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vegan restaurants in Egypt

In my humble opinion knowing more detail about the vegan restaurants in Egypt is too crucial for tourist try to trip in Egypt, so we will discover everything about it through the future points.

And although Egypt’s capital isn’t the most committed city to vegan restaurants, a deeper examination of Cairo’s culinary culture demonstrates that vegan cuisine could be discovered in unexpected places. These traditional Egyptian meals will far more than meet the requirements due to the consumption, from small outdoor kiosks to one-woman eateries.

vegan restaurants in Egypt

Abu Tarek Koshary

This Egyptian eatery began modestly and has since become a haven for “koshari” fans. “Koshari” is an Egyptian food consisting of rice, pasta, brown lentils, and chickpeas layered with tomato sauce, vinegar dressing, and golden brown onions.

You could also add hot sauce to taste, as well as a squeeze of lemon juice. After just a plate or 2, if you don’t remember minimal dairy, try some more of their traditional Egyptian sweets, like sweet rice pudding (rice, milk, cream, coconut, as well as nuts) or “muhalebeyya” (milk, sugar, vanilla extract, as well as cornflour).

Taboula Lebanese Restaurant

Taboula, a Lebanese eatery, provides a high Lebanese and Middle Eastern food culture. Although not entirely vegan, the eatery is extraordinarily vegan and provides various choices. Humus and shanklish, made by mixing salad with goat cheese and fattehs with numerous toppings, are just a few of the tasty vegetarian dishes served with yogurt, bread, and rice. The handmade taboula salad, the restaurant’s best dish, is strongly advisable.


Kazaz is a tiny takeaway eatery in downtown Cairo with limited places. It’s famous for its taameya, a Middle Eastern falafel created with green beans rather than chickpeas. Furthermore, it is well-known for other traditional Egyptian meals like a foul. Locals usually pick up takeaway food and consume it at one of the nearby area bars, like Ahwa Bustan Bar or Stella Bar. Kazaz is accessible till the early morning hours, making it ideal for a late-night snack or a fast snack after a night out.


This Egyptian fast-food chain, recognized by several Egyptians as El Shabrawy, was founded in 1948. Arabiata serves vegetarian “ful” with olive or linseed oil, vegetarian toppings like chickpeas or eggplants, and main dishes like fried eggplants and breaded cauliflower. Nevertheless, their best dish is falafel, which we approach as “taamiya” in Egypt.

Falafel is decided to make from chickpeas in Lebanon and Syria, but fava veggies are used in Egypt. If you enjoy spicy food, you must try their filled “taameya,” also recognized on the menu as spicy falafel.


Mahrous is a traditional outdoor food kiosk combined with a creative sandwich edge in Cairo’s Garden City. The restaurant is simple but delicious, and every dish is prepared. The delicious food is served Alexandrian style, with diced tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, fresh baked Baladi bread, and chips. There are only a few plastic tables at the front of the kiosk, so chairs are restricted. This is a beautiful place to stop after a night out in the town, as it is accessible till 4 a.m.


Zooba’s founders elevated Egyptian street food to new heights. They get as much local produce as well as natural ingredients as potential. We’ve tried almost everything on their color-coded menu. And yet our favorite has to be the “ful,” or fava beans, an Egyptian mainstay regardless of your food requirements!

Fava beans are soaked overnight before being cooked with lentils, vegetables, turmeric, and bicarbonate of soda in a pressure or slow cooker.


This eatery is trendy among young Egyptians due to its enjoyable, laid-back ambiance and diverse menu. Although Aubergine has done an excellent job conserving its vegetarian heritage, the menu now includes burgers and other meaty options. However, many meals are vegetarian, from appetizers like carrot and coriander soup to main meals like aubergine-peanut ravioli or moussaka. The eatery also has an elegant bar upstairs, which is particularly popular on Saturdays and Sundays.


Lyfe, a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar, has a straightforward mission: to make healthy, nutritious food available to everyone. Overnight oats (think berry and peanut butter-raisin), finger-picking poke bowls, and veg-packed smoothies can convert even the most devoted carnivores to veganism.

So, eat guilt-free at Lyfe, then grab a ready meal of iced coffee to keep you alert and invigorated as you explore the old city.

El Tahrir

Restaurant offering only one meal: traditional Egyptian koshary. It’s almost always vegetarian and is made of chickpeas, lentils, crispy onions, rice, and tiny noodles (though some places have added meat, so be careful when ordering elsewhere). Basic service and a simple upper-floor dining hall. Please indicate whether you want a small, medium, or large size. It is located just down the coast of Piece work Tahrir (Tahrir Square). Sadat is the closest metro station.

