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We’re going to discover everything about A HEALING TRIP IN THE SAND BATHS OF SIWA OASIS in detail through this blog post from the FTS blog.

Siwa travel is no longer a silly idea, and now it is relatively simple to consult this once-forgotten neglected place. The profitable market of salt mining, as well as proper irrigation agricultural production, has transformed the outlook of the oasis, and this remote Egyptian town now sees more automobiles than anyone can manage.

The outcome is crater-sized depressions on Siwa roads, potholes that can harm any car further than fix and resemble wide distended greedy mouths prepared to devour anything in sight.

Surprisingly, this oblique reference aptly describes present-day Siwa (at least), and everyone, local or other, at the oasis, is eager to get wealthy.



Intend your Siwa trip before the oasis vanishes.

The rest of the oasis appears to be vanishing quickly. Palm woods are dwindling, organic springs are becoming clogged with filth as well as algae, and thrown away plastic blooms from across the desert-like millions of florals.

Is this to say that it isn’t worth the effort to visit the oasis? The response is contingent on whatever you want from Siwa.

Do you want to do that for sand treatment, which is an exemplary performance for rheumatism, to obey in Alexander’s footprints out of inquisitiveness, or merely to bask in the last frontier of Egypt’s quickly genuine desert life? Whether you are visiting Siwa for any of the reasons stated above.

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Siwa Travel Tips and Advice

Let’s start a Siwa trip planning guidance by figuring out where to go. The possibilities for going to visit Siwa are presented. Then we should try A HEALING TRIP IN THE SAND BATHS OF SIWA OASIS.

How to Get to Siwa Drive – You could indeed take the trip yourself. Nevertheless, don’t repeat the same mistake we did as well as attempt to do it all at once. Divide the journey into 2 components. First, travel to Marsa Matrouh just on North Coast and stay the evening by the sparkling blue sea. Then, for about 3 hours, travel south in the path of Siwa until you attain the army border crossing. The adventure is the same if you begin in Cairo or Alexandria.

By Bus – Another way is to take the bus. The spacing between Cairo and Siwa is approximately 750–800 kilometers. There is indeed a bus route from Cairo to Siwa that moves away around 10 p.m. as well as arrives in Siwa early that morning (around 7:00 am).

The round ticket price is approximately EGP 240. The bus could be boarded at Almaza station, Al-Torgoman (in Ramses), as well as Abdel Moniem Ryad in Tahrir Square.

The buses are air-conditioned, albeit a little overcrowded, and the journey takes 12 hours. Visit this website for more details.

By Plane – Flying is the best choice. Take the short plane to Marsa Matrouh and then a bus to the oasis, reducing the time spent traveling.

When is the best time to visit Siwa?

The great season to visit Siwa is somewhere between October and April, first before mosquitoes as well as heat start arriving. At a certain time of year, the evening is bitterly cold, so dress warmly.

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Siwa’s methods of transportation

You would have had restricted transport options but if you have you possess car then go on a Siwa journey with an organized tour.

Most Siwa return tourists swear that the oasis is one of the top locations in Egypt to loop. Biking through Siwa’s palm trees, mud huts, as well as donkey carts is also enjoyable but very soothing.

If you’re like me and can’t or don’t want to travel to work by bike, a neighborhood tricycle could get you around.

Where can I stay in Siwa?

Siwa has an excellent selection of environmental, bed and breakfasts, concise overview guesthouses, places to stay, as well as camps.

Remained at one of the eco-hotels if you love the wilderness and would like to discover the Siwa oasis in all its greatness, with its shanty ruins, high salinity, springs, and tombs.

It gets so hot in Siwa during the day, so a hotel with a swimming pool is a big plus. She’s an old town that also has one or two traditional Siwa guesthouses.

These establishments have a lot of ambiances but no swimming pool. Among the notable Siwa eco-hotels are the Shali Lodge, Siwa Safari Heaven Hotel (where we stayed as well as strongly recommend), Taziry Eco Village (out of the city), and Adrere Amellal (a full eco-resort with a spa).

