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10 reasons why the red sea in the most beautiful diving site in the world

We’re going to discover 10 reasons why the red sea in the most beautiful diving site in the world in detail through this digital report from the FTs blog.

Mother Nature has truly blessed us with the Red Sea. , a few months after the Arab Spring, I had the opportunity to explore for the first time this stronghold between both the African continent as well as the Mideast.

Visitors then abandoned Egypt’s dive sites as well as resorts, including Hurghada.

Diving on such global sites was a discovery, as well as every yield to Egypt brings me great joy. The Red Sea is a diver’s paradise, with iconic freshwater fishing and color, amazing wildlife, along with a broad range of fish species, always and enjoyable temperature levels.

Here are the most lovely dive sites in Egyptian waters inside the Red Sea!

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10 reasons why the red sea in the most beautiful diving site in the world

Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed, or “Ras Mo,” one of the 10 reasons why the red sea in the most beautiful diving site in the world because it is colloquially known, is without a doubt one of the most lovely dive sites on the globe! Two large cornerstones, Yolanda as well as Shark Reef, awning a collapse down to roughly 800m depth in the Sinai Peninsula’s extreme south. That’s where you’ll see many pelagics such as huge jacks or tuna passing through. Batfish congregate in lovely schools on a routine basis. Divers would then find a massive coral garden north of the 2 coral groupings, that will feel like that of an open-air aquarium. The site has been designated and designed to protect as a National Park since 1983. Submerged life is amazing, as well as submerged photographers would be at a loss for what to photograph!

Excellent Diving Conditions

The fantastic circumstances are one of the purposes the Red Sea is ideal for first-time divers. Sea surface temperatures remain relatively mild, very seldom falling below 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters are also very clear, able to take as many incredible underwater pictures as you would like.

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Scuba Diving in the Red Sea Allows You to See Breathtaking Reefs

The Red Sea reefs are flourishing at a time when many other coral reefs are having to suffer. Such reefs, which contain all hard and soft coral, are home to over 1100 different species of marine.

Abu Nuhas

Once diving in the Red Sea, Sha’ab Abu Nuhas is a must-see. This tiny reef, situated on the shipping lane at the Gulf of Suez’s exit, has been the site of several shipwrecks and has stunning wrecks that are readily available. The most well-known are the Giannis D and Carnatic, which are located near the Kimon M and Chrisoula K. The Giannis D has the difference of someone being positioned at 45 degrees on the underside, and seeing the surface outside can cause dizziness and destabilization. The Carnatic is magnificent, with the remnants of the cargo form following in alcyonarian.

Both these wrecks are also located near Abu Nuhas, but because they are wider, they are less accessible for recreational divers.


It is without a doubt one of Egypt’s greatest legendary dive sites.

The navigation is a little time-consuming, and it’s well worth it. Daedalus is a reef in the Red Sea, barely halfway between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Its magnificent boathouse on the reef, accessible via a small pontoon fitted with rails that were previously used to transport goods, is symbolic. Above it, the perspective of the 360-degree reef is breathtaking, and one can recognize its size. However, the true show is hidden beneath the surface. Because this is a fantastic spot to see bull sharks, longimanus, stingrays, as well as stunning school systems of tuna species. Life is concentrated in a coral reef in the center of nowhere!

Discover Amazing Marine Life

If you’re a fan of sharks, you’re in good fortune. Scuba diving in the Red Sea allows you to just get up close with great white sharks. The mako shark spends the winter months inside the Red Sea because the water is cold. You may even see whale sharks, which feed on plankton blooms in the midsummer. You could also go white-tip shark diving. But just be cautious! Because white-tip sharks are unexpected, just go with an expert.

Stunning Reefs

The Red Sea is known best because of its reefs, which also remain stable and strong despite the effects of global warming and water contamination on other substantial reef constructions. More than 220 distinguishable tricky and gentle coral species live on the Red Sea reefs.

Around each other, these corals build the cornerstone of an eco-system that feeds and shelters over 1,100 species of fish, nearly a third of these are found nowhere else on Earth.

Ras Mohammed National Park, a marine reserve just on Sinai Peninsula’s southern point, is home to some of the area’s most famed pristine reefs. Ras Mohammed National Park was created in 1983 and is Egypt’s first nature reserve.

Fury shoals and Shaab Claudio

Fury Shoals are a group of reefs area north of Berenice Point in southern Egypt. They are best known for the Satayeh reef, which is home to a large colonial power of lengthy dolphins. Their near interaction is a true joy, for someone who has the opportunity to swim snorkel with them in total freedom.

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One of the most unique aspects of Fury Shoals is the ability to dive deep into the middle of the reef. That’s the case, for instance, on Shaab Claudia’s magnificent website (or Shaab Claudio according to the books). One such reef has exhibitions that could be investigated securely, notwithstanding some verses being a little thin at points in time.

Safaga’s Panorama Reef and Abu Kefan

Let’s head a very little south of Hurghada. 3 reefs come to the top in front of the coastal town of Safaga, offering several of the best-known Red Sea dives. Panorama reef, Center reef, as well as Abu Kefan are outstanding playgrounds in which divers would then explore collapsing drops of living from north to south. It is not unusual to come across some stunning turtles feeding on coral reefs.

In conclusion

We discovered 10 reasons why the red sea in the most beautiful diving site in the world through this previous points and we hope you like it too much buddy.