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What to See in Egypt? 2022

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What is there to see in Egypt? This is a fact that many people ask, because they’re not oblivious of Egypt’s many intriguing sights and because there are so numerous things to be seen in the country. Egypt often is made reference to it as the Cradle of Modern Humanity so because the area has indeed been home to several ancient cultures throughout its long and colorful history, and their existence could be seen.

What distinguishes Egypt from the rest of the globe is that each great civilization has left its mark inside the form of ancient artifacts, artifacts, and landmarks. These, taken together, provide us with extremely accurate documentation of the country’s history.

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What to See in Egypt?

Djoser’s Step Pyramid – Saqqara, South of Cairo

Djoser’s Step Pyramid, once the biggest building of its time as well as Egypt’s oldest pyramid, has been built to house Pharaoh Djoser’s mummified remains. It was constructed in the Saqqara necropolis, merely 30 km away south of Cairo, close to Memphis, Egypt’s ancient city.

Tourists would then believe as if they have traveled back in time and see how the region popped up millennia ago. Nowadays, also there is a small modern museum that is well worth a visit. Simply stated, this intriguing site ought to be on your “what and how to see in Egypt” ranking.

The Valley of the Kings – Luxor

Guests can see plenty of the most renowned tombs ever found here, such as Tutankhamen’s tomb. Tutankhamen was among the least liked pharaohs during his lifetime, but after his death, he became the most famous of all of them. Tutankhamen’s mummy now rests in his ageless tomb inside a specifically made glass box. This alone would have been reason enough for everyone to add this site to their “what to see in Egypt” lineup.

His tomb is among the finest maintained, and tourists can re-enter it by buying a different ticket on-site.

The Temple of Isis – Philae

One of the most includes strategies of the Philae Temple of Isis is it was relocated and then rebuilt inside its totality. Whenever the Aswan High Bridge was built, this ancient marvel has been saved from the rising waters of Nasser. After already being moved from Philae Island, the monastery is now located on the island of Agilkia.

It has become a Unesco World Heritage site, as well as is without a doubt one of Egypt’s most impressive ancient sights. If you visit Luxor while being in Egypt, definitely visit this monastery, as well as preferably, attend both.

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Abu Simbel – Lake Nasser

It is likely only well ancient Egyptian monument, behind only the Awesome Pyramids of Giza. If one’s Egypt trip ends up taking you anyplace near Aswan or Lake Nasser, make sure you stop by this remarkable framework. The Abu Simbel temple is made up of two huge stone temples that were sculpted from the mountainside during the time in power of Pharaoh Ramesses the Awesome in the 13th century BC.

These landmarks pay homage to both the pharaoh and his wife, Queen Nefetari. Even though the site was decided to move from its previous spot in the 1960s caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam, the full and unique dual temples can be seen today.

Temple of Horus and Sobek – Kom Ombo

The most daunting problem for the architect as well as construction workers was that both temples must be similar for neither of the two gods to feel offended. One had to be a mirror reflection of the other, and when visitors visit the website, you’ll notice that job was done flawlessly.

This incredible accomplishment, which goes back to the early 2nd century, is situated on the banks of the Nile, not far from the visitor city of Aswan. There is a lot to see in this well-preserved temple. Add it to your list away to avoid disappointment.

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Temple of Horus – Between Aswan and Luxor

The incredible Temple of Horus in Edfu is thought to be the oldest surviving ancient Egyptian temple. The structure was constructed between 237 BC and 57 BC during the Ptolemaic Period to honor Horus, a God who was people of color as a man with the head of a falcon. Horus rose to become the supreme ruler’ and ‘god of the sky in ancient Egyptian mythology.

The Temple of Horus is a huge structure with a birth residence, a remarkable pylon, and contains abundant exemptions and carvings. The above ancient wonder could be found in Edfu, regarding halfway among Aswan and Luxor all along Nile River. It, like the other aforementioned sights, plays an important role in several Nile cruise itineraries.

Karnak Temple Complex – Luxor

Not only is the Temple of Karnak one among Egypt’s most great cultural religious sites, but is also the largest of that kind site ever found. Even though the site has been severely damaged, it remains the biggest ancient religious site, designed and engineered by centuries of ancient Egyptian construction workers.

The Karnak temple complex is 2.5 kilometers north of Luxor and consists of the following temples as well as several smaller, external temples, as well as numerous shrines, kiosks, gantries, and obelisks that encompass an incredible 240 acres.

The Hypostyle Hall, which is 5000 square meters in size, is possibly the most prominent part of this archaeological site. There are 134 huge articles set up in 16 rows inside this hall.

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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Museum also houses the “Treasures Room,” which also houses the treasures and artifacts discovered in the tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamen. The above, including the “Mummies Room,” is often cited as the standout of a visit by visitors.

The museum has a large number of mummies in storage, and not all of them are on showcase. Tourists can see 11 mummies on the showcase if they buy a “Mummies Room” ticket at the museum.

Some tourists have made complaints about needing to purchase a different ticket, but please remember that displaying the mummies ends up costing the museum a huge amount of money as they have to also be better protected.

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