are essential for tourists trying to trip to Egypt, so we’ll discover everything about it in detail from the FTS press.

Cairo Shopping Malls

You’re sure to find whatever you’re searching for in apparel, household goods, jewelry, shoes, or meals. We’ve compiled a list of the best Cairo shopping centers.

The best Cairo malls provide lovely places to shop, enjoy a meal in style, or have a relaxing coffee outside in the sun or indoors in cool air-conditioned areas.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Cairo Tower, crowded marketplaces like Khan El-Khalili, and stunning historic sites are the first things that come to mind when you think of Cairo.

Nevertheless, in addition to this marvelous city’s incredible history, you’ll discover some fantastic shopping malls stocked with all your favorite local and foreign brands.

Mall of Egypt

This magnificent, relatively new shopping complex houses some of the most fashionable designer labels and our favorite “high street” stores. The massive Mall of Egypt (and we mean giant) caters to a wide range of needs and takes an entire day to discover every corner.

It’s a mall worth visiting because of its excellent cinema, amusement park, and food court. The Mall of Egypt is unquestionably an “absolute must” on any list of Cairo shopping centers.

Dandy Mega Mall

Dandy Mega Mall is among Cairo’s oldest and most well-known shopping centers. This famous Cairo mall is smaller than some of Cairo’s newer malls. Dandy Mall has a friendly place and a from these of stores. This method makes this mall ideal for a light lunch, coffee with mates in the morning or the afternoon, or a quick shopping spree.

Mall of Arabia

If you’re looking for fresh ‘high street’ trends or out for lunch with friends or family, this expansive mall, with its numerous extenders, is an excellent shopping destination for all.

Mall of Arabia, positioned in Cairo’s 6th of October district, provides a distinctive selection of stores and an exceptional open-air area filled with your favorite spots.

CFC Mall

This enormous mall is perfect for those who have some additional time on their hands. CFC Mall offers an unending shopping experience. CFC is also home to Egypt’s largest IKEA store. CFC Mall is the perfect shopping location. There will be many shops, brands, and eateries from which to choose.

City Stars Mall

If you want to spend an entire day shopping, go to the City Stars Mall, which has a variety of shops featuring national and global brands. Explore one of the best cafes and restaurants to sample delectable food and coffee.

From energizing musical acts to thrilling movie premieres, City Stars Mall never fails to surprise its visitors. This enormous mall is known for its 22-screen cinema complex. So, prepare to visit Cairo’s most prominent mall for a diversified buying experience.

Point 90 Mall

Would you like to go shopping with your loved ones and have an unforgettable experience? Visit Point 90, one of Cairo‘s best malls, where you can shop for global brands.

This is the ideal location for a shopaholic to spend their money. Cafes and restaurants are also available here, where you can spend your free time able to enjoy regional dishes or an ideal cup of coffee. It also has an excellent film theater that allows you to enjoy watching films and cartoons with your family and friends.

Hub 50 Mall

Do you know what the secret is behind Cairo’s Hub 50 Mall? From fashion and style to sports and electronic parts, this is the place to go for all your shopping needs.

With over 400 stores, this one of the finest Cairo shopping malls makes buying enjoyable. Aside from that, the best delights served by its global restaurants serve as a “cherry on top.” So, what is causing you to pause? Arrive at this mall if you want fantastic hangout expertise with your family or friends.

Arkan Plaza

Are you looking for fashionable clothing, gifts, or antiques for your family members? If so, Arkan Plaza, one of Cairo’s finest malls, is waiting for you. Its labeled beauty and skincare products shops will brighten your day if you get tired while shopping. Don’t worry because the finest eateries here serve the best coffee and delectable food.

With its magnetic aura and vibrant ambiance, this mall is also the finest tourist attraction. So, what are you holding out for? Have a thrilling weekend at this fantastic Cairo mall.

Genena Mall

Are you tired of your old clothes and are in the market for new ones? If so, Genena Mall, one of Egypt’s top attractions, is waiting for you. Daly Dress, LC Waikiki, Nike, Adidas, and numerous other local and international brands are available for your clothes.

