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vacation spots in Egypt 2022

We’re going to know everything about vacation spots in Egypt in detail through this digital report from FTS press.

It’s a vacation, folks. There was no need to spend our days trying to stuff ourselves with sweet snacks. Get off of the couch and then go try something different, revisit old expertise, or both, whichever suits your fancy! We’ve completed almost all of the thoughts for you to save your much-needed brain, so we can start giving you some great suggestions about Egypt’s finest vacation spots.

vacation spots in Egypt

Egypt is one of the finest things to invest in your vacation. This is due to a variety of factors, such as its beautiful weather, innumerable places and activities, and historic sites.

It also would include a plethora of water sports, stunning scenery, and more. We will assist you in learning about the finest vacation spots in Egypt and we will tell you all you need to know about each one of them.

Ain El Sokhna

El Sokhna, located only 120 kilometers from our capital of the country, is a city with nice weather but also overlooks the Red Sea, which has clear waters and endless water sports. With the latest survival of Porto El Sokhna, it is now possible to cure

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of Egypt’s best vacation spots for several reasons.

To start with, its natural beauty is breathtaking, with colorful mountains lining the Red Sea. The colors of the mountains eventually shift to various shades of brown, red, and yellow, having left you speechless!

And as well as, once you’re in the water, you’ll be mesmerized by the incredible colors and organisms of the various fish and soft corals. That is why it is considered one of the best places to visit!

Wadi Al-Hitan

It is situated 60 kilometers south of Wadi Al Rayan in the El-Fayoum oasis. It’s about 150 kilometers south and west of Cairo.

The site is now a resource and a Natural Historic Site. It is a fossil area; an accessible exhibition that goes back 40 million years as well as includes scared-to-death primitive whale bones, shark teeth, artillery rounds, as well as Mangrove roots retained in rock fragments.

It also has 15 desert species of plants, dunes, and around 15 various kinds of wildlife, such as the white deer, Egyptian deer, as well as red fox. So, presently that you have this helpful info, I recommend when you’re in your car, start driving, but then start exploring, start exploring, discover!


Dahab is one of Egypt’s most lovely vacation spots for relaxing, unwinding and trying to take in the breathtaking scenery.

It is well-known for its Bedouin culture and thrilling water sports activities; visitors come from all over the world and enjoy the unexplainable tranquility it provides.

Don’t forget to bring your camera because you won’t be able to stop yourself from photographing the staggeringly beautiful scenery.

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Wekalet El Ghouri

One of the few locations in Cairo in which both children and parents could indeed escape the city’s loud waste and vibration for a few memorable hours. The term “Fagnoon” is a blend of 2 intriguing words: Fonoon (art) as well as Gonoon (cuisine) (wild). It is a time for families can play, operate, start dancing, decorate, attract, and attempt a variety of crafts such as ceramics, phrase woodworking, agricultural production, making bread, jewelry making, iron blacksmith, and more.

Children have the opportunity to choose between a variety of training obtainable at Fagnoon. They could indeed decorate on wall surfaces, perform with clay, or simply love the lifestyle of the large play areas, which allow them to mess around without getting injured.


What about visiting one of Egypt’s leading cities? This makes it sound thrilling! Luxor is an ancient Egyptian city with an ancient feel and aesthetic.

There are so many Pharaonic landmarks as well as tombs that it is regarded as the nation’s biggest open-air monument. Going to visit these antiquity and magnificent sights would then end up leaving you breathless.

You would then travel to a location in which you can see splendid shrines with great architecture that date back thousands of years. It’s why it is such a popular tourist attraction in Egypt and around the globe.

Wadi Degla

However, few people heard of Wadi Degla. It predates the pyramids as well as the Sphinx by millions of years. Egypt’s own compact Grand Canyon, a steep valley in the middle of the desert to water-carved rocky outcrops, wilderness greenery, as well as exotic wildlife.

Numerous distinct species occur there, such as the Dorcas gazelle, the Nubian ibex, as well as the red fox. Furthermore, to the endangerment of Egyptian turtle, there are 64 multiple kinds of greenery, 20 reptile species, and 12 types of birds. However, be advised that there are no amenities in the valley. There are no restrooms. There are no picnic tables. There are no concession places. Even so, there are accommodations for tourists of all tiers near the area Maadi, ranging from opulent luxury resorts to McDonald’s.

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Hurghada is the best place to unwind and relish a luxurious stay. It’s one of the most well-known urban centers all along the Red Sea, and it’s a great place to spend your vacation.

It provides the ideal mixture of remaining in a hotel while also possessing all of the amenities of a city. You will enjoy nature’s breathtaking views as well as numerous places to relax.

This combination of benefits makes it a great option for couples with children looking for a holiday in Egypt.

Hurghada is one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy quiet! If you’ve not been, you’re missing out on a lot!

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