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How to Call Abroad

Travel guide_ Cheap Egypt mobile international calls and local sim cards

How to Call Abroad with mobile international calls are expensive, while recently Egyptian government has announced that all VOIP (voice over internet protocols) programs would be blocked. So, how to make international but cheaper calls?

The Egyptian government blocked the access to many of voice chat programs through internet, only in hopes to boost the state-owned telecom mobile international calls revenue. There may be fewer VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocols) services still working… however it all depends upon Egypt NTRA (national telecommunication regulatory authority) services which it has or has not managed to block. So you can make a try, if someone working, it could be cheaper.

Egypt is an oldest Arabic country and most spectacular tourist place around the world. However, we all know how expensive mobile international calls but if you save on your mobile bills it could be big plus. So, considering switching your mobile/phone over Egypt’s local sim card will be good to take advantage of their best plans and packages.

Although, Egypt telecom offering a lot of different offers every single day, that could be cheaper than phone or mobile international calls. Whether, you are planning for a long tour, short trip or tour to Arabic nations, Egypt’s Telco operating best prepared local sim plans that can reduce your bills. You can purchase their leading provider’s best services from 1GB to minimum as you want 25EGP data. So now, no worry if you want just a day data plan or couples of days in cheap price.

How to Call Abroad in Egypt

As you know, Egyptian telco operators are offering a good prepaid credit and roaming services at cheaper rates and packages for their users by using the local sim cards in Egypt. You can also be facilitating 3G/ 4G and LTE wireless services and cheap mobile international calls packages by these offers to showing your passport/visa stamp and credit card while purchasing the local sim cards.

There are four Egypt Telco’s leading operators; those have been approved after a strict process initially, to being allowed to operate in Egypt. These three operators are Etisalat, Orange, WE and Vodafone. As being the leading operating companies all of these have a tough challenge to compete each other. As Egypt’s telecommunication services are below the average coverage of networking (72.40%) 3-4G. it is approved after testing by locals and tourists and proved great in results.

Best prepaid local sim cards to how to call abroad in Egypt


If you judge all of these services Vodafone has more market shares about 44% among telco services. They are offering cheaper rates with broad coverage access to far and nearer areas in Egypt. You can buy the sim from any store but check their packages/plan at the time of purchase that what is exactly plans available at spot because their plans can change from day to day.

Dont use data prior to the sim card plan because the data is not included in the starter packs. Make sure and surf data after purchasing plan.

They are also offering a tourist sim called “Holiday Sim” that is valid for 40 days and comes up with EGP0.25/MB in there standard default data plan but make sure before purchasing from retailer.


Orange is also offering 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and good mobile international calls services like Vodafone. There prepaid sim card can be purchased with EGP30 that it valid only for 30 days. This sim card can automatically activate with a standard plan.

They are offering two different prepaid services such as:

  • Per second _ that is standard sim without any frill
  • Netwawy _ it has 400  MB data for 7 days and 50 MB for a day.


Etisalat also having good coverage and best packs with 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE wireless services. The plus they allow their customers to use their hotspot with all of their data plans. They are offering international calling plans in fantastic low price. You can buy prepaid sim cards from their official franchises or may be approved sellers. You can dial *130# to talk with their customer services for asking about their packages for mobile international calls or data.


With the new ‘mobile international calls’ plan they are offering their lowest rates for mobile international calls and roaming to enjoy your Egypt tour with best price. As well as, WE telco offering great internet speed with no limits. If you are not ponying with money you should try their mobile plans, including international to local calls, unlimited internet with highest speed.

Tips from where to buy best sim cards

Although now you have chooses one of each best prepaid sim card to know how to call abroad. Now, the question is “How” and “Where” to find these local sim cards initializing the tour to Egypt.

First Method__ getting Egypt sim cards is not a tough task while arriving at Egypt airport because you can get their local sim cards right on the terminal. They just need to check your passport and some ponds to purchase the sim card. If you already prepared for your sim card or sim plan for mobile international calls, then just tell them and they will active your plan right at the spot.

Second Method__ Google your selective operator service to search the nearest franchise. Check its opening hours and its location. Just go to in there with your passport and credit card. Most of the staff can speak English. It will just take 10-15 minutes to complete the procedure and just 5 minutes to activate it. Ask for your chosen mobile international calls and roaming plan and pay for it.

Third Method__ if you didn’t Google yet and want to get sim at airport terminal….doesn’t think about anything. You just go out; you can buy a sim virtually anywhere. At every major street of every area, you will find their dealer or stores to buy the sim. Or you can ask your hotel/guide for nearest store.

Some top tips for mobile international calls & local sim cards in Egypt

  • Most of the people in Egypt speak English, so you can conversant them easily.
  • If you don’t know both languages (English/Arabic) you may download Google translator into your mobile before travelling.
  • Purchasing a sim card is easy, they call ‘sim’ or ‘chip’, just ask for it.
  • It will be good if you ask seller to set-up the sim card and your selected plan/package to take access internationally or locally through your mobile.
  • Always prepare before time, it will avoid any coming obstacle.