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Solo female Travel – Tips & Tricks for Women: Be a Boss Girl

Egypt solo female travel will be definitely safe for a solo women but the game is just to be savvy and smart. Just note few of my tips to maneuver around Egypt like a ‘boss girl’.

Traveling Egypt for solo women faces some challenges, so it is important to get cultural cues initializing the tour to minimize the potential problems and hassles. First, traveling single women though could be unfathomable for many Egyptian and they give a lot attention. Secondly, single women more likely perceived a single male; unfortunately you could get less welcome or more attention by Egyptian males.

Unfortunately, Egypt has a bad reputation for sexual harassment in 2013-14 surveys. The range of Egyptian women harassment is more likely increased other than passing years. But attitudes are slowly changing from previous years. Cairo University took a first step against these crimes in 2014. It is the first unprecedented step toward these crimes and now leaps forward to recognize these issues that have been the reason to brush under the carpet. By letting you know about these main facts … I’ll highly recommend you to visit Egypt as a solo women just by noticing these few tricks and tips to checkout before initializing your trip to Egypt.

Security for solo female travel

Egypt is really a most easy and comfortable tourism spot. You will get a plenty of looks over you, from children, men or women….  if you are traveling locally, you will be seated in between men or women but no one will aggressively feel you bad about their gaze. They are simply curious about you or may be some of them ask you about your country and will say ‘welcome to our country’.

In the tourist areas, you don’t have to worry about anything. Egyptian economy is basically depends upon the tourism, so in tourist areas they spent all of their efforts to make tourists safer and comfortable while all of their tours.

Are you worry about, how to avoid hang-out or other offers from differ sex?

You must prepare your mind that people will look at you. Many of them are only curious about you and some of these may want you to hang out, just be little tricky and firmly say ‘No Thanks’ to their any offer. Egyptian people are not aggressive, if you simply say ‘no’ they will let you go. But still if you feel uncomfortable with any guy, just turn to any nearest public place, such as markets, bazaar, restaurants or cafe and ask for help.

Always wear dresses according to the culture

If you want to avoid unwanted attention, just cover up your body well and be dressed according to their culture, where you have gone. Bare arms, bare legs, bikini or tank tops indicates that you are possibly available or may be a loose westerner that could be cause of harassment.

It is important to dress up conservatively while you are traveling to Egypt. Cover up from your knees to shoulders. Avoid anything wearing tight or shapely. Long skirts, loose pants and scarfs are not going to help you deflect the unwanted attention or cat-calls but still encouraging interactions with their local women. Some of them will not approach you as a foreigner traveller for solo female travel and results normal attitude. Bikinis and sun dresses are ok only for private resort beaches.

Avoid eye contact

Sunglasses are perfect to avoid eye contact with other sex. sunglasses are just like a mask over your eyes because you may be visit some places where you might be attracted for some attention, so eye contact will be as an indicate for an invitation for more attention.

Language barrier

Most of the Egyptian people know English very well, especially in tourist areas, Egyptian restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and even some of local people will speak English with you but some of these not understand well. So, it is important to learn few of basic Arabic words. It will aid you to easily talk with Egyptians. Especially if you little familiar with Arabic numbers you will feel comfortable while buying something from the markets.

How to behave at street

  • Always ask about money before hiring a taxi driver to avoid further issues about paying money after riding.
  • Always make sure your belongings are protected. Put your purse in front of your crossed bag and turn it towards your front. Keep your purse beneath your hand.
  • There are few of words those you must know before going to Egypt to avoid unexpected problems. Because many of women travelers being cat-called some places that could be particularly unnerving if you don’t understand what they call… such as Muzza, Asal, Ishta, Egyptian banana or something else. These are bad words cause sexual harassment.
  • If anybody asks you to take a picture with him/her, actually they want a tip from you.
  • There is nothing is free, so if someone says you something is free, he will definitely ask for money at the end.
  • Children love to take pictures with tourists, though the best way to take few pictures and say good bye and move on otherwise you will tired by capturing a lot of pictures with them.
  • Cover up your head with scarf while entering the mosque.
  • Haggling is a challenging part for tourists in Egypt. Don’t get anything without bargaining. The vendors always will start with higher price and after few minutes bargaining you will get the goods at lower rates.
  • Women should stock up tampons or other sanitary things, because it will hardly available in Egyptian stores.
  • Don’t accept drinks or foods from strangers especially in taxis and trains. Women being drugged cases are not common but eventually happens in some places though always avoid to eat or drink from strangers.

Always prepare yourself before starting your trip to anywhere. Internet paying a major part to getting any sort of information, make proper notes and enjoy the world’s great adventures in Egypt.