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Egyptians’ famous drinks 2022

We’re going to discover everything about Egyptians’ famous drinks in detail through this blog post from FTS blog.

Egypt has access to a wide range of fruits that are not accessible in other parts of the world, especially North America, due to its location on the Mediterranean and also at the intersection between Africa and Asia. A few of this fruit and vegetables are exotic by European and North American benchmarks, and others are widely available throughout the world. I tried fresh orange juice in Canada, so it did not come close to what we’ve seen.

Egyptians’ famous drinks


Egypt is known as a “chai country,” as well as Egyptians drink tea the all moment! Egyptian tea is a black tea that does serve in a crystal with loose tea or directly in the glass without a backpack. It is generally served with a generous amount of sugar, but you could still request it without “bdon sokkar” or with “sokkar barra,” which implies sugar on the edge. You could indeed order it with herb (bel na’na’) or milk (bel laben). In the costlier cafés (“cafeterias”), users could indeed find flavored teas similar to those observed in Western nations, as well as green tea.

Smoothies and fruit drinks

There is absolutely no shortage of ‘asir (juice) choices in Egypt, & flavors could be liked on their own, blended with others, or with added sugar for those with a sweet tooth. Add some ice cubes to combine nutrients as well as hydration.

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Kasab’s (Sugarcane Juice)

A uniquely Egyptian drink served cold, it is an excellent way to stay awesome on Egypt’s hot days. Sugarcane is grown all across Egypt’s south, in which the weather, as well as soil conditions, are ideal. It’s a fantastic drink, and on a hot day, it’s the natural-looking pick-me-up to restore your power.

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The Turkish coffee, which would be decided to make in a small pot designed specially designed, is the most popular in Egypt. You could have it without sugar (Saada), with some sugar (al reeha), with moderate sugar (mzboot), or with a high glycemic index (mzboot) (zeeyada). You can’t add sugar after it’s been provided since it would delete the ground coffee, and is at the bottom of the cup as well as you don’t want to gulp down!

Hibiscus Juice (Karakadey)

Karkadey, a juice-dried Hibiscus flower, is yet another popular beverage in Egypt. The greatest feature is that you’ll have it chilly or hot; nevertheless, the cold wide range is more likely to be present at juice vendors.

Qamar Al-Din (Stewed Apricot Juice)

A hit at every Ramadan dinner, together with Tamarind as well as Hibiscus, they are the main chilly refreshing drink in Ramadan after just a long day of fasting and are ideal for sugar as well as a power boost. Delicious!

Beers Made from Milk

Yogurt with honey (zabadee bel ‘assel) & sahlaab is two dairy drinks (made with cornstarch, milk, peanuts, pistachios, and dry coconut). This 2nd drink is particularly delicious in the winter, and don’t pass it up!


Some other famous Egyptian warmer months drink that has been devoured since ancient times is kharoub (carob juice). Carob is a member of the family Poaceae and is indigenous to the Mediterranean area, in which it is cultivated seeds. The drink has health benefits, including trying to act as an antioxidant, cough depressant, and immune response booster, among many others.

Watermelon juice and melon juice

both are relaxing beverages that are ideal for a warm summer day. Once melons are in period, they are accessible.

Favorite Fizzy Drinks

Last but just not least, then there is always the allure of a fizzing bottle of Stella beer – or its foreign-made equivalents – that we may consume in huge amounts on summer nights.


Lemonade is a popular beverage in Egyptian shops and cafes. A refreshing drink made from freshly pressed limes and sugar on a warm summer day. To get a distinct taste, try it with mint syrup or mint leaves. Lamoon bel nana, as the family calls it, is a very better and healthier type of drink. In the winter, you could indeed drink it hot to make sure you stay healthy, with no flu or cough.

Juice made from pickles

Pickle juice, also known as Torshi or Mekhalel juice, could appear to be a peculiar juice, but, indeed, it is not available all year; rather, it’s only available at certain times of the year. All through Ramadan, mahalel’ drink is managed to sell on Cairo’s roads in abundance. During this month, Egyptians are accustomed to drinking it before breakfast.

Sham hummus

Hummus Sham is a chickpea drink that is also recognized as Halabisa in Egypt. It is yet another very peculiar spicy Egyptian beverage which can be got to taste. Egyptians enjoy it in the cold winter evening hours. The drink is made from dried beans that have been soaked overnight in water with baking powder before being boiled in water.

What’s the antiquity Egyptians’ drink of choice?


Beer and Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Drink was probably the most popular drink, and that was cheap enough so that common citizens might drink every day. Beer was delivered in jars, as well as fresh-brewed beer was possibly ingested with straws.

Did the Pharaohs consume alcohol?

Beer and wine were devoured for free time and enjoyment by all classes of ancient Egyptians in multiple configurations. The wine was favored by the royal family due to its flavor and entrancing impacts.

Exactly what sort of water do Egyptians drink?

For Western coffee, enquire for “Instant coffee,” and, of course, Turkish coffee, which gets its name from the sugar content you put in it. For instance, if you want one without sugar, it is named Saada; if you want one with some sugar, it is named Riha; if you would like it sweet, it is named Masbut; and if you would like it so very sweet, it is named Ziada. It is advised to buy tap water.

Final words

We knew a lot of Egyptians’ famous drinks through the previous points and we hope you like it too much dude.