The food courts and cafes will meet your necessities if you’re in the mood for decent food or coffee. It’s a mall with the country’s first skate park, where you can get the finest skating experience.

Maadi City Centre

Maadi City Centre, another mall whose trolley public transport could be likened to Carrefour, also houses those exclusive brand names, such as British fashion retailers Next or Topshop, in addition to fellow Brit, Monsoon. Zara continues to release its distinct brand of snobbish, at times impossible to wear, fashion.

At the same time, Imtenan Health Shop is one of the best retailers for alternative treatments, fortified foods, and general good-for-your-body requirements.

Furthermore, those nagging children would have nothing to constantly whine about with Magic Planet – an open play area of fun and dubious safety procedures.

Sun City Mall

Sun City Mall, another new addition to Cairo’s progressively cluttered skyline, is so close to Cairo International Airport that the suspiciously close aircraft flying above should make you wince.

The mall’s Carrefour branch is significantly smaller but less crowded than other branches. Still, a women-only H&M, elevated French restaurant Salt, and clubs and bars Cavallini and Roof Bar more than makeup for it. If such a thing exists, Sun City Mall has proven to be a real competitor for Cairo’s championship trophy of malls.

How long can one stay in Cairo?

People should spend at least three days in Cairo to see everything the city offers. There are numerous unique and stunning places to visit with your family or friends.

What could people purchase in Cairo?

In Cairo, individuals can purchase clothes, shoes, beauty products, household appliances, electronic parts, soft furnishings, and numerous other items. Because of its multiple shopping opportunities, Cairo is also known as the shopping capital.

Where can I find the City Stars mall?

Citystars, Cairo Governorate 11771, Egypt, is the address of the City Stars mall. This mall is well-known for its numerous shopping places, eateries, cafes, cinema complexes, and other amenities under one roof.

What are the hours of operation for the Hub 50 mall?

The mall is open from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. This mall houses clothing, shoes, beauty products, electronic parts, eateries, cafes, and various other stores, making it an excellent shopping destination.

What is the primary draw of Genena Mall?

The major attraction of Genena Mall is its shops, which feature all national and international brands, making it an excellent place for shopping, as well as its cafes and restaurants, in which you can relax with friends or family.

What is the primary draw of Genena Mall?

The main draws of Genena Mall are its shops, which feature all international and national brands, making it the ideal position for shopping, as well as its cafes and restaurants where you can socialize with mates.

What is Egypt’s largest shopping mall?

The Mall of Arabia is Egypt’s largest mall, with an absurd number of shops. The mall caters to everyone’s needs and houses some of the world’s most recognizable brands, such as Zara, Virgin, Timberland, GAP, Centrepoint, Mango, and many others.

Is Egypt an excellent place to shop?

While you can still purchase almost anything in Egypt, the markets have various traditional things which make excellent memorabilia, ranging from djellabas to jewelry, colognes to papyrus.

Is shopping in Egypt cheap?

Egypt is a shopper’s heaven, particularly for Egyptian-themed memorabilia and kitsch. Nevertheless, many high-quality items are available, often at low prices. Among the most famous assets are: Alabaster Alabaster bowls, figures, and other objects are prevalent all through Egypt.

Is clothing less expensive in Egypt?

Egypt, known for its premium cotton, is now generating a wide range of clothing for its retail chains and well-known global brands. Many of these clothes are costly, but they’re often cheaper than in Europe or America when you compare clothes of the same value.

Could indeed foreigners purchase in Egypt?

A residence visa is required to purchase a property. A word of caution: owning property in Egypt does not guarantee you a residence or visit visa. Egyptian immigration officials can rescind or refuse to extend your access at any time.

Is there a deluxe store in Egypt?

The First Mall, located in the heart of Cairo and overlooking the Nile, provides an unprecedented lavish customer experience. It is established to be Cairo’s premier retail and dining destination, with over 400 internationally competitive brands outlined in a distinctively French-designed atrium.