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Best Museums in Cairo update 2022

All things you want to know about the Best Museums in Cairo will find it here in this blog post in detail from the FTS blog.

Would you like to take a fascinating nostalgic trip? This sounds awesome;

the best way to enjoy it is to tour Cairo’s museums, each of which has a different theme.

The museums in this community are unparalleled, as the Egyptian civilization is among the world’s finest.

Let’s begin our tour by scrolling down. Then we should know Best Museums in Cairo.

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Best Museums in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum 

The Egyptian Museum ranks first on our list because it is the earliest archaeological museum not just in Cairo but also in the Middle East.

Its exterior architecture would then inspire you because it was intended in 1895 by a French artist.

In addition, its wonderful halls house the world’s biggest compendium of pharaonic artifacts.

Within it, you’ll find a wealth of interesting stuff, exciting and fun statues.

And one-of-a-kind items from various eras, making for an exciting tour.

Marit Basha Road, Tahrir Square, Downtown City is where you’ll find it.

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The Museum of Coptic Art

The Coptic Museum is among Cairo’s most well-known exhibitions.

Where you would learn further about Coptic history in Egypt ever since its inception.

There are countless styled manuscripts, elaborately carved woodwork.

As well as frescoes (paintings on sandstone) to be seen.

If you want to learn further about antiquity, Coptic culture.

And archaeology, you should go to this fantastic museum.

It can be found at 3 Mari Gerges, Kom Ghorab, in Ancient Cairo.

Museum of Abdeen Palace

Khedive Ismail Pasha constructed the legendary Abdeen Palace, which now houses art museums.

Such as the War, Aristocratic, Presidential Gifts, Flatware, as well as Historical Records.

You could indeed join all of them or just the ones that interest you because each one contains various parts belonging to Egypt’s Royal leaders.

It’s on Gomhoreya St. in Ancient Cairo.

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Islamic Art Museum

Do you have an attention in Islamic art? If so, the Museum of Islamic Architecture is the place to be.

It houses one of the world’s largest compilations of Islamic artifacts.

The vast collection of artifacts from around the world would then teach you new things regarding astrophysics, technology, as well as pharmaceutics.

Its one-of-a-kind and breathtaking pieces would then take you on a journey throughout all eras of Islamic heritage.

In addition, you’ll find daintily sculpted woodwork, infrequent writings, as well as adorned ceramics that are only found here.

When you start arriving at this treasure, your journey through the History of Islam begins.

Museum of the Manial Palace

The Manial Palace Museum is where prince Muhammad Ali resided.

You would then literally be visiting a creative location that is also rich in historical specifics.

The decor is breathtaking because the models merge Islamic architecture with other schools of art.

The halls, soft furnishings, as well as gates are stunning, having left you speechless.

Consists of

Furthermore, the primary palace is surrounded by various royal palaces.

As well as gardens, including the throne as well as the presidential palace.

Whilst also visiting this best-known museum in Cairo, Egypt, you would then learn further about Egypt’s modern era.

It’s on Al Saraya St. in Old Cairo.

The Egyptian Human civilization National Museum

Are you prepared to see the pharaonic statues of Egypt’s great kings?

This is accessible only at The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

It is one of Cairo’s newest exhibitions, and it has quickly become one of the most popular destinations.

You would see rare antique furniture which will initiate you to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Not only that, but you should not forget to visit the mummies hall, in which tourists could get a close look at the actual monuments of the ancient pharaohs.

It’s outfitted with cutting-edge technology to make you experience it as if you’ve decided to enter their actual tomb.

The Royal Carriages Museum is a museum dedicated to the preservation of royal carriages

We’re used to seeing carriages in shows and movies, but now you can have them in person at the Royal Carriages Museum.

One of the Best Museums in Cairo.

It’s thrilling to see all of the different types, dimensions.

as well as design features of royal carriages.

In addition, the museum houses horse riding equipment as well as the customs of the staff that used to ride horses for the kings.

Not only that, but you’ll see the most renowned Aly Carriage, which was given to Khedive Ismail by Ruler Napoleon III at a significant event.

Do not even pass up the opportunity to see such a fascinating location.

The Museum of Egypt’s Capitals

Egypt’s Capitals Museum is the city’s start of a new era, concentrating on the country’s various capitals.

They demonstrate how each seemed to have a massive effect on the country’s history via several and antique furniture.

Not only that, and then you will appreciate observing the museum’s mainly two exhibitions;

one is for Egyptian capitals, whereas the second solidifies Egyptian belief systems as well as end-times thoughts.

Do not even miss out on an exhilarating event at one of Cairo’s nicest places.

It is situated in Cairo’s New Capital City, in the City of Awareness and Cultural.

The Gayer Anderson Museum

Gayer Anderson Museum, one of Cairo’s museums, has a unique story;

it is a house that once rightfully belongs to the English police.

Following an agreement with the officials, he amassed a large collection of Islamic, pharaonic.

As well as Asian vintage items in his home.

After his death, his residence was turned into a museum with a distinguishable vibe.

As well as a setting.

Rooms would be filled with one-of-a-kind monuments & antique furnishings from the past.

It’s overpowering to take a trip such an old house in which every part does have its own story!

It is located in Ahmed Ibn Tulun Square, Saydah Zeinab, Ancient Cairo.

The Great Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a new exhibit in Cairo.

And that it is the only one on our list.

This fresh jewel would be located beside the Pyramids.

And will become the world’s largest museum dedicated to a particular civilization.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to see King Tutankhamun’s famous selection after some of the objects were returned from London, Paris, as well as Los Angeles.

You would then meet his tomb and see thousands and thousands of rare antiques.

As well as artifacts, many of which have been displayed for the first time.

Such a museum cannot be found somewhere else.

Which is why the entrance of this fresh Egyptian museum in Cairo is one of the most anticipated events around the world.

In closing

We knew all things about the Best Museums in Cairo in the previous points and we hope you like it to much dude.