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What Not to Do in Egypt 2021

We’re gonna know all things about the query ‘What Not to Do in Egypt’ together through this blog post in detail.

Planning a visit to Egypt would be both interesting and intimidating.

Trying to plan actions, locations to visit, and ensuring that you have sufficient time for each location.

I’ve been over there, assume me. However, recognizing’ What Not to Do in Egypt’ is equally as important.

Egypt does not have the best security record, so it is truly a fun journey of an excursion.

Then we should know the answer related to What Not to Do in Egypt in the future points.

I stayed here on my own for about five weeks.

As well as came to know the situation pretty well by the time I left.

And there were so many items I wished I had known before going.

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What Not to Do in Egypt 2021

What Not to Do in Egypt

Don’t offer alcohol or pork to local Egyptian guests

In Egypt, Islam is regarded as the majority religion.

The majority of Egyptians are Muslims, which implies they adhere to certain religious ideas and ethics.

Some of these belief systems include dietary restrictions, which one should be knowledgeable of when interacting. Alcohol, as well as pork, are prohibited in Islam.

So, before serving pork or alcohol to your regional visitors, politely inquire about their choices.

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Do not bring your drone to Egypt

Drones are prohibited in Egypt.

You are not permitted to bring airwaves helicopters.

As well as drones if you have received specific approval from the Egyptian Defence ministry.

Trying to break this law could indeed consequence in a prison sentence of one to 7 years and/or a fine of approximately £2,000, depending on the severity of the offense.

You didn’t bring any socially suitable attire

Yes, it’s extremely hot most of the year, as well as covering it up isn’t perfect in the heat.

You’ll also be a sweaty mess because most monuments are out in the clear with very little shade.

Don’t forget to negotiate on almost everything

Negotiating is a must in Egypt, even if it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Make sure to bargain for taxi fares, memento price increases, camel racing, and pretty much all.

Nevertheless, go in with a smiling face, a sense of humor.

As well as the understanding that a few additional cents can go a long way with most Egyptians.

So, do not even try to skin them while protecting yourself from becoming ripped off.

When shopping in Egypt, keep the following points in mind.

Prevent shopping at locations recommended by your tour guide.

They are almost certainly going to take a large commission on every sale.

For great products at set prices, go out to a reputable store.

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Don’t go to Philae Temple during the day

From the time of the Pharaohs to the Greek, Roman, as well as Byzantine durations, the Philae Temple was revered. Every ruler has left an imprint on the temple’s rocks.

It’s one of Egypt’s most perfectly, and to see it in the evening is the finest method of understanding its magnificence. The Philae Sound as well as Light show, which takes place every night, brings to life everything that this temple has to offer.

Finish the expertise by having the Egyptian goddesses reanimated in front of you.

Explore the temple while they inform their stories in an interactive manner.

Not first going to book your Nile boat trip

If you want to take a checklist Nile boat trip while being in Egypt, it’s vital to prepare that first before booking the remainder of your trip.

Nile boat trips are only available on some days of the week.

It isn’t a case of showing up as well as booking on the spot.

It’s worth noting that there are currently no cruises departing from Cairo.

Nile cruises are available from Luxor to Aswan as well as back.

The majority of the cruises would be 3 evenings and four days from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa, or six evenings and seven days from Aswan to Luxor as well as back.

Choosing not to hire a guide for only certain tourist destinations

So, essentially, you wouldn’t need a guided tour to see the sights.

It’s simple to pay at the temple kiosks as well as navigate your way around.

However, having a guided tour would then help you prevent a lot of abusive behavior while touring the site.

As a woman trying to travel alone, I found this extremely helpful!

Don’t forget to do your research before traveling to Egypt

Egypt is an Islamic country that adheres to strict Islamic principles.

Visitors from more advanced countries may experience culture shock when visiting this country for the first time.

Hot weather, risky traffic, loud sounds.

