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hot air balloon luxor

Hot air balloon Luxor 2022

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The Luxor balloon flights start at a particular time, with the beginning of the early morning breeze in the Egyptian Luxor near the Temple of Hatshepsut on the western continent. The balloon at sunrise would then start taking you to a beautiful view of the ancient Egyptian temples located on each side of the Nile in the land of Luxor culture and civilization.

Hot air balloon Luxor

Knowledge of the Luxor Hot Air Balloon

The first balloon flight took place in Luxor in 1988, did lead by British pilots operating for the British Virgin Corporation, which also formed Egypt’s first balloon corporation. Luxor ranks third in aspects of hot air balloon flights, with a growing number of visitors enjoying balloons in the sky of Luxor. Luxor is very renowned for its balloon journeys, and so as a result, a global balloon carnival is held there, and it is quite renowned in this form of tourism.

Egypt is regarded as one of the going to lead countries in in-flight balloons, per the Federation of Balloon Businesses in Luxor.

Balloon Excursions in Luxor

Hot air ballooning in Luxor is among the greatest things about the city; you could indeed book periodically to ensure that you will get the flight you would like; there is generally a sunrise flight that could be chosen to take before the beginning of the daily excursions in Luxor, or there is a second flight that is early in the morning flight; set your alarm for before sunrise. Because hot air balloon businesses have 2-morning flights in Luxor, you would then take the short bus ride from your guesthouse to a pier full of colorful passenger vessels tied together that will take you out across the Nile or use the connection to cross a river to the West Bank.

Cost of a Luxor balloon ticket

The prices of tickets for the Luxor balloon flight among 1000 and 1600 pounds. The cost of the Luxor balloon tends to vary by several variables, such as the deadline of the flying, as the first flight in the morning hours with sunrise is much more costly than another flight after sunrise. The cost also differs according to the season, so you will discover that during busy periods, the cost of the balloon drops, more often than not achieving half its price, as well as this is the most costly ticket price in.

Is it safe to travel in a hot air balloon?

Notwithstanding the few infrequent and minor crashes involving hot air balloons, you can feel perfectly comfortable in Luxor as lengthy as the pilot is skillful and expert and all privacy and protection measures are in place in front of your eyes but do not hesitate to make the Luxor balloon.

Why are flights only available in the morning hours?

Luxor hot air balloon businesses are permitted to fly from even before sunrise till the 2 hours after sunrise. The justification for selecting early in the morning is that it’s when the air latest is still most easy to predict and once it is managed to clear by overflight rules and regs.

What is the flight path of the Luxor balloon?

The balloons start taking off from the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, so it takes approximately thirty seconds to get out by bus from several guesthouses, which all take passenger ferry service all across the Nile, or you could just drive from across the bridge in a personal automobile.

The hot air balloon flight in Luxor is independent, so the pilots could only modify the maximum height; you could indeed ask the pilot flying you on it.

Low altitude, only a few hundred feet above the ground to see the temples, or as high as you want, the wind could take you more toward the Valley of the Kings.

Luxor Hot Air Balloon Tours Recommendations

The Luxor hot air balloon ride was mystical. And there are always queries once embarking on a new adventure in a new country. I’ve listed some of my own, including some that others here have questioned me since my relatives embarked on this excursion.

What Are the Costs of Hot Air Balloon Rides in Egypt?

Egypt has to be among the world’s most affordable hot air balloon vacation spots. Price levels for hot air balloon rides range from $75 to $150.

Could indeed Kids Fly in Hot Air Balloons in Luxor?

One of the purposes we chose Luxor for our first hot air balloon ride was because they enable even young kids to keep riding. In reality, our hot air balloon basket included slots for small kids (like D) to peer out of without falling. I suggest that kids be at least 4 feet tall in sequence to see so over the corners of the basket, but smaller children still can enjoy the moment.

Is it possible to take pictures on a Luxor Hot Air Balloon Trip?

On hot air balloon Luxor excursions, there are a few intriguing rules regarding photography. The Egyptian army is not fond of people taking pictures of army facilities. Even though, as you’ll see from this essay, people Are taking photos on these excursions. ‘Do not even take photos near a military base,’ is the basic policy. And, if you’re trying to land the foundations, keep your cameras hidden. I’ve never heard of anyone being contested before. But then why take the risk? Our captain informed us when it was fine to consume photographs and when it was not. So please do not hesitate to inquire.

What Should I Wear on My Hot Air Balloon Ride?

During Egyptian nighttime, the temperature could indeed plummet dramatically. As you fly higher into the sky, the temp decreases even more. Stay warm for your hot air balloon ride. We every time make the journey with packable down jackets such as these. They are light and compact, weighing nothing at all and taking up very little space. During our trip through Egypt, we were using them all the time.

Final words

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