Osana Wholefood Café

Cafe at Osana Wellbeing, a villa-style spa. Food options include Egyptian breakfast, soups, salads, milkshakes, and coffee. Gluten-free as well as sugar-free choices are available. There are yoga classes and treatment options. Only available for takeout and distribution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SincerelyV Café

Victoria of SincerelyV Cafe in Maadi is concerned about her nutrition and health. But her culinary delights still need to be fun and unique. From the hearty lentil-coconut soup to the poofy pancakes, each meal is a work of art in terms of color, flavor, and texture.

Victoria, who is Russian-born, helps bring her enthusiasm for ethnic food to the table, as evidenced by the Mexican bowl and the Vietnamese rainbow rolls. An added benefit? Sincerely provides nutrition facts for each meal, so if you’re strict about your macronutrients, you can stay on track.

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Alain Le Notre

Meat is served, but vegan options are also available. Eatery with a perspective of the Citadel in Al Azhar Park. Has a vegan option for the traditional soup molokhia soup on the menu.

Bab Tooma

Meat is served, but vegan choices are also available. Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine is served at this eatery and cafe. Vegans might eat hummus, messabbha, mehammara, and coriander potatoes.

Beit Wared

Meat is served, but vegan choices are also available. Vegan options include tabbouleh, fattoush, lentil soup, hummus, mutabbal, baba ghanoush, muhammara, vine leaves, and more.


Meat is served, but vegan alternatives are open. A hip diner outside town is located in the upscale and massive Cairo Festival City Mall in the Fifth Settling. It is big, bright, and airy and is situated on the second floor. Has a vegetarian/vegan menu with various salads, pasta, main dishes, or even sushi. There are also gluten-free choices available.

The Vegan Lab, Dahab

Add The Vegan Lab to your must-visit ranking for vegan pleasures that are both flavorful and visually appealing. Boost your immunity with the rainbow tempeh salad, chow down on the juicy Beyond burger, or receive a dose of dopamine from one of the fresh-from-the-kitchen raw sweets.

With flamboyant demonstration and a more-is-more attitude toward vegetables

Vegan in Our House

Though some carnivores might like Vegan In Our House rehomed as soon as possible, we, for one, greet the herbivorous roommate. With lasagnas oozing vegan cheese and plant-based meat to inventive salad dressings bursting with zingy flavors, the vegetarian restaurant in Maadi offers positive vibes or even good cuisine.

You won’t be brief on options, while many recipes have a markedly Italian twist, with vegetarian arrabbiata and pasta fettuccine coming into play. Vegan In Our House’s dive-in dishes, which are nothing if not filling, unrepentantly defies vegan food’s (hugely inaccurate) lackluster recognition.

Made In Health

Made in Health is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Zamalek, excellently situated as a pit stop among exhibition and gallery visits. This whimsical cafe welcomes vegans, carnivores, and everybody in between, echoing the hipster institutions of Toronto to Soho.

Made In Health serves vegetarian Bloody Marys, bites of fragrant Turkish kofte, and a compressed menu showcasing vitamin-packed meals offset by racy cocktails. Are you feeling a little hungry? To refresh your soul, try an Asian noodle salad or an earthy pumpkin soup. You’ll be prepared to take Cairo by the horns.

El Torr

Meat is served, but vegan options exist. Vegetarian items on the menu include ful, hawawshi, sandwiches, burgers, lentil soup, and pasta, along with conventional vegetarian meals like ta’amiya, koshari, hummus, baba ghanoush, and salad. Once ordered without bread, ful and ta’amiya are gluten-free. El Gezira El Wosta, St, Zamalek, operates a delivery kitchen.


Meat is served, but vegan alternatives are open—a scillian rooftop restaurant and bar featuring vegetarian options. Plant-based dishes involve pomodoro bruschetta, Italian salad, spaghetti algio olio, and much more.

The Felfela Express

Meat is served, but veggie choices are available. This is a basic convey edition of a food stall restaurant with multiple locations. Vegans might eat taamia (an Egyptian falafel-like dish) or foule in pita pockets with various soups.

Be Good to You

At Cairo’s Be Good to You vegetarian restaurant, you’ll be welcomed by crystal-clear vats of flavored water overflowing with fruity infusions, ready to quench your desert thirst. The stacks of biscuits and brick-sized brownies, on the other hand, will cause your stomach to growl. Combine a tasty vegetarian treat with a fragrant cashew latte or go flavorful with vegetarian meatballs or the ever-popular avo-on-toast.