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tips for travel to egypt

Tips for travel to Egypt 2022

We’ll discover detailed tips for travel to Egypt through the digital report from FTS press.

This Egypt travel tips guidance would then provide you with a comprehensive overview of just about everything you could perhaps understand before going to visit Egypt. What and how to wear, disposal of civilization, frauds, and many other helpful hacks are all covered. Egypt is fantastic. The sight of its magnificent landmarks and the great and powerful Nile would undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on you.

Tips for travel to Egypt

How to Obtain an Egyptian Visitor’s Visa?

Except for some ethnicities, visitors to Egypt must obtain a visa to enter this historically rich country. Nevertheless, acquiring an Egyptian visitor’s visa is usually not difficult.

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What Is the Best Season to Visit Egypt?

Because the climate usually determines the ideal time to visit a location, the great season to visit Egypt is during the winter months.

Because some components of Egypt are a wilderness, the warmer months (20th June- 20th September) can be hot, trying to reach up to 95 degrees F, to intense moisture, making places to visit unendurable – so you’ll want to avoid them.

Get a guided tour

You can get to Cairo by taxi, but I suggest joining a tour company to see the sights. You could also collaborate through your guesthouse, yet I assure you the encounter would be considerably more expensive. Tours Egypt was the company I utilized. They were extremely knowledgeable and took excellent care of me throughout the tour. Egypt Excursions has also received positive feedback. If you do not have a guided tour, you could face prejudice from residents who want to demonstrate your all-around city for a fee. You could be taken account of and duped.

Restrooms in Public

To use public restrooms, you must usually pay a flat amount, usually between 5 and 10 EGP.

How to Conduct Business in Egypt?

The Egyptian pound is the national currency. It is simpler and less expensive to conduct all transfers in the domestic currency instead of the dollar or Euro.

Credit cards are acknowledged in a few elevated establishments, but money every time wins once negotiating.

In Egypt, the negotiating method is extremely effective. As a visitor, you are probably overcharged, so use your trying to negotiate and kind abilities to get the goods at the “correct” cost.

Tipping Is Common in Egypt

Whereas tipping is a show of respect for the care received that is always voluntary, almost all Egyptians leave a tip with even the most minor assistance.

Connect to a cell phone

Bringing an unlock code or one that can connect to the Egyptian network would save a lot of trouble. Because so many Egyptians do not speak English, simple tasks such as hailing a cab and giving directions can be difficult. Using your mobile to map out your route or order an Uber will make your event much simpler.


There are checkpoints around the city, so don’t be alarmed if your driver stops for the first time. They would then usually ask the driver where you are going, how many folks are in the car, your race or ethnicity, whether there are any VIPs, and your next location.

What to Wear In Egypt

I was torn about what clothes to bundle for Egypt because I had never possessed any head scarves or long skirt dresses – so I purchased a few entitlements before my journey (which I ended up not wearing, btw).

But, to my shock, the uniform policy in Egypt, particularly in big cities and touristy areas, is not as moderate as you might think. Yes, Egypt is an Islamic country, and they’re a little “lax” about what they dress.

However, if users intend to visit a masjid or other house of worship, bring a headscarf and wear skirts – the legs and back should be encased.

No public affection displays

Acts of physical affection in wide public vary according to culture; in Egypt, screens of affection in public are frowned upon. While also Egypt is a popular tourist attraction, it still is a conservative country. While out in public, it is best to maintain a conservative demeanor.

Let others know where you are

Once traveling alone or without the assistance of a travel company, notify your hotel of your plans. Your hospitality legislators will know what to look for you or how to interact with you in the case of an emergency. Obtaining the accurate number and address of both your destination and your guesthouse might save you time.

Once you require assistance, request it

Do not even assume things about almost everything; instead, seek assistance. Egyptians are very nice people that are always inclined to assist, though it can also seem excessive, leading one to question their real motives.

Because once I asked the certain man for instructions, he was so kind to guide me, but then when he realized I wasn’t obtaining the destination, he offered to take me there in his vehicle, of the kind that I declined – overly helpful, right?

At a different time, my taxi driver called to ask where I was. I could not clarify very well because he didn’t speak English well, and I didn’t speak Arabic.

Flash photography’s dangers

Various landmarks within archaeological monuments, like most tourist destinations, have a “No Flash Photos” legislation. A bright flash could severely damage statues with works of art. Try to respect those regulations because you’ll be ordered to leave if you do not.

Your neighborhood partner

There are many self-employed visitor guidelines in Egypt. If you are traveling alone or with a partner, guidance could reach you at a tourist resort and offer to “give you a journey.” The Egyptian government does not hire those tour groups. You would be required to pay them on their aspects, which could be exorbitant.

Is it fine to consume Egyptian tap water?

Tap water in Egypt is fine to consume, and because it is heavily disinfected, we do not suggest it because it creates stomach upset. Water bottles and groundwater are plentiful and cheap from hotels, eateries, and stores. Egypt’s tap water is safe to drink and use for trying to brush your fangs and taking showers.

How is the food in Egypt?

Egyptian food has it all, with delicious meat dishes, fish, and veggies, but taking a few precautions to prevent stomach upset while on vacation is worthwhile. Salads should be avoided unless dining in high-end restaurants, guesthouses, or cruise ships due to high chlorination levels in tap water.

Is it common in Egypt to bargain?

Bargaining and bartering over price levels are essential to shopping in Egypt’s marketplaces and bazaars. Vendors would then frequently pump up their prices significantly for a total price that best suits both groups to be agreed upon after a back-and-forth return of figures. Things start small and work up, always keeping a max number in the brain. It’s a good time to look out for the repaired gift shops that cover pages of many of the popular tourist destinations, so you understand what you’ll be offering to pay for products.

Etiquette and Cultural Hints

Not only should women consider what they gown once going to visit Egypt; men also must wear pants and keep their shoulders coated, maintained by how Egyptian men outfit. Skinny jeans are only permitted in resort towns, but it’s shocking how many tourists to Egypt disregard this rule. Once visiting a masjid, both men and women must be fully dressed, with women also needing to wear a headscarf. Sure to bring your shoes off before trying to enter.

Physical adoration should not be displayed in public. Egyptian men commonly greet others with kisses and hugs, yet members of the opposite sex could perhaps avoid so any interaction outside the confidentiality of their guesthouse.

Is there a lot of WIFI in Egypt?

It is relatively simple to connect to the internet in Egypt. Most bars and cafes in major cities provide free WiFi. Web access is needed in all four and five-star hotels in Egypt. Frequently, there will be free WiFi in the hotel lobby, and either free or punishable by law, WIFI or dial-up connect directly in your hotel. And don’t worry, you’ll have no problem writing that ideal Instagram gunned down at the front of the Great pyramid!

How is rail transport in Egypt?

More of our vacations have included a nighttime commuter train ride from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, or conversely. The train trip is Egypt’s foremost rail transport, though Western standards might consider it right. Cabins on the train trip are outfitted with two bunk beds and new linen. A value of correlation and towel are also provided, and the cabin door could be barricaded from inside. Public bathrooms with western restrooms are found at the back of each carriage. The fare includes breakfast and dinner (of a basic standard). There is a bar transport near the middle of the train where hot and cold drinks are served.