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is egypt safe for travel


IS EGYPT SAFE FOR TRAVEL? We will know more details about the answer on this query through this article from FTs press.

Egypt is generally near the top of most people’s travel wish lists. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to the country by its ancient history and majestic pyramids. After obtaining your Egypt Visa, you can visit this magnificent country and its marvels.

There is much to do, from sampling the delectable delicacies of Cairo to taking a Nile Cruise on the Nile River and immersing yourself in Egypt’s rich history at the Lighthouse of Alexandria. And that is not the end of the list; this country has so much more to give.


For the past few years, every person has been asking the same question: is Egypt safe to visit? To answer your question, Egypt is generally safe, unlike many other places. Millions of tourists, such as you and me, see this region and have a fantastic time.

Egypt is alright; millions of tourists take a leisurely vacation there. The vast majority of these visitors have problems voyage, and you will be among them.

Nevertheless, Egypt, like any other country, has flaws. Egypt has recently obtained a bad reputation due to civil unrest, abductions of civilian populations, and terrorist activities. So most of Egypt is secure to visit, but certain areas are highly hazardous.

We cannot say that Egypt is entirely secure to visit and that you should always be concerned. As a result, you must exercise caution and take trips wisely while in Egypt.

Once planning to travel to Egypt, you ought to be cautious of several things, which you will learn more about later in this blog.

Women Traveling Alone to Egypt

In Egypt, the amount of solo travelers, particularly female solo travelers, is growing. Women tourists in Egypt are generally safe, and their experiences are similar to those in other countries. What distinguishes Egypt from other countries, even so, is its religious tradition and heritage.

In Egypt, women wear the niqab (face veil) and a hijab (hair and neck covering). Nevertheless, numerous women now a day choose not to wear any face headwear. None of these coverings are required by law; they are simply a preferred choice of Egyptian women, so you are not required to cover your face.

There is no dress code or necessity to wear specific clothing. Once visiting Egypt, women should dress moderately and encompass their arms and chest area. Stop wearing revealing outfits or short dresses to prevent unwanted stares and remarks from residents. Dress modestly, particularly once visiting religious sites such as mosques.

But while violent crimes and attacks are uncommon in Egypt, there are indications of women being sexually abused, verbally and physically hassled, and forcibly married. Taxi drivers are also accused of assaulting or hassling solo female travelers. Avoid going too far away from popular tourist destinations and take trips during the day to safe zones.

It is best to make the journey with a tour operator-organized group. Once traveling in Egypt, join a group that includes both men and women. Solo women should avoid going out at night or asking for advice from random people. Please get in touch with your guided tour, tour company, or hotel staff if you require assistance.

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Public location safety

Pickpockets and petty theft are common in Egypt’s public areas, so be cautious when traveling around marketplaces, particularly at night. You leave your valuable items at home or in your locked drawer but only bring enough cash for the day.

Scams are common in Egypt, particularly near tourist attractions like the Pyramids of Giza. The ‘current’ scam is among the most prevalent: vendors would give you a ‘free’ gift, with sometimes your title on it, but then request a campaign contribution or fee, for example, for a sister’s wedding or a relative’s grievance.

Taxis are another popular way for visitors to be taken for a ride if you like. If your taxi has a measuring device, make sure it is turned on before you leave; if it does not, agree on a price before accepting the ride. It’s also traditional to leave a modest tip. Be cautious of any additional fees your driver could start charging – different people, extra luggage, etc. Your best option is to reach a price agreement upfront.

Be cautious when handing over your camera to residents in tourist areas. Numerous locals see having to ask for assistance in taking a photograph as a money-making chance.

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Egypt’s Safest Locations

A little research and cautiousness are required when deciding where and how to stay in Egypt. You want to avoid ending up in a dangerous area or ruining your vacation. To assist you, we have listed the same healthiest destinations to visit in Egypt below.


It should be no surprise that Cairo is the most fantastic city in Egypt to stay in. Cairo, Egypt’s capital, is the country’s central hub. Cairo is a sprawling metropolis, far and away the biggest in Egypt, with over 19.5 million residents within the city of Cairo alone. Furthermore, Cairo is located directly on the renowned Nile River, which also winds through the sprawling city.


Hurghada stretches for approximately 40 kilometers along Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. This beach hotel town is certainly where and how to stay in Egypt if you are planning to travel with your relatives or want a relaxing vacation. It is well-known for its fantastic scuba and scuba diving spots, which feature stunning coral reefs and an abundant supply of marine life.

Because there are high-end resorts here, crime levels are pretty low. While it may not be a backpacker’s fantasy, you can enjoy a safe remain if you vacation in one of the isolated resort hotels. When you start traveling, you must be more careful.

Although this area of Egypt is usually considered safer, we still advise being cautious and vigilant.

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El Gouna

El Gouna is a resort town located right beside Hurghada. While also Hurghada is relatively peaceful and quiet, El Gouna caters more to grownups. There is also a livelier downtown here.

But don’t fear; there is still a long, sandy beach to enjoy. El Gouna is well-known for its small islands off the coast and gorgeous lagoons to discover. Not to notice the famous Mangroovy Beach, a favorite among kitesurfers.

Also, the center city area is referred to as Tamr Henna Square, full of chic cafes with plenty of outdoor tables, so you never need to start taking your gaze away from the water.

Is driving in Egypt safe? Traveling in Egypt

Due to the current situation in Egypt (and driving conditions in general), it is generally not a great idea to drive yourself around them. Hiring a driver could be safer but costlier if you crave country roads.

Nevertheless, if you truly desire to, you could drive in Egypt. This is only for the most daring and encountered travelers. Unexploded landmines, security checks, the credible danger of an attack, the risks of night driving – it all feels a little too risky.

Egypt’s cities are incredibly crowded. In Cairo and other urban areas, anticipate erratic driving and heavy traffic. It’s crazy around these, and only professional drivers should attempt it.

Motorcycles may be more worthwhile. They’re less expensive and easier to transport but carry more risks.

You can enjoy an incredible road trip in Egypt if you’re ready, inclined, and ready. You must research and locate a reputable rental company, be at least the age of 25, have an extinguisher in the car (which is required), and keep your paperwork on you at all times. Check that your insurance plan encompasses rentals in Egypt. A GPS unit and maps could also be necessary.

So, unless you’re hellbent on a trip and have done them numerous times before, avoid driving in Egypt. Drivers in Egypt are dangerous, especially young drivers.

Is Egypt’s public transportation secure?

While in Egypt, you could take your chances with various local public transportation options. There are microbuses, tuk-tuks, modern metro systems (only in Cairo), trams, and large interurban buses, among other things. Whenever it relates to getting around Egypt, you’ll have plenty of options, from the cheapest village “bus” (generally only a local’s beat-up truck) to the ruins of the British-founded train network.

However, the Cairo metro does not use roads. It’s quick, mainly whenever there’s a lot of traffic on the ground surface. On these, females must stick to female-only carriages, mainly whenever it’s busy.

Is Egyptian food safe?

Egypt’s food scene has an Eastern Mediterranean that meets a Middle Eastern vibe. Egypt’s food is excellent: Falafel, kebabs, rice-stuffed vegetables, and roast chicken galore.

The food in Egypt seems safe, but you must know that food hygiene standards will differ from those in your home nation. Although hygiene standards will vary, you can avoid an upset tummy by practicing excellent food hygiene.