Items to do while visiting Siwa

Sunset at Fantasy Lake – It is one of the best places in Siwa to watch the sunset. There is a source of water nearby, but it appears to be too filthy to swim in. The surrounding area, on the other hand, is peaceful and delightful, with lovely palm groves, a wonderful lake, and a rustic lounge area.

There’s a cafe where you can get Egyptian tea, soft drinks, and shisha. Experience them all as the sun sets behind the mountains on the opposite side of the lake.

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Adrère Anesbar – This is a hilltop perspective with views of the salt lake and Adrère Amellal, which also translates to “White Mountain.”

The renowned and extremely expensive eco-lodge Adrère Amellal is situated there, as well as the sunsets are spectacular.

Siwa’s mineral springs are ideal for swimming or relaxing. In and around Siwa, there are numerous natural water springs, both hot and cold.

Cleopatra’s Bath, the temple of Amun, is very well. Despite being among the most well-known springs in the region, often these international travelers find it all too dirty for a swim.

Abu Sherouf is among Siwa’s biggest and also most wonderful springs. It is situated outside of Siwa town and has nice and safe water. Bir Wahed is a wilderness oasis with a lake.

It is an ideal location for a welcome respite during your safari, so you can swim in the clear cool water.

Float on the salt lakes of Siwa – The tiny salt lakes of Siwa are astonishingly blue and exceedingly salty. They’re fun to float on again and nice places to watch the sunset.

Desert safaris, sandboarding, and star-gazing tents – One of the most famous day journeys in Siwa is a wilderness safari with 4WD in the Awesome Sand Sea.

Within this area, are some of the greatest dunes in the region, and sandboarding is a component of the safari. Stops at Kegar Well though and Bir Wahid are included in the safari.

Campground in the wilderness is also a popular pastime in Siwa. You could indeed pitch a tent or merely take your bag outside nap under a starry sky.

Siwa Experience offers a variety of entertainment and shopping opportunities

Sufism in Siwa – Sufis throughout Siwa hold a dhikr loop each Thursday.

It is a grouping in which Sufis engage in people chanting and good wishes.

If you want to participate in this deeply spiritual celebration, you should dress modestly and regard the local traditions.

Buy beautiful Siwa arts and crafts – Siwa is well-known for its homemade rugs known as Kelim, silver jewelry, and scared to death salt goods such as lamps and ashtrays.

Siwa needlework is splendid and is available in shawls, bandanas, women galabeyas, handbags, pocketbooks, and other items.

Luxuriate in the outstanding Siwa date and time and olives – dates and olives are the main crops of Siwa.

There are numerous similar products, including dates, dates jam, olives, and olive oil.

Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind While Traveling in Siwa

Duration your adventure carefully – Siwa is very far from Cairo, and the spacing could indeed make all the difference in your expertise.

It’s a good idea to take a night bus from Cairo to Siwa because then you can show up in the early hours, rest a little in the guesthouse, and then go for sunset viewing and dinner in the night.

If you’re traveling by car, stop at Marsa Matrouh. This North Coast city is situated halfway between Cairo and Siwa, and from there you can sometimes spend a night there before continuing to Siwa.

Bedouin Cuisine – Bedouins end up serving traditional cuisine such as rice, chicken, as well as vegetables for their meals. It comes with tea. To be picky is not a smart option, and please tell us if you are a vegetarian.

Choose your guesthouse wisely – You will be spending a lot of time in the guesthouse, so pick one with clean bathrooms, a pool house, and transportation services.

Wilderness safari with a trustworthy local firm – One of the must actions in Siwa is a wilderness safari. Nevertheless, in the wilderness, it is critical to work with a respected firm.

Already when you register, inspect the circumstance of their Land Cruiser vehicles, and it is beneficial to have an English-speaking driver. Bring a scarf, sunscreen, a swimsuit, as well as extra clothes.

In closing

We discovered all things about A HEALING TRIP IN THE SAND BATHS OF SIWA OASIS in the previous points and we hope you like it too much.