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Egypt travel Advice & Safely_ is it safe to travel to Egypt ?

Take Egypt travel advice for The Great Historical Egypt is cheaper tourism destination like Spain, Italy and Greece but it feel shameful to ask if “Is it safe to travel to Egypt?”

The short answer is “yes, Egypt is still safe to travel”. In this content I’ll try to incorporate all my first-hand-observations and experiences collected from my past visit to Egypt.

A huge part of Egypt’s economy relies on tourism and from beyond, the Egyptian tourism industry facing a critical juncture in between tourists and resorts. They are continues trying to win back the tourists in their country. The religious intolerance, civil unrest, terrorism and other things was a big problem since 2010. The thriving tourism industry of average 14.7 tourists begin plummet to 5.3 in 2015. But just as things looking up and dust continues settle down in 2017.

Though Egypt is a great country stands with its tremendous history. It may not be the 100% safe but still not dangerous to visit, even many of solo-women are visiting Egypt every year with full safety. Taking certain precautions is the best way to Egypt travel advice & safely.

Reality upon traveling to Egypt travel advice

egypt from planEgypt is the most common destination for Europeans, especially when they are preparing for a historical tour. In the main while, Egypt is also not the first place when people plan for traveling. It could be the tourism conflict dwindled in recent years but there is no more than a conflict zone in past years.

Luckily this conflict has have ended in recently 2018 and there is no fear to travel but just little tricky.

There could be little inquiries for foreigners to ask about their passport or identity cards, so always keeping with can be reducing such hassles. They check each private vehicle and may be you find soldiers with large guns, police shields, guards stood with riot gears along side the road, but all of these are only for security purposes.

But still if you ask about the safety, the answer is somewhat tricky but simply Egypt safe to travel if you are thick skin or somewhat technically handle the events.

I encountered a taxi driver who was much aggressive, when I ask to drop me to the exact point… and after that having no change. They are very claver if you ask them about change of money… they will not give you exact amount in return. Always try to get change from a bank or ATM.

It was just the conflicts, where you could be encountering in various forms but that’s not the reason to say it is not safe for you. You will meet various tourists from all over the world and even solo women here.

General Egypt travel advice & safety

ViGeneral egypt travel advicesiting to Egypt the first and biggest threat can be your health issue. Many of the tourist oriented destinations where people are staying also need some health precautions to follow.

  • Check before you eat

By the report of “Daily Express” some of the resorts along with the Red Sea are notoriously think they are serving unhealthy or unclean food. According to local survey some people face food poisoning after having a meal there. Though there are good resorts too…. so always check for fresh and healthy food and clean environment for staying or for meals.

  • Red-flag in Red-Sea

Again if we talk about Red Sea, you will see a Red-flag in sense of beware and stay away from that pointed area to make secure yourself from further troubles of shark attacks. Shark attacks are very rarely happened but still faced by few people in past.

  • Egypt weather

Egypt is safe to travel, if you prepare yourself before starting your trip. In summer season especially from April to October, its higher temperature months with very low humidity. The average temperature goes to 50C in summer and no rain or breeze anymore. In such case, keep a high factor sunblock, stock of drinking water, cover your body and do not go out as much you can avoid.

  • Terrorism

Is Egypt safe to travel in 2019? If we talk about terrorist, there were 6 terror attacks in 2016, 7 attacks in 2017, 4 attacks in 2018 and one in 2019. It may sound a lot… but in the globally it isn’t. These attacks were often happen at religious places like mosques or churches. The things are changing and Egyptian government has tried to hand this terrorism very well. There is still danger at the boarder areas and at Sinai.

Is it safe to visit out at night?

egypt travel advice
travel alone to Egypt free hassle

Egypt filled with various incredible cities such as Cairo, Luxor or Aswan but be honest it’s a big warren for visitors. If you are visiting out to any market/bazaar for shopping it’s quite possible to be lost in it. The goods are incredibly amazing and attractive to which could be the reason to forget that is it late night.

If you are a girl, local Egyptian costume of women is great; always wear full dress with full sleeves. Remember always try to live in a group because numbers is the key safety. You probably can be lost or may be face the stared eyes upon you. The best way out of this problem… Hire a local guide by giving some ponds or dollars. Guide will be with you as a shield for your security.

Are travelling companies safer to join?

egypt travel advice
travel to Egypt with your family safety

If I say you could join any trusted company in your country to visit Egypt would be better. Egypt safe to travel individually but a trusted travelling company provide good accommodation and hire a local guide in Egypt to make sure about your security.

Make sure the company can fulfil certain western standards, having experience in international tours or if the company recommended by your friends or siblings that should be preferred.