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grand aquarium hurghada

grand aquarium Hurghada

We’re going to know everything about grand aquarium Hurghada in detail through this digital report from FTS blog.

This is a popular tourist attraction in the magnificent city of Hurghada because its primary goal is to motivate all visitors of all ages to explore the incredible beauty of the marine ecosystem while trying to promote the true meaning of preservation and bearing in mind that the deep oceans have tremendous value and contain invaluable creatures that we must protect. The primary objective of the Hurghada Grand Aquarium is to teach adults and children the importance of being conservators and how marine plays a vital role in conserving the marine ecosystem. It is Hurghada’s first marine theme park, as well as a premier education institution.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Hours

It is open from 09:00 to 18:00 for all tourists worldwide. It contains 1200 different creatures, more than 1000 species, and those who live in approximately 1 million US gallons of fresh and marine water. This was the largest aquarium in Egypt when it started opening in 2005, and some of the unique kinds of sea animals that you will be able to see there are shovel nose guitar sharks, stingrays, peacock bass, green turtles, eagle rays, and numerous other fascinating lifeforms of various species.

Tunnel Underwater

A short tour through a 24-meter-long tunnel beneath the water basins to view and photograph the most lovely fish and sea creatures.

Aquarium of the Seas

Using more than 24 transparent glass aquariums, you can take videos and photos of the most lovely sea organisms and fish in the Red Sea.

Wadi AL Hitan

A gang of Red Sea whales from Egypt is showcased.

Miniature Zoo

You will come across a small ZOO garden with many wild animals from the wilderness, the Red Sea, and Egypt.

Rainforest You might very well observe a distinct group of trees, ornamentals, and flowers shipped from the tropical forest to add a touch of elegance to the tour.

Tent of the Bedouin

Take unique images with the free Bedouin village tent and have a great time.

Cafe Aquarium

The museum cafe serves hot drinks, mineral water, and a variety of snacks for kids at reasonable prices.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Take a trip to the Hurghada Grand Aquarium to revisit your Hurghada vacation. You are not in a regular aquarium; there is a marine and freshwater aquarium. Within these residences are numerous fish from the Red Sea (over 100 types), stingrays, sharks, and Egyptian sea turtles.

Explore the park’s accessible zoo and African wildlife to learn about the secret information about the cloud forest. Ascertain that the park is starting to work to enhance the living environment and preserve biodiversity.

Dive with sharks at the Grand Aquarium of Hurghada

Would you like to have more attraction? Book our shark swim special today. Shark diving in Hurghada‘s large Aquarium. Each day, there are two dives!

The Aquarium allows you to feed the shark, with trained and experienced divers looking after you both above and below the water. At the same time, also you take photographs and videos of this epic adventure.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Travel Tips:

  • Obtain your passport or identification card.
  • You can bring your camera as well as your phone.
  • Purchase comfy shoes.

Hurghada grew from a sleeping little fishing town to a tourist resort on the Red Sea because of its long stretches of beautiful white sands.

If you stay at a hotel, most hotels move directly onto the beach, but there are also a plethora of great public seashores to visit.

The Old Vic Beach is a local favorite, and the Sheraton sits on one of the best stretches of sand in town.

If you own your car, however, start driving north or south from Hurghada, and you’ll be able to locate your uninhabited wasteland quickly!

Visit Hurghada’s City Center and Corniche

Hurghada was formed at the turn of the twentieth century and has only recently begun to grow as a beach hotel location.

That implies there isn’t many heritage or conventional tourist attractions in Hurghada, but it is still a vibrant place to visit.

The city center is teeming with coffee shops, hookah bars, and stores, whereas the Hurghada Seafront and Marina offer undisrupted foreshore walks to a panoramic view of the Red Sea.

Shopping in Hurghada’s Markets and Souks

Hurghada is also a fantastic shopping destination, at least for memorabilia. While the marketplaces aren’t as large as those in Cairo, they are much simpler to navigate.

