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egyptian themed movies to watch before travelling to egypt

Egyptian Themed Movies to Watch Before Travelling to Egypt

We will discover everything about Egyptian Themed Movies to Watch Before Travelling to Egypt in detail through this blog post from FTS press.

If this is your first trip to Africa or the Mideast, you could encounter a culture shock that no quantity of movies could indeed truly start preparing you for, but at least you’ll know what to anticipate.

Egyptian Themed Movies to Watch Before Travelling to Egypt

The Mummy

An ancient Egyptian princess emerges from her crypt underneath the wilderness, helping to bring with her millennia of malevolence and horror beyond human understanding.

Whatever Lola Wants

This film tells the story of an American woman who abandons her life in the United States and travels to Egypt to pursue a man she assumes she loves. Once her romantic plans fall through, she decides to remain and pursue a career as a belly dancer in Egypt.

Lola sets out to track down the enigmatic Ismahan, a former bellydancing star who’s become quiet and reserved after a scandal. She starts to unearth some long-lost secrets once Ismahan takes her under her wing, teaching her the art of oriental dancing. It’s a film with several interconnected love as well as companionship stories.

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The Pyramid

An archaeological squad tries to discover secret information about a long-lost pyramid, only to be pursued by a sinister creature.

Cairo Time

Juliette’s journey to Egypt to visit her husband, who works for the UN near the area of Gaza, takes an unexpected turn.

Once she arrives, rather than her husband, she is welcomed by his buddy Tareq. Her husband had assigned him as her tour expert in this foreign country so that he could join her. Cairo Time is about more than just the unforeseen love that evolves between the 2 of them; it’s also about a love that evolves for the city of Cairo.

What I enjoy about this film are not only the lovely Cairo scenes but also the pop culture references and insights into things like coffee shops (ahwa’s) and conventional men’s clothing (galabeya’s).

The Prince of Egypt

Egyptian Prince Moses discovers his Hebrew individuality as well as his destiny as the selected deliverer of his folks.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Compared to other films in this ranking, Raiders of the Lost Ark was not completely set in Egypt. That doesn’t altogether remove from the excursion or the reality that so many consider it one of the greatest films ever made.

If you’ve never did hear of Indiana Jones, this was the start of a trilogy that followed the now-famous archaeologist all around the globe in search of rare objects like the Ark of the Covenant.

Of course, there are the regular antagonists in the quest, as well as romantic partners & tales along the way.

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Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra

Astérix and Obélix travel to Egypt to assist architect Numérobis, who is constructing a palace for Cleopatra.

White Lie

This film was hilarious! Surprisingly, this is the only Egyptian-produced film on the list.

The Square

This impactful documentary chronicled the events that occurred before, during, and then after Egypt’s 2011 revolution.

The movie explores the demonstrations and their aftermath from differing viewpoints, including those of the young Egyptians who initiated the movement, Muslim Brotherhood supporters, and celebrities such as Khalid Abdalla (Kite Runner), who turned into a spokesperson for the revolutionaries.


The incredible true story of how a brief encounter changed penniless, outcast archaeologist Howard Carter into a household brand after he discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.


A curious 12-year-old girl accidentally awoke the mummy of a young Egyptian pharaoh, who struggles to acknowledge that no one idolizes him in the twenty-first century.


A period drama set in Roman Egypt about a slave who seeks freedom through the tidal wave of Christianity while also having a relationship with his mistress, the philosophy and mathematics prof Hypatia of Alexandria.


An interstellar teleportation gadget discovered in Egypt gives rise to a planet populated by living beings who resemble ancient Egyptians and worship the goddess Ra.

The Scorpion King

A wilderness warrior revolts against the evil army trying to destroy his homeland. He apprehends the enemy’s key sorcerer, transports her underground into the wilderness, and prepares for a final battle.

What are some of the best Egyptian films?

From incredible love stories to heartbreaking social television shows to ideological panoramas, these films depict Egypt’s rich culture and its impact on the world. Amna, an uneducated young woman from a small town in sparsely populated Egypt, tells the sad and tragic tale of The Nightingale’s Prayer.

