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orange bay Hurghada

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Are you searching for a low-cost vacation spot? Or perhaps you want to visit Egypt’s islands? On the southern tip of the Red Sea, Orange Bay has become a popular tourist attraction. Orange Bay Island is an excellent place to relax and loosen up. Continue reading to learn what to anticipate on a boat cruise to Orange Bay, Egypt.

Where in Egypt is orange bay Hurghada?

Orange Bay is a private beach on Giftun Island, about an hour and a half from Hurghada, that can only be managed to reach by boat. The island is best known for its idyllic sandy beaches and shallow clear water but also complex made of wood viewing systems. It is also known as Egypt’s Paradise Beach.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. All boat trips will indeed be decided to cancel if the weather is too rough or rainy. In reality, even at your resort, you won’t be able to do any motorized water sports in bad weather!

What is the best way to get to orange bay Hurghada Island?

A structured 24-hour trip to Orange Bay, Egypt, is the most straightforward and popular way to get there.

Generally, the boat tour will also include the following:

Pick-up/drop-off from your hotel (some regions outside of Hurghada’s center, such as Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, as well as Safaga, would then usually cost an extra £5 or so for the extra journey)

Please bring it back boat trip with lunch and scuba diving possibilities at two different reefs (fins and snorkel included).

What can you do on orange bay Hurghada?

Guess it depends on the tour, and you typically have 1-2 hours to explore the island. Users could spend their days relaxing on a comfy bean bag on the sandy beach or investigating. Among my favorite Insta photo ops are:

  • Climb to the trying to view platform’s peak for scenic views of the sea.
  • Wade out to one of the water’s numerous underwater swings.
  • Drink a beer at one of the underwater picnic benches.
  • Take some photos in the love heart frame.
  • Grab a seat on the swing and cuddle.
  • Memorabilia can be purchased from conventional Bedouin-styled stalls.

Hurghada, Egypt, is a resort town on the Red Sea that is Egypt’s oldest and most well-known.

Hurghada, at first when recognized as a humble fishing village in the 1980s, has only risen in the last thirty years to become a well-known holiday resort, providing the finest seaside accommodations, actions, and based on cultural fun.

Hurghada, rich in natural resources and elegance, gets its name from a local plant. It is now famous for its colorful coral reefs, significant ski areas, beautiful desert eludes, and relaxing Red Sea actions.

Annually, over 1 million people visit the humble fishing village beach resort.

Hurghada Fun Activities

The best opportunity to learn about Egypt’s marine life is at Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

The Hurghada Great Aquarium is a space dedicated to showcasing the abundant sea life found in the Red Sea and inspiring, educating, and raising awareness about the conservation and protection of sea life and sea biodiversity.

The aquarium has previously received numerous accolades for its four different galleries highlighting a wide range of sea creatures, as one of the largest indoor freshwater environments, and for a lot more.

In addition to displaying marine life, the aquarium functions as a zoo, with exhibits and unique rooms devoted solely to the cloud forest, fossils, and a comparatively tiny zoo devoted to helping animals.

Enjoy a thrilling desert safari

Book a tour that includes various desert activities, such as motorized buggy tours and camel rides under the unending stretch of Egyptian blue skies. Enjoy tea and light meals during your trip to fuel up for more desert adventures.

Prices vary by outing, with many beginning at approximately USD 43 and offering half-day to full-day wilderness safaris. Choose whether to focus on one desert exercise or do more than two in one day.

Most safari excursions include wind transportation services, guidance, security insurance, and snacks. Because the tip isn’t included, bring cash.

The sand art at Sand City Hurghada will astound you

Sand City Hurghada is an extraordinary open museum where you can truly appreciate the craft of sand art.

Be astounded by the attention to detail, creative thinking, perseverance, and technique required to construct several of the most intriguing constructions, ranging from the great pyramid to cartoon characters.

