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Sea Islands in Egypt

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Egypt is bordered to the east by the Red Sea as well as to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. On only one side, the Red Sea shoreline extends 800 kilometers from Suez to the Sudanese border. The Mediterranean Sea shoreline, on either hand, stretches for about 1,050 kilometers along the northern coast. It stretches from the eastern side of the Peninsula at the Egypt-Gaza boundary to the west village of Sallum on Egypt’s border to Libya. There are many sea islands in these vast maritime zones. Egypt has 39 sea islands. Excluding the man-made island in the Gulf of Aqaba, those are organic islands.

Sea Islands

Island of Shadwan

Shadwan Island, also recognized as Shaker Island, is the biggest coral island in the Jubal Strait. It’s a desolate rocky isle. The latest in the area around the Shadwan is short to medium term and flows from south to the north. Inside the north of the island, there is a remarkable lateral coral facade that reaches depths of more than 40 meters. Coral and fishes are aplenty on the reef. As a result, on veer jumps, divers travel downriver to start exploring the wall. Also, there is a showcased light to help vessels navigate.

Islands of El Ikhwa

El Ikhwa Islands, also renowned as Brothers Islands, seem to be 2 minor Red Sea islands located in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. The Brothers Islands Boathouse, established by the British in 1883, is by far the most visible characteristic of the islands. Tiny Brother is located one kilometer away (0.6 miles) south of Big Brother.

Dive around the El Ikhwa Islands underwater

El Ikhwa Islands is a dive site that features corals as well as 2 wrecks: Numidia and Aida. The islands are well for sightings of Oceanic Whitetip and Hammerhead Sharks. Nevertheless, due to their remote location, difficult dive circumstances, and rough seas, they are only appropriate for very experienced divers. During peak season, all islands are surrounded by a swarm of scuba diving safari boats.


Brothers Islands Lighthouse is a working 19th-century light on The Brothers, Egypt, an island in the Red Sea 65 kilometers east of al-Qusayr. The Egyptian Navy continues to operate the lighthouse, which was constructed by the British in 1883 and redeveloped in 1993. The location is generally accessible to tourists, who are typically allowed to climb the 31-meter-high (102-foot) tower.

The lighthouse still has its actual hand Chance Brothers Fluorescent light and drive mechanism, which requires wrapping every four hours by the associated lighthouse goalies.

The Giftun Islands

Giftun Islands are located in the Red Sea off the coast of Hurghada in the Al-Barhr Al-Ahmar northern province of Egypt. Such islands are located roughly 12 kilometers east of Hurghada’s coast. Giftun Island has become the most well-known in the Red Sea. It is the most crucial for tourist activities and sustainability initiatives. This is the only island with permission to allow marine actions on its shores. The Giftun Islands are a component of a Red Sea marine park with stunning coral reefs as well as drop-offs. As of 1995, the Egyptian government has identified the Giftun Islands as a nature reserve. Furthermore, the Egyptian government does not permit institutions on Egypt’s remaining 38 islands.

Giftun Islands Geography

The islands are located along the Red Sea coast of Egypt. They are divided into two parts: Big Giftun as well as Tiny Giftun. Big Giftun Island, the erstwhile, has the second biggest area after Shadwan Island. Furthermore, all islands seem to be part of a larger archipelago that includes another island, Abu Monqar. They also have uncommon geological comps and rock concentration.

There are some reef cliffs near such two islands, such as Banana Reef, Sha’ab Sabrina, Erg Somaya, as well as Sha’ab Torfa. These are some of the most well-known reef locations in Hurghada. Furthermore, the islands are well-known for their rare coral reefs, vibrant fish, as well as exceptional birds.

The Island of Pharaoh

The island’s tourist appeal is reduced as compared to several archaeological sites of cultural attractions that Egypt overall has to offer. Nevertheless, its immediate area is appealing, particularly for those who enjoy swimming as well as observing aquatic fauna, such as the Picasso crossbow fish or reefs.

Because there are remains of foundational principles from the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods all over the island, it is clear that Pharaoh’s Island was a common choice. Another benefit of this excursion is the opportunity to dive or scuba gear away from crowds in clear waters. “Or simply trying to swim and soothing.”

Pharaoh’s Island is undergoing repair work

The Egyptian tourism tax authority’s attempt to encourage Pharaoh’s Island, The ruins in question, on either hand, result from us to a story of a rich past evoked in broad strokes. That’s what the Egyptian tourism organizations are attempting to advertise with the latest renovation work on the Citadel, and a proposition submission to UNESCO for its inclusion on the World Heritage List.

In comparison to the Citadel of Cairo, this island is “vanishingly small,” despite bearing the aura of Salah el-Din. However, this “visitor pearl in Sinai” and “architecture and design jewel.

Island of Utopia

In 2 directions, the Egyptian Utopia Island is comparable to Sir Thomas More’s fiction. The first component is that the island is secluded. The alternative version rising of the tide, on either hand, totally overpowers the island at night. The tidal wave recedes during the day. As a result, Utopia seems tidy and fresh each day. The mentioned earlier renewal corresponds to Sir Thomas More’s supply for excellence. Of course, that is why they consider that island “Utopia.”

How does the island Utopia appear?

Utopia is located on a crescent-shaped island that bends in on itself, encompassing a huge bay and shielding it from the elements. The bay serves as a large harbor.

Nelson’s Island

Nelson Island is located on British Columbia’s lovely Sunshine Coast on the southern coast. It is close to the ocean and is kept separate from it by the traversable verses of Jervis Inlet, Malaspina Strait, Agamemnon Channel, Telescope Throw, as well as Blind Bay.

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