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instagrammable places in cairo

Instagrammable Places in Cairo

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Cairo has many things to do to make the most of your journey. The focus of this piece will concentrate on the best must-see and Instagrammable places in Cairo. If you want to start taking eye-catching pictures for your Instagram account, these are a few great photo locations in Cairo.

Instagrammable Places in Cairo

Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park is an underappreciated attraction in Cairo that few international tourist visit. The campground is a fantastic oasis amid Cairo’s bustling streets. It is in the heart of Islamic Cairo, with panoramic views of the city skyline and silhouettes of the Mohamed Ali Mosque and Citadel in the distance. There was something for everyone here, as if you came to people watching, have a cup of tea in one of the cafes, or see some green space in the wilderness. Life seems to slow down here (although car horns and honking can be heard from a distance), but there are plenty of photoshoots.

Muhammad Ali Mosque

The Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque, also renowned as the Alabaster Mosque, is situated in Cairo’s Citadel. Muhammad Ali appointed and constructed this magnificent mosque between 1830 and 1848. The Muhammad Ali Mosque was the largest structure built in the first half of the nineteenth century. The lovely twin minarets of this masjid could be seen from numerous sections of Cairo. You could relax knowing that photographing the masjid for your Instagram feed would please your followers.

Hanging Church

Although Cairo is now known as “of a thousand minarets, it has several beautiful Coptic churches. The only well is, of course, the Hanging Church (or the Church of the Virgin Mary). Why would it be named Hanging, you may wonder? Why not visit ancient and gorgeous Coptic Cairo and see it for yourself?

Egypt’s National Museum

The Egyptian Museum, also widely recognized as the Museum of Egyptian Ancient artifacts, is located on the northeast side of Cairo’s famous Tahrir Square. This is a treasure trove of Instagram photoshoots. The museum houses approximately 120,000 pieces of ancient Egyptian times; while not all objects are on screen, you can snap hundreds of photographs during your trip.

Cairo Citadel

It has one of the most fantastic sceneries in the city because it stands atop the city’s highest point. What used to be a fortress is now a museum with three mosques, such as the Mohamed Ali Mosque.

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The Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower, located in the center of Egypt’s capital, appears stunning in photographs. You could take a photo of the tower and take breathtaking photographs of Cairo from the highest part. Cairo Tower, willing to stand 187 meters tall, provides a stunning view of Cairo from the top.

You would have a wonderful time at Cairo Tower; your trip isn’t solely to take Instagram photos. Cairo Tower has a lovely going to revolve eatery with fantastic scenery of the Nile River.

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Ibn Tulun Mosque

The Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo is a work of beautiful architecture. This masjid is not particularly well-known among visitors to Cairo. Because there will be fewer people in the frame, you can take stunning photographs. The Ibn Tulun Mosque is a must-see in Cairo for a fun afternoon and some great pictures.

The magnificent mosque was authorized by Ahmad Ibn Tulun and constructed somewhere around 878 and 879 AD. The Ibn Tulun Mosque is Cairo’s oldest mosque, still in its natural shape. The Masjid is also the biggest in Cairo and the third in the world regarding the land size.

Khan el-Khalili

The Khan el-Khalili market is a must-see for bargain hunters and adventure seekers. A labyrinth of shops but also artisans that shuttles you back in time with its narrow passageways.

Al Muizz Street

Al Muizz Street is another place that will never disappoint you when capturing great photos. in Old Cairo provides excellent interaction and engaging.

Al Muizz Street was traditionally known as the “qasaba” in Arabic. This same meaning of this word could be likened to “artery,” as the street was regarded as a core component of the city. If you want to buy memorabilia from master artisans to take home, Al Muizz Street has several bazaars and small shops.

Abdeen Palace Museum

The Abdeen Palace Museum is likely one of Cairo’s hidden treasures that many visitors overlook. The castle did serve as the imperial palace until the aristocracy was abolished in 1952. This fascinating site houses an extensive catalog of arms. Visiting the Abdeen Palace Museum is an excellent way to learn about Egypt’s military history.

The Abdeen Palace Museum also houses a lovely set of significant trophies and other items from Egypt’s former royals. This luxurious and elegant palace would undoubtedly add numerous great pictures to your Instagram account.

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Cairo Marriott Hotel

Another hotel with a rich history and incredible hotel to take into account during your stay in Cairo is located in the heart of Zamalek (for other recommendations, check out this neighborhood guide on where to stay in Cairo). This Marriott was once a palace, so it certainly has the architecture to demonstrate it!

Museum of the Manial Palace

The Manial Palace Museum is ideal for a fun day with plenty of photo opportunities. Prince Muhammad Ali constructed this palace, which contains six constructions. There is a hunting museum owned by Egypt’s late King Farouk, the prince’s residence, furnishings, and an incredible garden.

The palace and its grounds are located on the Nile River’s “Rhoda Island.”

The Nile River

Last but just not least, spend an afternoon or evening in Cairo by the Nile. There are numerous cafes and floating eateries along the Nile’s banks. The ambiance is delightful in such places so near to the Nile. Remember to photograph the structures on the downtown Cairo side of the river at night. The views are even more spectacular at night. If you enjoy night photos, there will be numerous possibilities once you’re near the Nile.