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reasons to visit the west desert

Reasons to Visit the West Desert

We’re going to know everything about the Reasons to Visit the West Desert in detail through this blog post from FTs press.

When there is one idea you must do in Egypt, it is to venture off the trodden track into the West or the White Desert.

I had a great time on my journey with Western Desert Tours! It was safe and felt like a ‘real’ excursion into the unknown.

I was wondering aloud if I was on Earth or another planet! The view from the top was different from anything I had ever witnessed before. The massive and baron lands were so distinct. So each scene was like something out of a science fiction film, and I had to clench myself enough to genuinely think it.

Are White Desert Excursions in Egypt Secure?

Yes! Security measures are strict on the road to Baharaiya, but also streets near Libya are currently closed. So there shouldn’t be any problems, and nobody should be there who shouldn’t be.

Baharaiya Oasis is a town, but once you enter the wilderness, you won’t see many people! I believe I had seen one or two seats with other folks on the entire trip during my stay here.

Western Desert Tour operators’ guidelines are trustworthy and therefore will take a glance after you during your journey.

Is it secure for female tourists to visit Egypt’s White Wilderness?

100percent True! I was by myself during my trip to Egypt’s the White Desert as well as felt completely safe the entire time.

I was pushed from Cairo to the safer place in Baharaiya Oasis in a private transaction. They were then driven all around the wilderness in a Jeep.

My tour groups were never disrespectful or uneasy, and I rarely felt unsafe falling asleep outdoors. All were designed to make you feel at home. They usually let me discover on my own as well as do my own thing.

Gear bag for the White Desert in Egypt and my best tips

Even though the wilderness is extremely hot throughout the day, it becomes extremely cold at night. Particularly during the maximum winter (November – March). Brought winter coats, such as a thick jacket, tights, and layer upon layer for the evening. You’ll be provided thick comforters to rest poorly, but you’ll be sleeping outside among the stars. As a result, the more strands there are, the better.

Sandstorms are prevalent, and the first night did not deter for the entire night! Fortunately, there was a confined tent that I could sleep in to keep this same sand at bay. However, I will indeed bring a scarf/hat and dark glasses to safeguard myself from hurricanes.

How to Get to Egypt’s the White Desert

They organize a private, air-conditioned vehicle transmission from Cairo through Western Desert Excursions Egypt.

And I was picked up from my guesthouse and driven to Baharaiya Oasis via the desert road.

Cairo was nearly 4 hours away by a vehicle. We part ways for a bathroom break, coffee, as well as snacks.

I was then begun taking to the safe room, where we had lunch. After which we drove for yet another hour or so till we arrived at our first destination, the Black Wilderness.

Reasons to Visit the West Desert

Every day, your camp would be prepared for you

The Jeep you commute in with Western Desert Excursions serves as your mode of transportation, your sleeping quarters, as well as your food source throughout the day. All you’ll need for the excursion is either crowded inside or on the pinnacle of that Jeep.

The guidelines would then set up a large tent with 3 sides for dinner and lunch. The Jeep will be located on one side, with a Bedouin-style camp on the other side. It will include floor mats, a table for eating, a kitchenette set up, as well as mattresses, comforters, and pillowcases for napping.

Wooden chairs around in an open log fire, as well. My new favorite portion of the evening had been seated by the fire with a cup of tea.

Hiking up to the Black Desert is possible

Our first halt was indeed the Black Desert, a scenery with golden brown highs that appeared to be rubbed with chocolate!

Despite being named the black desert; it was not as dark as I had envisioned. But it wasn’t less captivating.

We lifted near the tallest altitude, and my guidance estimated that the climb will indeed take about 10 minutes.

Going to look at the altitude of it, I knew it would require me at least twice as long. I briefly thought about putting on my instructors, but my guidance convinced me that it would be okay in my flip-flops.

The aggregates and ground from underneath my legs completely collapsed as a result of my error. However, and I really cannot return because I was almost at the pinnacle. When I finally made it to the top, the view was well worth the effort. I was panting as well as dripping with sweat, despite being captivated by the perspective.

The only issue now was it was going to get back off the! The jeep appeared to be a thousand feet below ground, and I was trying to slip all over everything. Even though I’m shaky at times, this was an accident that had to happen. So I yelled for help. One of my guidelines happened to come to my aid and assisted me in descending.

Fortunately, it was the only ascent I would have to complete on that journey! Managed to learn learning experience: brought trainers.

You’ll sleep under the stars

As there are no places to stay in Egypt’s White Desert, your bedroom would be set up at the top of a Jeep every night after work. There should be windbreaks, mattresses, thick camel blankets, as well as a pillow if desired.

There are a few choices for wilderness sleeping;

  • You could indeed nap in the wind-protected Bedouin campground, where ‘halls’ or ‘quarters’ could be set up for confidentiality.
  • You could indeed sleep outside among the stars, which was my preferred choice!
  • If you favor it, you can stay in a tent that is surrounded. Due to the sandstorms, I selected this option for the first night.

On the Tiny Sand Sea, you could indeed soundboard

The Tiny Sand Sea is a foreshore region of the West Wilderness with sand ripples that extend for yards!

The sand trends change very quickly, particularly if there is a sandstorm, then no two visits are ever the same.

The name comes from the Great Sand Sea, which is located near Libya. This is a perilous two-week trip into the West Wilderness that necessitates the presence of a physician as well as an engineer in the event of an emergency.

You will not go hungry and you will eat healthy produce at the most spectacular picnic locations.

What I liked best was that a bunch of the meals were char-grilled in the cooker!

Every day, we’d have a brunch fit for a king, complete with fruits, eggs, pastry, as well as coffee. We’d have fresh vegetables, cuts of meat, and fish in bread for a meal.

Every night after work, we’d get a warm meal of beef or chicken with pasta or rice. Served with water, fizzy drinks, as well as chai by fire! This was incredible to be able to consume healthy produce in the middle of the desert.

All fruits and veggies were prepared using distilled water, as well as all meals were thoroughly cooked to ensure cleanliness and security.

In El Agabat Valley, you’ll want to know whether you’re on another planet

After leaving the Small Sand Sea, we happened to come across El Agabat Canyon in Farafra.

The forms down the valley made us feel that we were on another globe! The spectacular view in front of me was stunning! It was pristine.

Another feature I enjoyed near here was the ‘doorway into the wilderness,’ which was a hole inside the stone that resembled a window or a reflection! A fantastic photo opportunity.

The White Desert in Egypt will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen

The high point of my tour had to be with our overnight halt in the White Desert. This was well worth the 2 wilderness trek in seeing.

Because the entire desert was once immersed in the water beneath the sea, the white rock looks like salt groupings. Surprisingly, the shells as well as shark teeth are still completely immersed in a portion of the white rock.

By Egyptian norms, the White Wilderness is relatively new. In reality, it was only in 2002 that it was designated as a nature reserve and National Park.

Each creation, which has undoubtedly been present for thousands of years due to the fossil records and magma discovered all over everything, has a particular shape. The guidelines gave them titles, and it was nearly like heading on a White Desert Safari.

In closing

We knew everything about Reasons to Visit the West Desert in detail, and we hope you like it to much dude.