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Egypt Coronavirus Outbreak | Is it under-control?

Egypt Coronavirus is a combination of a large family of viruses which causes illness. The common cold turns into sever illness such as MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and SARS-CoV (sever acute respiratory syndrome). Both type of diseases doesn’t identifies before 2019 in human and animals.

These deadly viruses are zoonotic. In simple words coronavirus transmitted between humans and animals. If we read detailed studies about these two viruses of corona, we learn “middle east respiratory syndrome are transmitting from camels to humans and sever acute respiratory syndrome transmitting from cats to human”, according to the world health organization.

If we talk about the common signs of coronavirus infection that include respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, breathing difficulties and blowing nose. In the sever cases infection can be the cause of sever acute respiratory syndrome, pneumonia, kidney failure and even the death.

A complete shut down in most countries of the world including Egypt

As many of the countries are infected by coronavirus, thus they decided to complete shut down of all schools, universities, social events and gatherings to fight against this deadly virus… and Egypt is one of these countries.

Egyptian president Mr.Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi said in a statement:

“Closures of school and universities would start from Sunday and continues for two weeks and Egypt bans to prevent coronavirus”

The Egyptian Coronavirus experts and health ministry recently registered 3 more cases and also announce for 100 billion Egyptian pound for financial funds to tackle with Egypt coronavirus. The statement came after the positive results of virus in a student, when tested in the Zamalek district of Cairo. Many of the coronavirus positive cases are confirmed in the proportion of Nile River cruise shipping and the popular tourist’s sites in Luxor, Egypt tours.

According the Egypt coronavirus suspected authority, there are 27 patients who have recovered and 8 of these are free to go home after recovering from hospital. They were 2 foreigners and 6 Egyptian, those are released now. After their recovery, health care ministry of Egypt ordered to make sure sanitizing everything to be safe from this virus.

Egypt Coronavirus cases rise over 109

Coronavirus spreads quickly over several countries and the number of patients is still increasing. The number of Egypt coronavirus infected people raises from 103, so on 14 March, the Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli makes an announcement in their conference that:

“Over the past 10 days, number of infected people has increase to 109 cases so far, including those who have been cured”

At the precautionary level Egypt coronavirus suspected authority took several measures to reassure the locals and foreigners that it is safe to visit Nile ship cruise and outbreak the virus from that area by testing each or every tourist, traveler and worker. They sanitize hotels, cruise ships at Aswan and Luxor.

Is coronavirus under control in Egypt?

Egypt has closes its borders, schools, universities and local gatherings yet. “A dozen of Egypt coronavirus infected cases could be seen after few days”, declared Egypt coronavirus health ministry. Though it is essential to join other countries for the precautionary measures in the region and close its gates to under control the virus.

How will Egypt coronavirus outbreak end?

Don’t over think… as with the entire beyond outbreaks, Egypt coronavirus eventually come to an end. However, the question is… how this story will rap up?

Egypt coronavirus experts and health ministry said that there is only a possibility to decrease of this disease ‘when enough people develop immunity’. Immunity can develop either through vaccination or infection.

There is another scenario that this virus can be continue to circulate in humans and animals and can be establish itself as a common respiratory system. Though, at this point it could be happen that this virus will spread worldwide.

“I know! still there are a lot of questions in your mind to know about them. So, below are frequently asked questions and essential details for “precautions and knowledge about coronavirus”.

Protection measures if people have visited areas where coronavirus is spreading

Just stay at home, even you feel some early symptoms measure such as headache, fever, slight runny nose. Keep staying until you recover.

Why? If you avoid to meet others and take medical treatment, that will be more effective to recover you and get rid of this virus. It will also keep others safe.

In a sever condition, if you feel cough, sever fever and difficulty to breath… take a medical advice and quick to hospital because that could be a respiratory infection or might be other dangerous condition of virus.

Can people spread coronavirus after they recover?

Coronavirus may linger in your body still for little time even if you are recovering. In a recent research in China about coronavirus that it could be persist in the body at least for 2 to 3 weeks after recovery.

How can I help myself to protect from coronavirous?

Coronavirus typically is a cause of respiratory symptoms, so experts suggest to hygienic hands (wash your hand with soap very well, almost for 1 minute), hygiene respiratory, when you feel sneezing, sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth with tissue.

Make sure not to touch animals. Use gloves when touch animals or make sure to wash or sanitize your hands after touching live animals. Also assures you to eat properly cooked meat.

Is there any treatment?

Accordingly the WHO ‘there are no specific treatments for coronavirus, but symptoms can be treated’.

The suspension of gathering is good option to rescue from Egypt coronavirus but it’s impossible to block people in their homes for many days. However, people can make their lives safe by reducing the number of infections which cause this virus to spread in their body. They can make security measures such as: screening well, hygienic food, hygienic respiratory system, isolating cases, canceling gatherings, in the hope that you don’t have a big outbreak.