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9 Things to Do in Hurghada

We will discover a lot of Things to Do in Hurghada together through this blog post from the FTS TRAVELS blog

Hurghada is a beach resort attraction in Egypt.

And also because the local dive sites are accessible, it is a famous place for learning to scuba dive.

Hurghada is also a great option if you try to do Excursions and need to combine your vacation between both the Red Sea

as well as the Nile River because it is close by.

Different activities intended to put a memorable smile on your heart.

As well as could last a lifetime can be found in this secret pocket aspect.

Hurghada, situated on the Red Sea’s coasts, is just like a mystical breath of fresh air.

A conventional bazaar, coffee shops, marketplaces, shopping areas, nightclubs, clubs and bars.

And lovely guesthouses are all part of a city hotel.

It is the center of the widest assortment of water sports, including diving, snorkeling, wind.

As well as kiteboarding, among others, centered on its fantastical beach resorts.

The following are the top Things to Do in Hurghada throughout 2021:

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Things to Do in Hurghada

Things to Do in Hurghada

 Reef Going to dive in the Cave systems of the Careless Reef

Enjoying Hurghada diving webpages is among the most mysterious things to do in Hurghada.

It is the gorgeous incautious reef situated around fourteen kilometers northeast of Hurghada between the beautiful places of Shaab Umm Qamar.

As well as Giftun which behaves as a marine sanctuary for a closely packed ecosystem comprised of tuna, jacks, hammerhead sharks, gigantic moray eels, white tip reef sharks, and so many more.

And it has a lagoon that comprises numerous rare sorts of corals that provides the best diving expertise anybody can assume.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is a must-see

And you’ll see the wonderful things of the Hurghada Red Sea without having to get in the water, go to the Hurghada Great Aquarium, which has over 1200 animals in the wild and 100 organisms.

Including sea turtles, shovel nose acoustic sharks, peacock bass, stingrays, great horned owls, and much more.

It is one of Africa’s largest aquariums, Egypt’s biggest, as well almost the Arab world’s biggest.

Going to visit Hurghada Grand Aquarium is one of the top things in Hurghada because it allows you to have a deeper look in a very relaxed spot.

Enjoy Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Things to Do in Hurghada

A diver’s fantasy awaits in this heavenly aquarium, gotaaburamadaa.k.a the aquarium is the core of what scuba encounter is about, situated not far from Hurghada.

The angelic, as well as sparkling waters, are residence to a plethora of magical marine life.

Including an abundant supply of hard and soft corals, as well as butterflyfish, bannerfish, snappers, goatfish, and many others.

Transfer to Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

Things to Do in Hurghada

Merely 65 kilometers southern region of Hurghada is the mystical diving location of Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Locations.

Which includes 5 huge underwater shipwrecks for underwater, including the wonderful wreck of the Carnatic, a UK cargo vessel sunk in 1869 that has remained in an exceedingly good situation with its skeletal remains home to prospering coral.

As well as abundant fish existence, followed by the Greek ship Chrisoula K, started to sink in 1981.

As well as the German Kimon M, sunk in 1978.

Enjoy Astronomical Nights

Astronomical evenings in Hurghada are one of the most delightful items to do in Hurghada that should not be overlooked.

Hurghada’s extraordinarily high night is the miracle eyesight of unlimited galaxies and stars.

in which the almighty’s forgiveness is displayed by billions of bulbs that scattered their light across the majestic shadow of the evening.

You would be able to dine in the heart of the eastern desert while viewing the wonders of space through a telephoto lens.

As well as marveling at the miracle celestial Christmas presents of the world.

Camel rides are available

Things to Do in Hurghada

The desert’s real natural environment is always effectively researched by trying to ride a camel.

As was done in antiquity.

You would be able to travel through the essence of the desert as well as appreciate all the stunning desert locations.

Such as the magnificent Bedouin villages and all the natural wonders hidden within the east wilderness.

Observe the Alf Leila Wa Leila Show

There is no range of applications freak show in Hurghada than the 1001 Evening Showa.

k.a’ Alf Layla w Layla’, which would be managed to hold every day in an accessible theatre at the Fantasia four-star Guesthouse in the Egyptian hotel. This unusual.

As well as oriental-showcased segment, discusses scenes from the legend of Scheherezade during the moment of the Pharaohs and antiquity cults, endorsed by light and sound impacts, horse and carriage people riding.

As well as dancers, It’s regarded as one of the most popular items to do in Hurghada that you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re there.

Travel to Straits of Gubal

The straits of Gubalis attach the Gulf of Suez to the Red Sea and therefore are positioned between the continent of northern Egypt.

As well as the Sinai Peninsula.

The straits have a detail of 50 meters (164 feet) and they are known for having numerous tiny islands, multiple sorts of corals, globe wrecks such as the SS Thistlegorm, the Gubal Barge, the Ulysses wreck, the Kingston wreck, the Rosalie Moller wreck.

And so many submerged ancient ruins.

As well as organic passageways, making this one of the most renowned scuba locations on the planet.

It also has an incredible selection of sea animals, including glassfish, barracudas, devilfish, angelfish, dolphins, unusual moonfish, among others.

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Enjoy Bedouin Barbeque in the Egyptian Desert

The most delectable meals await you in the fantastical, one-of-a-kind eastern wilderness of Hurghada.

In which you will also learn about the Bedouin culture and lifestyle.

After quite a one-hour drive, you would be able to sample Bedouin tribe cuisine, which includes kofta, chicken pie, rice.

As well as other dishes, as well as a baked Bedouin bread and a wonderful Bedouin tea whilst also observing an oriental exhibit.

As well as folkloric songs. None of it beats staring at the sky as the sun sets while eating a Bedouin BBQ meal for dinner.

In the end we discovered all Things to Do in Hurghada in the previous points and we hope you like it.