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Best time of the year to visit Egypt – Egypt weather & climate

Throughout Egypt weather, the days are commonly hot and nights are cool. Although, Egypt has an arid desert climate so it lies on two climate zones… a hot & sunny summer from May to October and a mild climate in winter from November to April. The coastal regions of Mediterranean sea, the minimum temperature of Egypt weather ranges from 14C in winter and the maximum average temperature goes from 30C in summer season.

Egypt weather very widely in the desert areas most of the summer season. The temperature falls at night 7C and the average temperature 43C during the day time.

Egypt weather considered bearable for tourism with less or more comfortable seasonal periods. The Historical Egypt is well known for its hot and dry climate, that’s why its seasonal division usually consists on hot and cool atmosphere. So tourists bear in mind to face it otherwise if you are not used the hot atmosphere, you will feel uncomfortable in summer. The best time to visit Egypt is October to February. Make sure, book your trip in advance in case of facing troubles on events or New Year for better accommodation and air flights.

Seasons & Egyptian climate

Winter (October_ February) in Egypt is the booming season for tourism, keep light jackets with you if you are visiting Nile Delta or Cairo. But if you don’t like too much gathering and you are a lover of snorkeling, diving, sunbathing you should plan in the months of March, April or September. The days are quite pleasant and you can enjoy even in sunny weather.

Climate of spring

The spring season consist on March, April and May, the pleasant day’s average atmosphere from 24C in March and consistently 32C in May and the minimum average temperature goes from 10C to 16C throughout the spring season. There are rarely any rain, if on one hand have warm weather at deserts so there are probability of storm or strong wind but don’t be worry about it… its safer in cities. Above all, Egyptian spring also well known for its sandstorms. Humidity can drop down to 10% in this fast leap of pressure of atmosphere about 40C.

Tips: regardless to the season, pack lightweight tops with or without sleeves, long and short pants, sturdy shoes (should be comfortable to walk).

Summer in Egypt weather

During summer the average temperature starts from 40C, means to bear the baking sun and devastating heat. Constantly increases and at windless days goes to average 50C even the coastal areas may also suffer from exhausted hot Egypt weather.

You could not think, the ending period of summer during July and September can be little warm. They too are even warmer. Only the people come from hot countries or the admirers may appreciate the Great Oasis and its historical monuments. The families, kids and seniors recommended visiting Egypt in winter because it is the time for tougher tourists.

Tips: To keep yourself cool during summer is your first goal. Wear cotton or lightweight stuff, keep a lot of water, a hat, umbrella is too good, sunglasses and sunblock are essential to keep with you every time.

Climate of autumn

Autumn is known the second massive influx of foreigner to visit Egypt. At this time the sun reduces its anger and remains pleasant during this time period. The Egypt weather during autumn is almost perfect but there isn’t rush of visitors in September in case of its windless atmosphere.

During October and November the temperature is much pleasant and comfortable for visitors. At those days, heat calm downs and the temperature comes below the 30C and water temperature almost suitably warm for diving or snorkeling. The maximum temperature during September to November is 32C and minimal 13C.

Tips: Casual dress with optional lightweight jacket or shawl is ok because the night can be chiller.

Winter Egypt weather

Winter is a windy season in Egypt, the first two decades of the month of November called the off-season. The things are not bad as they seem to. Only few days are dull and the temperature of seas not goes down from 20C but after all good for tourists. It is the best time for diving and snorkeling even the prices are low, that’s the good time to visit the country in its calm atmosphere. In the last two decades of December, you will find the rush of visitors on New Year celebrations and Christmas. It is called the peak season and prices increases as increases the rush of visitors.

The average temperature during winter goes from 21C to minimum (7C _ 0C) during November to February.

Tips: Egypt weather during winter season is not much chiller as other countries have but a light jacket or windbreaker is a good idea to keep you cozy. Clothing can be casual or double tops with full sleeves are more comfortable.

According to the above discussion, I would recommend the peoples comes from cool areas don’t visit during peak summer season. The months from October to February are great for them but if people from hot areas and can bear the atmosphere, Egypt welcome to them.