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aswan botanical garden

Everything you need to know about Aswan Botanical Garden 2023

We will discover everything about Aswan Botanical Garden in detail through this article from FTS press.

Aswan Botanical Garden covers the whole island of Kitchener’s Island. When Lord Kitchener received the island in 1898, it became a world-class botanical garden. If you want to get out of the crowds in Aswan, this is a fantastic spot to go. While most of our Egypt tour packages do not include a trip to the gardens, we could have it if demanded. A quick trip all around the island on conventional felucca boats is included on many of our Nile River cruises.

The Botanical Garden Island

The essential tourist spots in Aswan, Nubia, Egypt, the date of the oldest garden in Aswan’s heritage, the opening hours and prices of entry tickets, and essential information about rare plants and flowers, among other things.

The Botanical Island of Aswan, including its rare gathering of flowers, Palm trees, and trees, is among the loveliest touristy areas and amusement in Egypt; then visit the Museum of Aswan, the most important sites and places of interest of the city of Aswan during the entire year, in addition to becoming acquainted with the dates of the visit, the tickets entrance, or other information.

Some Areas Are Not Open to Visitors

The Egyptian government is in charge of the entire island’s upkeep and maintenance, such as the island’s southernmost tip research center.

Tourists should know that this is a restricted area of the Aswan Botanical Garden. Even so, the rest of the basis is accessible to the public and exceedingly well maintained for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors. Visiting the island is a standard method for locals to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some peace in a genuinely quiet and peaceful park-like setting.

Elephantine Island vs. Kitchener Island

Kitchener Island differs significantly from Elephantine Island merely because it has stayed uninhabited, whereas Elephantine has several temples and residents. Kitchener’s Island, on the contrary hand, is a vast area of well-kept parkland that is uninhabited.

Tour guides are unnecessary, and other tourist services are almost nonexistent. If you plan to visit the Aswan Botanical Garden throughout your visit to Aswan, be aware that there is an admission fee. In addition, the park closes in the evening, making overnight camping impossible.

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Getting to Aswan

Getting to Aswan Botanical gardens could be attained in a range of ways. Numerous tourists, for instance, visit the gardens as a portion of a “felucca” tour of the Nile and Aswan’s islands. Almost all these tours, but not all, would then stop at Kitchener Island, so it’s best to make this clear when booking your tour. Some other option is to take one of the nearby river ferries.

Optionally, one can hire a motorboat and request to be chosen to take to the public marina area, from which journeys to the islands are available.

Most visitors to Aswan need to be made aware that Kitchener’s Island occurs because it is concealed from view in several parts of the city and along the coast.

What is the most convenient method to get to Aswan Botanical Garden?

The only manner to reach the Aswan Botanical Garden on Kitchener’s Island is by boat, whether on one of the overall citizenry ferries that run among Aswan, Elephantine Island, as well as Kitchener’s Island or by hiring a felucca trip and cruising to an Egyptian sunset while also exploring the city this lovely segment of the Nile River.

In addition, Kitchener Island has three entrances. The island’s main entry, on the other hand, is near the island’s northern end.

On the other hand, entering the entrance gate and walking the whole route of the island is the best way to see the entire area without needing to walk a significant distance.

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Is it worthwhile to travel to Aswan?

Is it worthwhile to visit Aswan? Yes! Aswan has a lot of sights to see and is a good starting point for a day’s journey to Abu Simbel. It’s also significantly unique from cities like Cairo and Luxor, making an exciting contrast on your trip.

How do you dress for a visit to a botanical garden?

You should dress comfortably and appropriately for the season, as many botanical gardens are open all year. For walking or hiking, wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Anticipate your boots to become dusty or dirty. Brought a sun hat or visor to keep the sun off your face.

Which is better, Luxor or Aswan?

Overall, lodging in Aswan is much more byzantine than in Luxor, owing to the latter’s tremendous popularity due to its proximity to Cairo. In contrast, both are residences to well-known luxury hotels: In Aswan, Movenpick and Sofitel; in Luxor, Hilton and Sofitel

Is it possible to swim in the Nile in Aswan?

The river is free of alligators and other risky reptiles except in the far south of Aswan, where they occasionally see alligators. However, swimming in the Nile River exposes you to bacteria and other diseases.

What makes Aswan famous?

Aswan is well-known for its stunning Nile Valley scenery, important archaeological sites, and serene atmosphere. Its weather is mild all year, making it an ideal winter destination. The city provides breathtaking views and places of interest for felucca sailing on the Nile (Egyptian sailboat).

Why, then, do visitors come to Aswan?

Aswan has a beautiful view of the Nile and is an excellent place to begin a Nile cruise. Aswan also provides a rich, unique exchange; at the Aswan souk, you can learn about Nubian society and shop for spices, henna tattoos, memorabilia, and African handmade goods.

What kind of people live in Aswan?

The original versions of Aswan are the Nubians, who make up 30 percent of the population and speak Nubian; the rest are Arabs who arrived after the Islamic invasion and speak Arabic. We created a whole blog dedicated to Nubian villages and culture. Take a look.

In Closing

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