Sand art is a form of expression with an established history in Egypt dating back at least 500 years. After many years of development, sand art became a generic phrase worldwide, and many cities now host their sand art contests and actions.

Sand City, located 24 minutes south of downtown Hurghada, has two major “exhibition halls” in its room: Historical Art and Fantasyland Art.

Spend a bit of time at Hurghada’s best beaches

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort is not far from other good facilities, such as incredible seaside eateries, spas, and world-class shopping centers. So, look no further if you’re looking for excellent beach expertise.

Verify out Hurghada Marriott Beach, which provides beachgoers with a fantastic day of lazing by the beach, partaking in multiple activities, and dancers the night away at the seaside clubs.

Scuba diving and snorkeling excursions are available at Coral Beach Hurghada, as is a relaxing iced coffee or drinks near the beach.

The Selkhet Papyrus Museum teaches about the oldest form of paper

Visit the world’s most extensive collection of prehistoric papyrus, where you will learn about the method by which papyrus was as well as the heritage of papyrus’ discovery and use approximately 2,900 B.C.

Explore Egypt’s most significant papyrus photo album and examine the various pieces of art formed on this ancient paper.

Take a trip to a live workshop demonstrating how and when to start making this intriguing earlier form of paper in real-time, and watch as specialists recreate the numerous purposes of papyrus as it was initially used and how to write on it.

Travel to Mahmya Island for a day trip

Though this is called Mahmya Island, it is a beach on Giftun Island where tourists can relax and take a fun 45-minute river cruise from Hurghada to the island.

Beachgoers could probably visit Giftun Island Nature Reserve, which offers far more snorkeling and diving possibilities, and unique chances to nap under a tree on the beach. Take in the picturesque archipelago of relatively small islands and islets near the area of marine life.

Scuba diving in one of Egypt’s best locations

Scuba diving is an absolute must-do activity throughout Hurghada, and Gota Abu Ramada, located 1 hour’s drive from Hurghada, is one of the prime scuba sites.

Start exploring a beautiful “coral garden” and learn about ecology and the importance of protecting the Red Sea’s coral reefs. View breathtaking marine life such as fish schools such as butterflyfish, surgeonfish, eels, and potentially even sharks.

Careless Reef is another essential scuba site to keep in mind because it is well-known for its numerous coral once you try to make travel arrangements. Visitors will have the opportunity to see soft and hard corals and coral reefs of various sizes and colors.

Take a walk around Old Town. Hasheesh, Sahl

The Historic District As a resort town, Sahl Hasheesh is recognized as the “downtown of the tourist resort,” with a fantastic amount of vivid things to do and see, from places to eat, cafes, and bars to its main center as well as meeting place for tours and outings.

Numerous visitors enjoy Old Town Sahl Hasheesh for its activities and public, beautiful coastal views, and inviting environment, not to notice its unique and appealing structure.

Experiencing community events is one of the most incredible things to do in Old Town Sahl Hasheesh. There’s something for everyone, from boardwalk beach pirates to marathon running and other athletic events, fishing tournament games, sailboat observing, and open-air galleries.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to tower over Egypt’s landmarks at Mini Egypt Park

Visit Egypt’s miniature museum, which features statuary pieces by over 50 artists meant to portray traditional Egyptian statues in miniature form.

Walk up to the smaller versions of the Roman Amphitheater, The Modern Theater of Alexandria, El Montazah Palace, and The Cairo Tower, allowing you to eventually take a selfie with the upper edge of the Egyptian pyramid or start creating other fun illusions with other iconic Egyptian constructions.

What makes Hurghada unique?

Hurghada is Egypt’s best-known beach holiday resort, with the best lengths of coastline, guesthouses, and scuba sites.

What month is the snowiest in Hurghada?


The warmest month in Hurghada, with a mean temperature of 30°C (86°F), but also January is the snowiest, with just a mean temperature of 16°C (61°F) and the most daily sunshine hours, 13 in August. Nov is the rainiest, with an estimate of 2mm of rain.