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The most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh

We’re going to discover everything about the most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh in detail through this blog post from the FTS blog.

Because of its blue water and gentle, straightforward sand, Marsa Matrouh is regarded as one of Egypt’s most lovely coastal towns.

As a result, the city attracts many tourists of both citizens and visitors.

It was formed by Alexander the Great and also was given the name Ammonia at the time because of its closeness to the Siwa Oasis, which included the Temple of god Amun, which was visited by the larger Alexandria.

The town has had several beaches that provide a sense of peace and stress relief away from the stresses of life and career.

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The most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh

Cleopatra Beach

A massive statue of Cleopatra, not from the Pharaonic era, but going to represent the beach, stands on the beach’s doorstep. There’s a long hallway that results to the beach, with a coffee shop on one side that serves fresh local juices alongside coffee and tea. The rocks that enclose the beach’s coast have marvelous shapes, children should be provided with a fantastic experience and a place to play. Cleopatra Beach is distinguished by its captivating blue waters and sandy soil.

Beach of Agiba

Marvelous implies a magic trick to the Egyptians, and Delightful Beach is among the incredible supernatural events in Marsa Matrouh; it is a tiny cave obtainable via steep mountainsides.

Its waters are distinguished by their purity, and its pureness where; it enchants everyone who sees it with its picturesque beauty, and thus it is regarded as one of Marsa Matruh’s most amazing beaches. The beach is congested all summer, as well as the remainder of the year, is just about empty; the beach’s coast.

If you go in the summer, you could indeed attain several beaches within a kilometer or 2 of Ajiba Beach, which would be distinguished by sandy beaches, blue sky waters, as well as tranquility.

Romel Beach

Rommel Beach is one of The most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh, for swimming, where you would appreciate them till you approach the limit of the city coast, then after you wind steps to achieve the connection on either side of the beach, to appreciate a mystical perspective of the coast as well as take the greatest images. Overlook the Rommel Cave, which also inspired the beach’s name and houses a tiny museum dedicated to the Commanding officer of the Italian Powers during WWII.

The beach at Gharam

The beach was named in honor Arabic film Shat Al-Gharam, which starred the artist Laila Murad, that sang the primary piece of music of the film on this beach.

The beach is seventeen kilometers from Marsa Matruh’s center and is divided into two sections; the coast could become very congested, but given the breadth of the beach, there is a place assigned for each person.

The 2nd section is full of rock formations, and you should walk around like that in your shoes to avoid injury. It is distinguished by its crystal clear water, and it includes the renowned Laila Murad rock; it is a massive shoe-like rock with a spacing of 10 meters.

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Marsa Matrouh’s Most Famous Archaeological and Tourist spots

Libya Market

Libya Market is Marsa Matrouh’s largest business district. It is situated on Al Galaa Street, which has 350 stores. The market was given the nickname because it is well-known for selling goods that are also available in Libya.

It is a favorite tourist market in the city where visitors purchase herbs, Bedouin goods, as well as extra – virgin olive oil, whereby the individuals of Siwa and the Bedouins of the wilderness are famous.

You could also buy new clothes, pouches, and classroom supplies imported raw materials, which sellers sell at the lowest prices, as well as sanitary ware but also cleaning products.

Archaeology Museum of Marsa Matrouh

The museum is unique in the world in Marsa Matrouh and contains approximately 1,000 artifacts from the Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic, and Muslim eras. One such museum, which is situated in the heart of the city on an area of 1560 meters, was recently launched to serve the city’s tourism motion and to end up serving as an archaeological and social marker.

The first ground of the museum features an open art show with 2 Sphinx statues and monuments of some of the kings as well as rulers who lived there for generations of Matrouh during numerous historical eras, including Ramses II, Ahmose II, as well as Alexander the Awesome.

Alexandria Street

Alexandria Street is one of the biggest streets in Marsa Matruh and serves as the city’s major thoroughfare, connecting multiple parts of the city. On the same street, there are numerous shops, famed hotels, as well as Egyptian trade fairs. The street was given the nickname attributed to the prevalence of a variety of Alexandrian goods and clothing and the reality that it receives the greatest number of Alexandrian visitors each year.

The National Circus, which also provides showcases led by domestic and international sideshow stars and is only accessible during the summer, is indeed located on the street.

Military Museum of El Alamein

The El Alamein Museum is situated 105 kilometers from Alexandria on the Alexandria-Matrouh highway. It includes a variety of firearms, armor, as well as designs of the fights of El Alamein and the tries to force that actually participated in them, and also maps of the battle scenes’ course, as well as some knickknacks, actually belonged to the armies’ commanders.

It first launched on December 16, 1965. The exhibition was created in collaboration with the nations that took a role in the fighting, and a facility was decided to add to highlight Egypt’s combat position throughout history. The museum has undergone several renovations before restarting on October 21, 1992, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Fight of El Alamein.

Cemeteries of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Cemeteries are situated in sixteen Egyptian cities, and one was in El Alamein, on Egypt’s north coast. Here, anyway, 7,367 officers and soldiers from the war have been put to rest. The identities of 11,945 officers who mysteriously disappeared during the war are also painted on the back of the tombs. The Commonwealth Cemetery, as well as the Italian and German cemeteries, are located on the contrary sides of the street.

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Ramses II’s Monastery

One of Ramses II’s temples goes back to the twenty-sixth ruling family and became one of the most potent ancient Egyptians in ancient Egypt.

In Closing

We knew everything about the most beautiful beaches of Marsa Matrouh and we hope you like it too much.