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Where did the Gods of Egypt take place?

Gods of Egypt, filmed in the Australian Desert because of Desert was deemed unsafe, depicts a conflict between the Egyptian god Horus and Set, the god of shadows and widely regarded as the model for Western iterations of Satan.

Is watching movies the key to learning about Egyptian mythology?

Whenever it comes to Egyptian mythology, nevertheless, all tries at accuracy to lore or historical cannon are abandoned in favor of curse words and mummies, the infrequent zombie, or other spectacles. Films are not the best place to look for precise depictions of conventional myth and lore.

And what’s the plot of the film The Gods of Egypt?

Gods of Egypt (2016) Amazon Price Check The title tells you everything you need to know about the storyline: this is a film about gods and Egyptian myths that had a lot to do with religion, opinions, and concepts at the time.

Why is Egyptian mythology so significant?

The mythology of Ancient Egypt is also fascinating and varied, and there is great respect for it even today. The ancient Egyptians had thousands of Gods on who they could rely upon assistance in their daily lives.

What are the finest Greek mythology films?

Yes, The Prince of Egypt is one of the best films. Excellent graphics. Aside from Percy Jackson, what are some good Greek mythology movies? There are numerous examples: Come into a conflict of the Titans, 300, Troy, numerous Heracles adaptations, The Odissey miniseries, Troy: Fall of a City (also miniseries)

Why should you watch films about Ancient Egyptian mythology?

Egyptian mythology films could very well demonstrate how similar it was to legendary scriptural figures and how effectively these tales are decided to tell to clarify our old tales, myths, and thoughts about the globe. Although not comparable to Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology has a lot to say about the broadness and liveliness of myths.

What is the plot of the film Gods of Egypt?

The movie Gods of Egypt begins with the killing of the god Osiris by his brother Set. The plot focuses on the Osiris Myth, which is widely regarded as one of the biggest news in Egyptian mythology.

What is the thief’s and Horus’s story?

With the help of the potent god Horus, a young thief for whom the god has kidnaped the love strives to depose and thwart Set. In ancient Egypt, the god Ra divided Egypt into two parts: the fertile Nile region would be governed by his son Osiris, and the wilderness region would be reigned by his son Set.

What’s the storyline of Egypt’s story?

Synopsis. According to a myth, Egypt was the original home of human civilization, based on the introductory voice-over. The gods lived side by side with the mortals and created a prosperous land for them to share. Osiris, Ra’s son, reigned over the land, while his brother Set was also banished to the wilderness.

What distinguishes Egyptian gods from humans?

The earth is flat in this Egyptian civilization mythology, and the Egyptian gods live among many humans. The gods are distinguished from humans by their greater stature, golden blood, and ability to transform into divine forms.

What is the distinction between Greek and Egyptian gods?

The Greek gods had human flaws, such as quickly becoming enraged, being in love, having left the item of love for another, vengeance, jealousy, and joy, as well as they conversed more with mortals, making friends or marrying them.

I’ve heard that the Egyptians were more distant and cold. Because English isn’t my native language, I may have made a few errors.

What role did the gods play in ancient Egypt?

The gods were essential in the everyday lives of the ancient Egyptians. Local gods and nationwide gods were the two levels of gods. Folks look to the gods for assistance in everything from childbirth to a nice trip in the afterworld.

In ancient Egypt, how were the gods worshiped?

The pharaoh and priests worshiped some gods and goddesses in massive temples. These were the state’s ‘authority’ gods and goddesses, such as Amun, Horus, and Bastet. Regular folk worshiped other gods and goddesses in their residences. 

What are some fascinating ancient Egyptian facts?

Religion in Ancient Egypt. Isis, Osiris, Horus, Anubis, Re, Nu, and Seth were the most revered gods. Settlements would frequently find a particular god to portray. Individuals sometimes have chosen gods to assist them in their vocation. Animals such as crocodiles, rams, lions, and cats were frequently used to depict gods.