Shops and vendors sell everything, from Egyptian head coverings (which you’ll need if you’re going into the wilderness!) to hookah pipes you may take home with you.

Hurghada activities

You could indeed bargain and make jokes with the shop owners – yes, haggling is required if you do not wish to pay the most prices! After you’ve manufactured a few purchases, you could loosen up in a nearby cafe and appreciate fresh juices, teas, and coffee drinks.

Visit the Giftun Islands for a Day

The lovely Giftun Islands are one of the most extraordinary things to do in Hurghada.

This small selection of outlying islands, sited just a brief boat ride from the Marina, is possibly the most stunning natural formation in the area.

The sturdy islands are encircled by sparkling water that glistens pop of color in the sun. You could enjoy the beach, hike over rocky flat plains, or snorkel the coral reefs.

You could join organized outings from Hurghada, which will take you sailing, to the beautiful beaches, or merely to the best snorkeling spots in the Red Sea.

Try Scuba Diving

Scuba is one of the most extraordinary things to do in Hurghada. Scuba Diving is the primary reason numerous tourists visit Hurghada, and so many return years after year when they’ve experienced their first taste of the Red Sea.

Hurghada is ideal for divers of all levels due to the abundance of scuba diving along the coast. It’s also a great place to learn.

Numerous hotels have on-site dive schools and pools where you can do the theory and coaching before venturing into the open ocean.

At first, when competent, shallow dives could be reached by simply walking off the beach.

Enjoy the Wonderful Snorkeling

If you’re not a certified diver or want to spend more time in the water, there are also plenty of great snorkeling opportunities along the coast.

A few of the best scuba diving are reefs that are only a few meters underwater, which means you could indeed snorkel and dive.

The species diversity of the Red Sea, in addition to the clarification of the water, will astound you. You can walk from the beaches to the shallow reefs or charter a boat ride to lovely snorkeling spots like the Giftun Islands.

On an extensive tour from Hurghada to Giftun Island Nature Reserve, explore an Egyptian tropical island and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

During the 45-minute ride from the coast, keep an eye out for dolphins, then slip into the water to start exploring a thriving reef system.

Snorkel alongside colorful fish and coral in a nature reserve, then take a scenic picnic lunch onboard your boat.

Before returning to Hurghada, visit Giftun Island’s numerous active options, continue exploring the reef, or merely soak up the sun.

Shipwreck Diving

If you’re a more experienced diver, diving the shipwrecks is among the most remarkable things in Hurghada.

Wrecks are plenty in the Red Sea because of its strategic position and use as a shipping channel.

The wreck of the Thistlegorm, a cargo vessel that’s been sunk, is the most remarkable.

Attempt Some Watersports

Hurghada is a popular destination for water sports activities other than diving. To add a little enthusiasm to your beach trip, you could rent everything from jet skis to banana boats, just at resort hotels and beaches.

Hurghada is also an excellent place for watersports, kitesurfing, and parasailing, allowing you to take lessons or rent equipment for a day on the Red Sea.

You’ll also be able to coordinate private excursions, lease kayaks and canoes, or hire a sun lounger and relax.

On this good trip from Hurghada, sail over the Red Sea to observe and swim with wild dolphins and start riding a banana boat.

Try your hand at quad biking in the desert

Quad biking is ideal terrain in flat desert areas scattered inland from the rugged and jagged coastline.

Quad bikes are simple to operate and require no past kowledge to operate. You could join one of the routine tours that go out into the wilderness to look for hidden canyons or races placed above white dunes.

On a 5-hour quad bike tour from Hurghada with personal guidance, go 4-wheeling in the Sahara Desert and attend a Bedouin village.

Gain knowledge of how to ride a camel, sample local cuisine, and watch a colorful evening to taste Egypt’s traditional wilderness culture.

In Closing

We discovered everything about grand aquarium Hurghada in detail through these previous points, and we hope you like it too much dear.