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hurghada city center

We will know everything about hurghada city center in detail through this digital report from FTS press.

Hurghada City Center shopping mall is the city’s newest shopping center. The bottom floor is one of four floors in the mall. This is a mall at which you can get everything you need in one location.

hurghada city center

The mall is air-conditioned, the prices are set, and the brands include domestic and international names. What helps make this mall so great is that there is something for everyone in the family to do.

Aside from the shops, there is a movie theatre, a bank, coffee shops, a large grocery store, and so on.

The essential thing is that the Fun City Red Area for children is now open! It is next to an ice world, which is a place where one can go skiing. Ice-skating.

Hurghada City Center Knowledge

Suppose you enjoy shopping and are seeking something new. In that case, we recommend you pay a visit to this renowned center in Hurghada, which also includes several modern stores and stores that give consumers everything they require in one location, such as fashion and apparel stores appropriate for all ages, as well as jewelry and apparel stores. Aside from lovely bag stores, sporting events and official shoe stores for renowned and very well brand names, the center also would include cafes and eateries serving the tastiest food and drinks, a marvelous contemporary cinema showing global films with superior technology, and just a tiny aquarium that young children would then enjoy.

Hurghada City Center Mall Shops

Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall has around a hundred stores. This number includes all of the mall’s restaurants and shops.

The Hurghada City Center shopping mall has stores selling clothing, toys, souvenirs, tobacco, jewelry, make-up, and many other items.

Carrefour supermarket, Vodafone store, Toy Store, and clothes shops for kids, women, and men can all be found on the ground floor.

At the mall, there are indeed escalators and elevators. When I last went there, none of the elevators were operational. Security allowed me to utilize the staff elevator because I was carrying a stroller.

The mall’s staff and security are fantastic if there are any issues.

Hurghada cinema

The Grand Hurghada Cinema is located on the third floor of the Hurghada City Center shopping mall. I heard that tickets start at 50 Egyptian pounds (3D) and that the theatre is lovely and inviting.

The Hurghada City Center mall’s theatre is the sole one in town that shows English-language films.

Red Sea Fun City is a children’s indoor play area

Red Sea Fun City is a children’s indoor play area. The place is suitable for all ages. However, I would recommend it to older children.

Our four-year-old was having a good time there, but I believe he would then enjoy it even more in a few years. The problem was that the games were a little too difficult for him, yet he had fun jumping, sliding, and climbing.

There is no entry fee, but you must purchase a card for 15 Egyptian pounds, which enables you to buy and charge credit. Every game and item is charged independently from the card.

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Ice World in Hurghada

If you haven’t tried ice skating before, you can do so in Hurghada. The Ice World is located on the mall’s top floor. It’s big, but it’s entertaining.

Hurghada City Center shopping mall eateries

Each floor has a few coffee shops as well as small restaurants. There is a snack bar on the third floor where you can get burgers and other fast food.

Overall, the mall is outstanding and well worth a visit. And yet, if I had to pick one flaw, there would be no baby dressing room or anywhere to change a diaper.

Is Hurghada suitable for tourists?

Hurghada Will Make You Happy

It has beautiful beaches and excellent diving, and it is an excellent choice for those who want to meld a beach vacation with trips to Egypt’s renowned archaeological sites.

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When is the most significant time of the year to visit Hurghada?

Hurghada has a sub-tropical desert climate with hot, dry summers and warm winters that provide year-round sun. Travel between April and October for the warmest temperature changes, but many tourists come during the colder months for the right combination of warmth and guaranteed sun.

What makes Hurghada so popular?

Because of its proximity to the Red Sea, tourists visit many tourists each year. Visitors come to unwind on the beaches, take a dip, scuba gear, and dive.

Which would be better, Hurghada or Sharm?

Both places are very well worth a visit and offer a variety of outings and activities, as well as diving schools. Hurghada is for those looking for more action, while Sharm El Sheikh is for those looking for a quieter vacation or focusing on snorkeling and diving.

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Which is hotter, Sharm or Hurghada?

Hurghada is slightly more relaxed than Sharm. The map shows Sharm is shuttered in, whereas Hurghada is open. I’ve been to both. Looking at underground over the last three years, you notice that Hurghada is cold with a nice breeze.

In Egypt, what can’t you wear?

Men and women alike should prevent wearing clothing that exposes their shoulders. Frequent t-shirts are acceptable, but spaghetti straps, tank tops, and strapless tops should be avoided. The one exception is at beach resorts, where many people wear them, and it is appropriate to do so if users desire.

Is it possible to walk around Hurghada?

The city center is teeming with coffee shops, hookah bars, and shops, while the Hurghada Corniche and Marina offer uninterrupted foreshore walks with a spectacular view of the Red Sea.

Is it legal to drink alcohol in Egypt?

Because Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, numerous Egyptians abstain totally from alcohol. Nevertheless, liquor stores and bars can be found in some upscale neighborhoods, and so many resorts and hotels serve alcohol.

Is it possible to go out at night in Hurghada?

Hurghada is among Egypt’s top nightlife destinations. The city has numerous discos, nightclubs, and bars serving colorful drinks and playing loud music. Some hotels and resorts sometimes have their clubs and bars, and discos. As such, why not have a good time in Hurghada?