As well as pollution are all to be expected.

There would also be a huge amount of bartering.

As well as intrigued locals who want to take pictures with you.

Start taking it all in stride. To undesired techniques, be respectful.

As well as company, & say La-A Shukran (Sorry, Thank You in Arabic).

Ladies travelers should be cautious of catcalls.

As well as, in some instances, sexually suggestive such as sense of touch, groping.

And having to ask for coffee.

Without prior approval, do not photograph regional Egyptians

To be fair, photographing anybody without their permission is unethical.

It’s impolite, no matter how attractive, breathtaking, incredible, or aesthetically appealing they are. Egypt’s laws are strict, particularly when it comes to photography.

There is a cost to their sights, temples, tombs, as well as exhibitions.

So, if you want to take a picture to commemorate your newly found friendly relationship with your local Egyptian buddy, merely enquire.

Don’t eat communal food with your left hand

Egypt has a proclivity to trust in a wide range of superstitions.

One of these is the prohibition on the use of one’s left hand all through meals.

This stems from the deeply ingrained superstitious nonsense that people with left-hand dominance will end up in hell because they are the demon’s partner. It is important to consume with one’s right hand.

Chose up to eat meals with your right hand; move food with your right hand as well.

Must first maintain their left hand at their edge, not on the table or even on the meals.

Don’t smoke Cleopatra cigarettes

Although Egypt is generally a non-smoking country, there are a few places where cigarettes are strictly prohibited, including guest houses, airports.

As well as eateries. Cleopatra’s cigarettes, on the other hand, do not fall into this category.

Remarkably, the legendary Egyptian cigarette product has supposedly been generated unlawfully in a production line run by the state of Montenegro over several years.

Even though the business was transmitted to new management as well as privatized in 2016, offshore manufacturing could continue.

Don’t make eye contact during a conversation

To be evident, touching someone of another gender is perfectly acceptable.

It is also appropriate to make contact with somebody else nearer to you.

Touching somebody of the opposite gender throughout a discussion, on the other hand, is considered highly unsuitable by Egyptian standards.

Once trying to engage those of the opposite sex, prevent hugging, trying to touch, or trying to encourage them to touch you.

Putting your hand near to their face is a sign of disdain.

Touching the back of somebody’s neck is considered insulting.

Don’t try Molokhia (Jew’s Mallow)

When traveling, trying regional dishes is often a good idea, particularly if you have a big stomach.

Nevertheless, some regions dabble in somewhat bizarre culinary endeavors which some may enjoy whereas others become ill from.

Egypt’s “mulukhiyah” is an example of cultural Egyptian meals it is not for the faint of heart or stomach.

This green vegetable meal that looks like gooey green snot is common among many residents but not with visitors.

Molokhia is extracted from the leaves of the plant Corchorus olitorius, also recognized as “Jew’s Mallow,” “Tossa jute,” or “Nalta jute.”

What is Egypt’s unacceptable?

Couples kissing on the road, or even a kiss on the cheek, may be considered inappropriate in some regions. Handholding.

As well as interacting, is acceptable overall.

And yet strict Muslims do not shake hands with persons of the opposite sex to prevent anybody contract

Is it acceptable to wear shorts in Egypt?

For visitors, there is no dress code throughout Egypt.

Shorts are completely acceptable in tourist areas.

(such as Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh), just on the beach, or even in the hotel.

Could indeed I stay in Egypt with my boyfriend?

In Egypt, there are no laws preventing anyone from having lived with a companion as long as they reside in their residence (hotels are prohibited)

But no one will knock on your door to ask you to demonstrate any documents.

Is it secure for woman visitors to explore Egypt?

While Egypt is generally a safe as well as inviting country, it is not suggested to walk alone after sunset in some areas. In this kind of case, it is preferable to travel with a trustable tour expert rather than alone.

Furthermore, they could indeed provide you with valuable information about Egypt’s great heritage.