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Best Mosques in Egypt

We’re going to know everything about the Best Mosques in Egypt in detail through this digital report from FTS press.

If you only go to Cairo to see the pyramids and the Sphinx, you will then overlook a thousand breathtaking life experiences which will blow your mind.

It’s no surprise that Cairo is known as the “City of a Thousand Minarets.”

Just about everywhere you step, you would be surrounded by various mosques with interesting as well as ancient models.

Best Mosques in Egypt

Mosque of Amr ibn Al-As

The Amr ibn Al-As Mosque was Africa’s first mosque and the world’s first university. It is located in the old Cairo neighborhood of Al-Fustat. The mosque was reconstructed many times during the reigns of different rulers. Its new model differs from its previous one, which featured a ceiling comprised of palm fronds and pillars comprised of palm stumps.

Al Azhar Mosque

The Fatimids constructed the Al Azhar Mosque, which is the most crucial not only in Cairo but also in Egypt, and it holds a very powerful rank in the Islamic world. It features a variety of architectural styles, such as 5 minarets that reflect the parishes that have utilized the mosque so over centuries.

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Mosque of Al Hakem

Al-Hakim Mosque is one of Cairo’s earliest mosques and Egypt’s second largest Fatimid mosque. It has four arcades encompassing its inner yard as well as a striking architectural feature with Cairo’s oldest extant minarets on different sides. You could go to Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi Mosque in El-Gamaleya.

Al-Hussein Mosque

Numerous people visit the Al Hussein mosque, which is regarded as one of Egypt’s most sacred mosques, to pray for their necessities. It is located in the Al Hussein neighborhood of Cairo’s old city. Placed above a white time, the mosque has been redeveloped. Its roof was constructed of wood with shapes carved into it. The mosque also has thirty large gold-coated brass window frames. The mosque presently covers approximately 3340 square meters.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan

Sultan Hassan Mosque was constructed in Egypt during the Mamluk Islamic era. The madrasa Sultan Hassan (school), denominational mosque, as well as mausoleum are all part of this magnificent mosque. It is in the center of downtown, close to the Citadel. The Mosque has a large entry as well as grand domes.

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Muhammad Ali Mosque

Muhammad Ali Mosque has been one of Cairo’s archeological sites mosques. It was constructed in the Ottoman aesthetic. It is a very renowned mosque because it was constructed within Saladin’s Citadel and therefore is encircled by other wonderful mosques such as the Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Rifa’i Mosque, and other mosques in Islamic Cairo. The courtyards feature double minarets, the main hall dome, as well as a clock tower.

Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque

The Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria, Egypt, is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. It is the biggest and best mosque in Alexandria, dating from the 13th century. The mosque is designed in the style of medieval Cairo building structures. It houses the Sufi-saint Murcian Andalusi’s tomb. The mosque is situated in the center of Alexandria and is widely obtainable from any part of the city.

Abu Haggag Mosque

The Abu Haggag Mosque is one of Egypt’s finest mosques, standing out from the rest due to its ancient gorgeousness. Luxor is considered to be one of Egypt’s most ancient cities. You should go to this city for a true sense of suburban but sparsely populated Egypt.

Aqsunqur mosque

The Aqsunqur Mosque, also recognized as the Blue Mosque, is a huge masjid situated in Cairo’s Bab al-Wazir neighborhood. It has a mausoleum as well as a magnificent patio for prayer, and it is an example of the earliest Mamluk religious architecture.

Al Rifai Mosque

Cairo’s largest archaeological mosque. Numerous members of Egypt’s royals live in this mosque, such as the country’s last king, King Farouk. The last Shah of Iran was entombed in this mosque in 1980.

The Al Rifai mosque in Midan Al-Qalaa, Cairo, is an old Fatimid mosque constructed on a 1767-meter square with 2 rows of pillars.

The mosque has 3 vestibules. There is a throat with window panes in the middle of the mosque, surpassed by a large dome.

There is a large break time in the center of the eastern wall that denotes the direction of prayer and is encircled by 2 marble pillars, one white and another dark green. The interior of the break time, or mihrab, is adorned.

Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque

The Al Sayeda Zeinab Mosque in Cairo is one of the biggest and most well-known masjids in Egypt’s capital.

The mosque is situated in Al Sayeda Zeinab Square in the neighborhood of Sayeda Zeinab, one Cairo’s most famous neighborhoods, which is congested with restaurants and cafes, as well as the people of Cairo, particularly during Ramadan, flock to this town’s cafes to eat Suhour meals. The exterior of the mosque was found in the Hijra year 1315, or 1898 AD. But over time, the neighborhood has decided to be name Aqilat Bani Hashem (Sayyeda Zainab).

Ibn Tulun Mosque

When discussing Egypt, you could perhaps absolutely recommend attending the Ibn Tulun Mosque. It is both the biggest and the earliest mosque in Cairo. If you’ve ever been to Mecca, you might notice a resemblance to the masjid there. Gebel Yashkur constructed it. This is yet another location from which you can get a bird’s eye look at the city, making it an excellent vantage figure for photographing it. Furthermore, images of the set of stairs minaret could indeed serve as a permanent frame in your mind.

The church was decided to name after Egypt after which, Ibn Tulun, constructed the masjid in 879 CE. It’s always filled with talented professionals.

Why should you travel to Egypt?

The dominant religion practiced here is Islam, and visitors can visit several mosques that are rich in history and have exotic design features. You could indeed easily arrange your planned route to include visits to Egypt’s most ostentatious mosques. Egypt is a must-see for history lovers.