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Sharm El Sheikh’s ‘Al Sahaba Mosque

Sharm El Sheikh’s ‘Al Sahaba Mosque 2022

We’re going to know more about Sharm El Sheikh’s ‘Al Sahaba Mosque in detail through this digital report from the FTS press.

In the property of the Red Sea, which shielded pristine beaches, as well as clear water encircles, as well as palm trees, line the boardwalks, Sharm el-Al Sheikh’s Sahaba Mosque needs to stand out with its mesmerizing architectural style.

Mohamed Mokhtar, Minister of Religious Resource endowment, dedicated Al Sahaba Mosque in 2017. The Mosque’s foundation was laid throughout January 2011, but the building was halted for four months due to the occurrences of the 25 January Revolution.

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi directed the armed services’ design body to manage the final phase of the costs involved for finalization, which also totaled approximately EGP 15 million (USD 833,000).

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Sharm El Sheikh’s ‘Al Sahaba Mosque

You could be wondering what makes this mosque so unique. Is there any significance to it? My simple response is no. It bears no resemblance to a monarch or patriarch, nor is it an act of generosity. Nonetheless, I discovered this magnificently constructed mosque to be enwrapped in the spiritual gorgeousness that fits the peace and serene atmosphere of Sharm El Sheikh.

The structure

The Egyptian architect Fouad Tawfik Hafez deserves credit for creating this mosque, which he did for free. The mosque is built on the rubble of the Israeli occupation period. After the cornerstone has been laid in 2011, it takes 6 years to complete due to a relatively short snag in building projects.

The pyramids and the Sphinx are unquestionably the iconic constructions that catapulted Egypt into the international spotlight. For centuries, the antiquity mosques that populate this country have piqued the interest of global tourists and historians. But it is a completely different point of view.

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This religious edifice of Moslem worship, I will indeed argue, is no less appealing from the standpoint of its unique artistic layout as well as a highly regarded religious site for a divine sojourn. The architecture and design brilliance sparked a blazing enthusiasm in me, a combination of religious devotion as well as the exuberance of visual value.


The masjid in Sharm el-Old Sheikh’s Market, a tourist hotspot, is bounded by a phenomenal combination of diverse styles – Ottoman, Fatimid, and Mamluk – creating a different mixture of building features and interior decorating.

“The goal of combining different civilizations and designs in one framework is to start creating some kind of inter-religious harmony,” designer Hafez explained to Al-Monitor.

The mosque, which has 2 levels – one for men and another for women – has a library on the top floor, which residences lots of books on Islamic teachings.

The mosque has 2 Muslim leaders who are fluent in English and French as well as aims to cater to people who reside in and attend Sharm el-Sheikh.

It fits in nicely with Sharm el-tranquillity Sheikh’s tranquility – with such a large waterfall in the front, the mosque’s building also resulted in the remodeling of the Old Market; its floorboards were refined, as well as new coffee shops, as well as shops, were added.

The mosque, which combines religious devotion with divine gorgeousness, breathes new life into a location particularly known for its seashores and all guesthouses.

Even though the tourist industry in Sharm el-Sheikh has flatly refused dramatically in recent years, the elegance and splendor of Al Sahaba mosque are required to draw both internationally and domestically visitors.

The Consorts Mosque plays a role that is distinct from the rest of the Egyptian mosques, as its distinct look has various design types of the Egyptian Islamic civilization, and its place in an extremely tourist destination is the most important in Egypt, trying to make the mosque a based on culture activism beacon in front of the foreign tourist, that the mosque offers thousands of articles published in numerous English languages, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and so on.

He formed the True Islam Basis on the concepts of extremist organizations that besmirched Islam’s image in the market.

What is the strategy on masks and audience member health during the Sharm El Sheikh Half Day Tour with Al Sahaba Mosque & SOHO Square?

A: The policies on surgical masks and audience member health are as follows:

  • Travelers in public locations must wear face masks.
  • Guidelines in public places must wear surgical masks.
  • Travelers are given face masks. At such entrances, travelers’ temperatures are checked.

And what’s the social trying-to-distance policy for the Sharm El Sheikh Half Day Tour with Al Sahaba Mosque and SOHO Square?

A: The laws on alienation are as follows:

Throughout expertise, social distance is imposed. Service charges, as well as add-ons, can be paid for using contactless technology.

What precautions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of the employees during the half-day tour of Sharm El Sheikh’s Al Sahaba Mosque and SOHO Square?

A: The following policies govern the safety and health of employees:

Guidelines must regularly wash their hands. Employees’ temperatures are checked regularly. Paid leave of absence for employees suffering from symptomatology.

What makes Sharm el-sheik famous?

Sharm el-Sheikh is a large Egyptian resort on the Sinai Peninsula’s southern tip. The major reasons for visiting are diving and other water and beach actions, as well as to start exploring the Sinai wilderness.

Is it safe to visit Sharm el-Maya?

Except for the area within the Sharm el-sheik perimeter barrier, which includes the airbase as well as the regions of Sharm el Maya, Hadaba, Naama Bay, Sharks Bay, as well as Nabq, the FCO advises against any but crucial transportation to the Governorate of South Sinai.

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