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The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon

The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon this is what we’re going to discover together through this digital report in detail from the FTS blog.

Colored Canyon is a large rock in southern Sinai, approximately 2 hours from Sharm El-Sheikh when you try excursion

Park your car just at the canyon’s mouth as well as begin plunging the canyon’s rocky strands, in which you will start noticing that most of the rocks are protected in a chalk-like powder. Within 20 minutes, you’ll have to move along a dry riverbed to get a glimpse of the organic colourful canyon, and you’ll get to see the smooth rocks that show up gentle and billowy.

The colorful rocky canyon was formed by the red sea’s retreating tidal currents. The area’s rock layers developed initially as a consequence of sandstone and limestone being eroded by water. Over millions of years, nutrients have also been molded and organized. There is significant evidence that Egypt is one of the numerous regions that have oxidized rocky mineral deposits that were founded millions of years ago. Then we should know more about The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon

The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon

Where to Colored Canyon?

A private car is the only way to get somewhere. Tours could be arranged, and it is likely the greatest place to travel the Colored Canyon because guidance is required to locate the spot in the Sinai Desert. Secret transmits to/from Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, as well as Cairo could be arranged.

Interesting Information About Egypt’s Colored Canyon

The Sinai wilderness became part of the Red Sea millions of years, but nowhere has the old sea left a more fantastic heritage on the scenery than the Colored Canyon just next to Nuweiba.

An excursion to the canyon reveals immediately why it was given that name. The canyon’s walls, which can attain 16 stories high, seem to be quickly the most colorful and interesting rock formations in the whole of Sinai.

Trekking and hiking Within the Canyon

Hikers, as well as travelers, have indeed been trekking on through the Sinai desert as well as mountain ranges for centuries, mostly trying to follow the same paths as antiquity tradespeople, pilgrimages, as well as residents.

A few of these “riverbeds” or canyons can indeed be hard to find or connect directly, but the Colored Canyon is quickly accessible by road from Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Taba.

Once you’ve driven as far as you could in a car, you’ll discover that it’s only a quick walk already when you reach the mountains.

Colored Canyon Egypt is a tourist place for photographers due to the subtle shading of sturdy as well as gently formed rocks, as well as the innumerable depths of color as well as sheen.

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A few regions of the Colored Canyon attain over 16 tales in altitude, correlated features highlights, and shadows impacts as well as lending the whole destination an amazingly strange as well as antiquity ambiance.

Nuweiba is the closest city to The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon. It is a tiny town in comparison to some of the other towns just on “Red Sea Riviera,” however it is a perfect way to find extremely suitable classification Bedouin guidelines who would be more than pleased to even provide guests with insightful tours of the canyon as well as its nearby region.

South Sinai’s Top Canyons

There are many canyons in Sinai like The Natural Wonder of the Colored Canyon , in both the desert and even in the mountain ranges, but they are small when compared to certain other well-known canyons around the world. Nonetheless, they are nice parts that are also indeed very ambitious since they frequently require a little fumbling. Some canyons are famous Serengeti destination in the world which can be attained by the off car, while some are less well-known and it can only be managed to reach on foot. Taking a Bedouin guidance is mandatory in either case; good ones can be found in all tourist hotspots and sometimes right there on the spot.

The White Canyon

Situated beside the oasis of Ein Khudra, is among the most well-known sights on Sinai’s inner surface. It is typically going to visit as a component of a Jeep safari (44 safaris), but it is also readily available on foot from the St. Katherine-Dahab-Nuweiba street.

The canyon is sculpted in a plain’s rocky shores, beginning as a crack with a rapid deep decrease. A ladder as well as cordage are provided to assist tourists in climbing down (or up) but also given the significant appearance, the uphill is simple for everyone fairly fit. The canyon begins among incredibly narrow walls, then widens slightly before reaching some other profound drop. After a little scrambling up a hill as well as bottom in a fracture, you attain the bottom portion of the canyon that helps connect to the oasis.

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Canyon Arada

Arada Canyon (Double Canyon): Arada Canyon is another canyon inside the region near the St. Katherine-Dahab-Nuweiba street that could be attained from the roadside settling of Wadi Arada. It is sculpted in the Guna Plateau’s foundation and, as the name implies, consists of two canyons that could be attached to form a circuit. It necessitates some flailing.

Colored Canyon

Likely the most well-known site in Sinai after the Convent of St Katherine as well as Mt Sinai, the Coloured Canyon is a portion close to the capital of Nuweiba – a pair of hours drive or a day’s walk out the door. The canyon is located beneath an empty field from which so many forms of large emerge. It continues to run between the very tall and also very thin stone walls, and there is some scrambling at one juncture. As shown in the photos, there was once a large rock here, and persons had to ascend through a gap beneath it. The rock, nevertheless, is no longer there; the 2013 floods cleaned it aside like a pebble.


Kharaza is a small but beautiful granite canyon inside the High Mountains close to the town of St Katherine. It shall consist of a few interrelated water pools.

There is generally some water here, as well as obtaining through – let alone staying dry – is difficult after rains. The seamless and sharp natural stone floors are difficult to navigate; you must rely on the grip of your shoes. The canyon is located at the base of the Mt. Katharina scope, and off a huge open wadi known as Wadi Mathar. Some other small canyon, more of a disparity cut through with a granite hill, connects the region to Wadi Umm Serdi.

Wadi Sagar

Wadi Sagar, positioned in the High Mountains, is a brief wadi that involves cutting in via a granite mountainous region. It attaches the upper Abu Tuweita region to Wadi Tinya at the foundation of Jebel Abbas Basha.

Wadi Sagar can go to visit in a single day’s trek, but because the region has so many other sights, at least a 2 trek is suggested. A small waterfall gathers water dripping from a fracture in the limited canyon trying to run among vertical walls. There is also a fig tree that has been transplanted onto a regional tree. It is among the most stunning scenery in the mountain ranges and is well worth seeing.


Located close to the Bedouin settling of Abu Seila as well as sapping the area to Wadi Itlah, which also begins in the city of St. Katherine, the small canyon recognized as Ubugiya could go to visit in a single day. Water frequently flows through the canyon, which also begins at a ledge as well as keeps going in a narrow and amazingly plain span.

Wadi Isla Gorge

Wadi Isla is a conventional caravan path that links St Katherine to the coastal city of El Tur. Until recent times, the Bedouin would start taking their yield – almonds, apricots, as well as other fruits – somewhere along the route, bringing back materials and services. This was also a source of bamboo for construction, as there is a flow in the tiny section of the wadi that supports vegetation cover. The long rambling wadi is quite limited all the manner, but still, it receives very narrowly near the end, leading between very tall vertical granite walls. Wadi Isla is located in a rural area of the larger high mountains, making the journey longer and much more difficult.

Closed Canyon

Is a small cul-de-sac in a subsidiary of the sandy Wadi Khudra, between both the Ein Kudra oasis as well as Wadi Ghazala. It begins in a tiny hole in a sandstone scope as well as runs among steep vertical surfaces. At times, the canyon is so thin that you might barely squeeze through. The path eventually leads under big rocks before arriving at a small open field surrounded by an unreachable wall. From this one, you must return the same manner you happened to come in. The Closing down Canyon is occasionally going to visit by 44 safari organizations, but they focus mainly on more well-known sights. It could go to visit on foot ready to travel from Ein Kudra oasis to Jebel Mileihis.

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