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What to bring from Egypt? 2022

What to bring from Egypt? This is what we’re going to know together through this blog post from the FTS blog.

Egypt is well-known around the world as a land rich in ancient history and culture. Any excursion to Egypt is bound to be exciting, from the Awesome Pyramids of Giza to the massive metropolis of Cairo. Even though this area has warm to mild temperatures all year, its religious origins necessitate more conservative attire. When it comes to understanding what to pack, this could make matters a little difficult!

If you plan on spending your holiday in Egypt, think about what memorabilia you want to bring from the land of the pharaohs in Ukraine when you go.

You could indeed begin planning your free time if you understand and where you want to buy to memorialize your excursion. Then we should know what to bring from Egypt? In the future points inside this report.

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What to bring from Egypt?

Egypt Power Adapter 

Egypt Power Adapter  If you are traveling from North America or another country outside the Mideast, you would need a power adapter to insert in your electronic parts in Egypt. This widespread power adapter would then keep you charged in Egypt and several other nations around the globe. It also includes a lifelong guarantee assurance!

KAF Maryam

Sprigs of herbs with the affectionate nickname KAF Maryam, which also equates from Arabic as “hand of Mary,” is an unexpected memento from the land of the pharaohs. Showcase KAF Maryam that this dry twig, when placed in water for a few minutes of days, begins to come alive as well as bloom comparatively tiny pale blue roses.


On an Egyptian excursion, most persons will not forget to pack their cameras. Nevertheless, a couple of observations should be made. To begin, when you are free to photograph most statues from outside, numerous individuals necessitate that you would not use a flash once photographing inside. If you just want to photograph from within tombs, for instance, you’ll have to carry a high film. The bulk of citizens utilizes ASA 800 film that has been pushed to 1600. For the most part, this necessitates the use of a great 35 mm SLR camera. Moreover, the landmarks in Egypt are truly momentous, as well as visitors who use standard lenses are frequently unimpressed. If at all feasible, a good defensive lens should be brought along.

Scarf for the hip

What to bring from Egypt? Even though you’re not a fan of Arabic singing and dancing, a hip scarf from Egypt would then make an excellent gift for your trip. If you’ve been to any nearby shop, you would be presented with thousands of hip scarves of various styles – plain, with patterns embellished with thread, beads, as well as coins, etc.

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In Egypt, as it was 5000 years ago, the scarab was regarded as a defensive talisman, a talisman that brought its holder the best of luck as well as unity. As a result, among visitors, figures of Egyptian scarabs are the most famous gift.

When purchasing a scarab as a memento, pay close attention to his legs – a scarab with legs is regarded a fortunate charm, so if the bug is plain, without them.

Long Skirt

During your time in Egypt, you must honor social practices. This implies that women must encompass their knees, chest, and everyone in between! Because the climate in Egypt could be hot, a long, bubbling maxi skirt is the best way of incorporating in and staying cool.


In Egypt’s warm environment, you’ll likely prefer sturdy, stretchy sandals to fusty athletic shoes for strolling around it and discovering. These shoes are comfy enough even for long days on your feet and will not heat you.

Jet lag

Egypt is a bit far away if you’re going to visit North America! Take these homeopathic jet lag remedies to prevent the unpleasant side effects of jet lag relief pills.

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Egyptian papyrus is now primarily used to make memorabilia, but notwithstanding its primary décor feature, it is still made strictly following antiquity recipes.

Papyrus could be purchased as a memento from almost every souvenir shop or bench in Egypt. Papyrus sheets are usually sold with a printable image – ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, signs, and paintings. Since each highlights the main has a meaning, which is often mysterious or religious, be able to inquire about the vendor that is selected papyrus, particularly if you are puritanical.

This papyrus should have the appearance of real papyrus layers, just shouldn’t crack as well as a break at the folds, need not crumble or fall to pieces, that should have no odor. If you were to offer leaves of Egyptian papyrus with so extraordinary properties, would you take it?

Cotton Dress

Whether you want a couple of Egyptian Pyjamas or a soft dress or blouse, there’ll be plenty of options in Egypt’s Souqs. We had a great time roaming around the Luxor Souq, as well as the children each got a pair of cotton merchandise.

Once more, when trying to compare these, you would most likely find lots of cheap goods, which is why every stall has the same one. However, if you’re looking for genuine Egyptian-made items, there are also some available. I didn’t care about truthfulness; I just would want some adorable pajamas for my children!


primary objective once trying to shop in the souq for the finest things to buy while being in Egypt was to provide for residents.

Egypt is well-known for its perfumes. When questioned, “What is famous in Egypt for shopping?” colognes are commonly one of my upper responses. This is one of the answer on this query” What to bring from Egypt?”

There are local shops somewhere outside Giza which let you taste the perfumes and learn about the perfume industry in Egypt. It’s certainly exciting, as well as we ended up taking a few small bottles home with us.

Egypt Souvenirs Mini Pyramids

Mini pyramids could be purchased for under a few US dollars. This is a good choice if you would like to take home stuff tiny. It is most likely one of the most common products to purchase in Egypt.

They are produced from a mixture of materials, and the prices vary.


This was the Awesome memento I purchased in Egypt. A cartouche is an odd shape with a horizontal line at one finish in Egyptian hieroglyphs. This is to imply that the confined meaningful themes a royal title. (Previously, just Pharaohs wore cartouches.) The oval around their names was charged with protecting them from bad spirits both in living and then after dying.

Shisha Pipe / Hookah Pipe 

Shisha Pipe / Hookah Pipe residents can be found out beyond coffee shops and restaurants, sipping an iced tea as well as smoking shisha.

Take a glance at one that is compact enough to carry in your luggage.

It’ll be a talking point in your home and it will reassure you of the fruity aroma out beyond nearby eateries.

Canopic Jars

What to bring from Egypt? In aspects of pretty awesome Egyptian gift items, it’s a very nearer runner-up for me. The pharaohs were using canopic jars during the mummification process to shop as well as retain a person’s entrails for the afterworld. People were typically sculpted from sandstone or managed to make pottery.


Spices would be sold in every market . “, and they’ll be colorful and scented. I, on either hand, preferred taking photographs as well as going to smell them to purchase them. Whilst also purchasing them in an Egyptian market is an extraordinary experience… I was concerned about transferring people back in my bag because I didn’t know how border control will indeed react to my attempts to bring them in.

Sand bottles made of glass

Okay, I understand these are all very touristy.

Nevertheless, having watched people have made these glass bottles of sand with multiple colors, phrases, as well as camels inside was phenomenal to me.

We wound up purchasing one of these small bottles of sand for about USD 4. Nevertheless, these can be found all over Egypt.

Statue of Egyptian Gods

Every gift shop, as well as the market, will also have statues of Egyptian Gods. Most will appear to be relatively inexpensive managed to make of what initially appeared to be plastic. A few, on the other hand, look incredible! The ideal spot I’d seen all these statues had been in Aswan, where I was going to wait for a boat to the Temple of Isis. On these docks, Nubians were trying to sell all sorts of delightful memorabilia – as well as they were just not pushy at all.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aswan is the spot to go if you want to buy natural ingredients! A large number of the world’s essential oils are said to have been produced here.

Jewelry made of camel bone

The Nubians in Aswan also managed to sell jewelry made from camel bone. Everything was lovely, as well as, once again, no one seemed to mind.

In closing

We knew everything about What to bring from Egypt? In detail through this previous point and we hope you like it too much dude!