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Sound and light show in Egypt

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Egypt is well-known for its incredible sites as well as its actions, and then another exciting aspect of going to visit Egypt is the lighting and sound showcases performed at renowned heritage places. Many sound and light shows are held throughout Egypt, also at Philae, Abu Simbel, the battlecruisers of Cairo and Taba, as well as the Pyramids and Luxor.

The showcases are a spectacular freak show that narrates the tale of Egypt utilizing a cutting-edge multi-sensory approach and the latest info.

The cutting-edge technology utilized, including a projector and laser light show, transports you on an amazing adventure into the past.

Sound and light show in Egypt

Light & Sound Sound and light displays can be seen in the major heritage places in Egypt at the night. The most renowned is at Giza’s Pyramids, and the most magnificent would then take you across Thebes’ heritage at Karnak Temple.

The pyramids display

the stunning sound and light showcases that can be found in almost all heritage landmarks in Egypt. At dusk in Cairo, you could indeed see the most renowned display at the Giza Pyramids. Whereas the pyramids gradually fade into the shadows, a light and sound show would then bring them back to life, and the history of the ancient civilization will be revealed to you on the day you attend the show. The lighting and sound exhibition at the pyramids is available in a variety of languages, but the first show each day (generally at 07:30 pm, later in the summer) is in English. You could also observe it once a week in German, Italian, Spanish, or French.

The exhibition of the Karnak temple

The Luxor Sound & Light Show at Karnak Temple would then provide you with entirely new expertise! You would not sit as well as observe; instead, you would then wander all around the temple complex, going to follow the voice which will guide you through the spectacular period of ancient Thebes.

As haunting music strangely flows through this old city, Pharaohs would then rise to tell a story of their fascinating lives.

Antiquity and poetic speakers would then inform you about the conception of the Karnak temple, the courageous accomplishments of the pharaohs, as well as the god Amun. The show airs daily from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (each one hour) in various languages, primarily English, German, as well as French, but some other languages such as Japanese, Italian, as well as Spanish are also accessible for organizations of at least 10 persons.

Show on Philaer Island

If you’re in Aswan, don’t overlook visiting this small island as well as witnessing the memorable Sound & Light show at Philae. Egyptian goddesses would then reanimate next to your eyes to tell you about their lives.

The legend of Isis and Osiris is brought to life by dazzling lamps and captivating music, with noises from the depths of classical antiquity.

Show by Abu Simble

The Sound and Light Show at Abu Simbel would then transport you back in time to the time of the ancient Egyptians. The exhibition enchants you with mellifluous music and brings the antiquity to life all over you, including forecasts of the temples that demonstrate how they at first when started to look.

Show at the Edfu Temple

If you’re navigating the Nile, a halt at Edfu to see the Sound & Light exhibition is a pleasant surprise. This is among the most amazing sound and light initiatives I’ve seen before. The magnificent tells a story of the temple’s history, the myth of Horus (God of Edfu), as well as his yearly voyage with Hathor (goddess of Dandara). It also depicts Horus and his mom Isis’ struggle against evil. The spectaculars are proffered utilizing cutting-edge sound and lighting new tech. For the first time, video projection screen components with animatronic headers are being used, displaying (LED) illumination as well as elevated impacts that use the world’s best new tech.

Temple of Philae

Pick up your brain and pay heed as the Egyptian goddesses tell humans their tales, resurrected before our eyes at the Philae Sound and Light show. What’d Isis said unless she discovered that her monastery had been permitted to rot in the water for so many years? – Nevertheless, she and her husband, Osiris, will be delighted to be reincarnated in Philae, as newcomers would then witness its splendor each year.

Initiation to the PHILAE Exhibition

Amelia Edwards, a famous British freelance writer who frequented Philae for the first time in 1873, described her expertise in these fascinating words: “The method by water seems to be quite the most gorgeous.”


Philae, such as the Giza Pyramids, was a popular tourist attraction since the 18th and 19th centuries. Just what draws visitors in are the well-preserved bright barricades and articles. Nevertheless, after the High Construction was completed, Philae was immersed beneath the water, and the freshly colored colors of Philae were forever lost. Fortunately, Philae was saved from the Nile by a combined UNESCO-Egyptian government initiative. The project was launched over a 10-time frame, from 1970 to 1980. First, technicians built a massive dam all around the island of Philae. The water was then removed using potent pumps. The Philae monastery was meticulously disassembled and labeled into 40,000 blocks as well as bits.


Philae is derived from the ancient Egyptian phrase “Pilak,” which implies “remote place.” Philae was Egypt’s southern part point and the last military base of the 4000-year-old Egyptian religion. Philae was a sacrosanct island as well as an essentially religious movement center devoted solely to Isis during the Greco-Roman period. The 3 most significant figures in Egyptian mythology are Isis, her husband Osiris, as well as their son Horus. Their tale is reminiscent of one of Shakespeare’s tragic events! A minor disagreement between Osiris and his brother Set resulted in a major battle between the two brothers. Set assassinated Osiris, dismembered his body, and dispersed the bits throughout Egypt. His wife, Isis, started searching around till she discovered all of her husband’s parts of the body.

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