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What to take on your trip to Egypt?

We’re going to discover the whole thing about what to take on your trip to Egypt? In detail through this digital report from the FTS blog.

What should you bring with you to Egypt? What should you wear in Egypt? All of these are queries that will pop into your head as you plan your trip to Egypt. But don’t be confused; it’s also very easy. In this essay, we sought to gather the majority of the items which you will require all through your holiday in Egypt.

Egypt is a large region with several marvels to discover. Some of the country’s best tourists include the Nile River, particularly in Luxor and Aswan, Cairo and its renowned great pyramid, as well as the ancient Red Sea.

You would then encounter a variety of cultures during your excursion to Egypt. Nevertheless, the country is well-prepared to allow guests from all over the world. Then we should know What to take on your trip to Egypt?

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Why Should You Visit Egypt?

There’s still plenty to adore about Egypt, but nothing beats undergoing it in person rather than through a television screen. The background, the temples, and the starts to smell, the heat, the sand, the River, and the point in time your gaze is drawn up to the Pyramids of Giza.

You could indeed explore the roots of the Ancient Egyptians along the Nile by visiting their outstanding and meticulously adorned temples and tombs.

Starting to learn about the Pharaohs, how they ended up living, their belief systems, innovations, and truly seeing their creations would then remain with you for the rest of your life. Egypt is merely a wonder to behold everybody should encounter.

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What to take on your trip to Egypt?

Things to consider when packing your luggage for a trip to Egypt

We now also say there are two critical factors to take into account when packing your luggage for a trip to Egypt.

The first is Egypt’s weather, which also differs depending on location:

  • It is incredibly hot inside the Sahara.
  • On the coast, the weather is mild and humid.

Nevertheless, Egypt has a pleasant climate year-round. Civilization and religion, on either hand. Because it is a Muslim country, the citizenry is right-wing, so women’s clothing is generally very modest.

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What else should I bring to Egypt?

Travel documents Egypt, like other countries, requires you to get a valid passport and just enough blank pages to append the country’s entry/exit stickers when coming into the country.


It is worth noting that some states require a visa to enter Egypt; it is generally a fairly easy procedure; for some regions, there is the option of straight purchasing the visa at the airport; for others, there is the option of asking the visa in ahead of time at the Egyptian ambassador in your country; the most essential thing is that you might check ahead of time on the official site of the Egyptian immigration office in your country.


It is often essential to look at all aspects; don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, an essential accessory, as well as, as previously stated, sunscreen and lip moisturizer.

Bring a light backpack that would enable you to carry important papers and accessories on you while strolling around and admiring historic places.

Furthermore, carrying a tiny flashlight would then allow companies to better notice some areas with bad lighting and to monitor more specifics which I am sure would then convince you.

Especially over the past but not least, remember to bring an extra charger for your cell phone and camera because you can recharge when needed and also have an incredible story.


If you require specific medication, it is important to take into account bringing it from your home country together with your medical recommendation, as well as recognizing the active compounds in particular instance you have to buy stuff extra, as there is a chance that we could not find the very same product as we are used it to.

Adapters for power

Egypt utilizes 220 volts and the connectors are two circular pointers; it is essential to keep this in mind so that you might be brought more than one connector for your electronic devices and not have any problems charging it.

What clothes should I bring to Egypt?

High temperatures, clothing in Egypt ought to be light, comfy, new, and ideally light in color to avoid drawing the sun’s powerful rays.

The dress is strongly influenced by the Muslim religion, which also explains why it is conservative, particularly for women. This is amplified once going to visit religious structures.

Men’s and Women’s General Suggestions

In terms of footwear, it must be comfy. To fight back dirt and dust, a couple of stretchy slippers and nice sandals would then suffice, and so will cool sandals for soothing moments.

To protect yourself from the sun’s rays, wear hats or caps and a decent pair of dark glasses. Also, if we’re going to the beach, we’ll need a bathing suit.

A coat or jacket for the nighttime is also recommended, as the temp decreases slightly at night.

How long should you stay in Egypt?

I suggest spending one day in Cairo going to visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum. With 2 days in Cairo, insert a day excursion to Dahshur, Memphis, as well as Saqqara, as well as an, attend to Coptic Cairo or even several Islamic Cairo locations (al-Muizz Street, the Citadel, and Khan el-Khalili).

What should you know before visiting Egypt?

This Egypt travel advice guidance would then provide you with a comprehensive rundown of anything and everything you should understand before visiting Egypt. What to wear, leaving a tip civilization, scams, as well as a plethora of other helpful hacks are all covered. Egypt is fantastic. The sight of its splendid landmarks and the great and powerful Nile would then undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on you.


Visiting a souk market is one of the greatest things to do in Egypt. Whenever it comes to purchasing, you request, bi-Kam da? (How much is it?) Be ready to haggle or walk out the door. Overall, give one-third of the list price and expect to be given half. 8. None of it is free. Would like to photograph a camel at the Great pyramid?

In Closing

We knew everything about What to take on your trip to Egypt? In detail through the previous points and we hope you like it too much buddy!