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Magical Islands to Visit in Egypt’s the Red Sea 2022

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You don’t have to travel abroad to feel trapped by water. You could escape the congested city and regular resort areas in Egypt by traveling to the most beautiful islands.

Egypt has at least 14 islands encompassing its cities from the south to the north. Each has its location, elegance, form, and appearance and therefore is powerful enough to start competing with world-ranked islands.

Magical Islands to Visit in Egypt’s the Red Sea

Abo Monkar Island

Abo Monkar Island is an extended version of Giftun Island and is regarded as one of the most beautiful Red Sea islands. The island is 45 kilometers from Hurghada and is quickly accessible by boat. This is an excellent location for places to visit, snorkeling, and scuba. Abo Monkar is only a 45-minute boat ride away from Hurghada.

Giftun Island

It’s a Red Sea nature reserve with toasty lagoons, beautiful beaches, and reefs. It’s 45 minutes by yacht from Hurghada.

It is among the world’s most famous snorkeling and diving spots, where you would notice the fish, reefs, and plants.

Tawila Island

Tawila Island, located off the coast of El-Gouna, is a peaceful haven from the outside world. The island, which has pristine beaches and clear blue water, is ideal for beach parties or if you’re going to look for a decent silent place to live. A quick boat ride from El-Gouna will take you to the island.

Hamata Island

Moving north, Hamata Island is located in Marsa Alam, about 3-7 kilometers from the big island.

The most prominent characteristics are sandy beaches, fossil reefs, and carbonate rocks. It is also encircled by shallow water and reefs on the rim.

Aswan’s Al Nabtat Island

Geologically, this island is one of the two significant Nile islands near Aswan, and it is also concealed because it is situated behind Elephantine Island.

It is a tiny oval-shaped island in the Nile of Aswan that is less than a kilometer long and half a kilometer broad, with a botanic garden.

Zabargad Island

Zabargad Island is a Red Sea treasure, with its corals shielded as part of the Elba National Park. The island is ideal for scuba, bird watching, and admiring the picturesque stunning views of reefs. The island is accessible by boat or by renting a limit from the Hurghada airport.

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What to do in Egypt’s the Red Sea?

Fish in the Red Sea The most activities offered in the Red Sea region are diving and snorkeling. The best fishing sites for scuba users are discovered off the southern stretch of the coast, with the simplest connectivity from Marsa Alam. These “rural south” locations are known for their sea creatures and offer a great opportunity of seeing a Red Sea dugong.

What should you do in eastern Egypt?

Appreciate some of the finest beachside and fun events in eastern Egypt by basking in the sun on the Red Sea Riviera. The Red Sea Riviera, situated close to the Eastern Desert and south of Sinai, is a long coastal region with amazing beaches that ultimately led to the Red Sea.

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What is Egypt well-known for?

Egypt is a country in northeastern Africa, with components of it bordering the Middle East. Cairo is the country’s capital. Egypt is well with its historical buildings, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Pharaohs governed Ancient Egypt, which had one of the lengthiest pasts of any nation in the world.

Why should you travel to Egypt?

But it’s not all historical places and tourist destinations. There are huge swaths of wilderness for 4WD excursions, the Red Sea’s global reefs and wreckage for divers, and riding on the renowned Nile River for any types of travelers.

Why is Egypt the best destination to visit?

The climate is one of the finest reasons to visit Egypt. Egypt has a hot desert climate; however, it is not overly hot, and the weather is nice for the vast bulk of tourists from around the world. Summer days are usually hot and humid from May to September.

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Is it safe to drive to Egypt now, given the threat of terrorism?

Terrorist-related, use extra caution in Egypt. Some regions are more dangerous than others. Review the full Travel Warning. Terrorism attacks do not make the journey to the Sinai Peninsula (apart from air travel to Sharm El-Sheikh).

What are the riskiest places to visit in Egypt?

Terrorist-related, the Sinai Peninsula has closed apart from plane travel to Sharm El-Sheikh. Terrorist activity has caused havoc in the Western Desert. Egyptian border regions are militarised. Terrorist organizations proceed to plot threats in Egypt.

Is it secure for a woman to make the journey alone to Egypt?

One day, it’d be my good fortune to tour Egypt. As a solo female traveler planning to travel to an Islamic country, you are an aim for gender-related discussion. Numerous folks believe a woman should not move alone through the Islamic world. I’m ok with issues such as gender-discriminatory practices.

What should you avoid doing when visiting Egypt?

Visas should not be stored in a bag while traveling, sometimes if it is under your seat or operational costs. A full amount belt that remains able to tuck under your clothes organizes your files and money while traveling and ensures that none of it important is left behind and still stolen. Is Egyptian meal secure?

What would I need to bring with me to Egypt?

Pin it! To make the journey to Egypt, you need a visitor’s visa. These are USD 25 and can be purchased at the airport terminal migrant counter. And save time; I would recommend ordering ahead of time.

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