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top restaurants in alexandria

Top Restaurants in Alexandria You should try

We’re going to know everything about the Top Restaurants in Alexandria in detail through this digital report from FTS press.

What are the best places to eat in Alexandria? We’ve compiled a list of some of the top restaurants in Alexandria that you can try all through your trip to this lovely city. We keep hoping you visit some of the people and enjoy a fantastic dining experience.

Below are the top ten Alexandria restaurants that you should try. Alexandria is a well-known tourist destination, and we hope you might very well try one of the following delectable restaurants while you are there. Learn about the Top Restaurants in Alexandria, Egypt.

Top Restaurants in Alexandria

Alexandria is Egypt’s second biggest city and a significant economic hub. Because of its oil and natural gas pipelines from Suez, this is an important industrial center. Alexandria, positioned on Egypt’s southern Mediterranean coast, is a popular tourist attraction. If you discover yourself in this city, don’t miss out on one of these delectable eateries.

Samakmak Restaurant

Samakmak is a popular restaurant in Alexandria. Samakmak is the location to go if you want fantastic food and exceptional service. You would not be disappointed if you try their meals! Be eager to test their grilled fish for a noteworthy dining experience.

Chez Gabi

Chez Gabi is the location to go for a fantastic Italian eating experience. They serve delicious drinks and food at affordable prices. This eatery gets high marks and provides excellent service. The owners have indeed been able to keep the location for the past thirty years.

Sea Gull Restaurant

This eatery is built in an ancient location and is filled with antique furniture because the owner is an obsessive antique collector. The entire complex is air-conditioned, and there is a wonderful open area with a wonderful sea view if desired. Children could also relish this eatery because it has a separate area for them in addition to horses for them to ride! Despite being on the more expensive end of the scale, Sea Gull’s local fish helps make this one of the finest restaurants nearby.

Tejano’s Mexican Grill

You will not be sorry if you spend your cash here! Aside from serving truly delicious food, the restaurant is also distinctively decorated, and the excellent service. If you’re at a loss for what to order, try the fajitas as well as quesadillas. You could also freely take pictures wearing Mexican hats as well as other accessories. Try it now, it’s entertaining.


Potasta is a must-visit if you’re missing European cuisine on your trip. Potasta continuously improves pasta dishes (arguably the finest in town) at a reasonable price. This is a fantastic restaurant with delicious items on the menu and one of the Top Restaurants in Alexandria.

Asmak Shaaban Restaurant

The simplification of the old ornaments is the most appealing and distinctive feature of this Egyptian-style restaurant. Eat till you’re full from the local fish they serve at affordable prices. Just keep in mind that this place is usually extremely crowded with individuals who desire to consume the restaurant’s delights, so you may have to put it on hold for a while before being able to eat.

Stefano’s Restaurant

Come and enjoy all of the awesomeness of Stefano’s Restaurant, some other wonderful spot for Italian cuisine! They provide excellent service and food. The staff is extremely well enough and customer-focused. This restaurant serves tasty meals and provides excellent service! Don’t neglect to try one of their delectable desserts!

Abd El Wahab Village

Abd El Wahab Village serves a few of the best Egyptian cuisine available! They end up serving kebab, nearly every type of meat, as well as the finest Egyptian salad. You also should try their fatteh and grilled chicken. It tastes incredible!

Latino Cafe & Restaurant

Who just wouldn’t want this magnificent view and sample the delectable cuisine? Because of the intense cuisine as well as service, the restaurant is somewhat congested and famous. Although the place appears to be congested, waiters are always accessible if you have any questions. If you’re going to look for some confidentiality, you still can find it here! Relish.


The food is great and beautifully executed here! You will undoubtedly have a fantastic experience because the service here seems to be exceptional. You will indeed be able to fully enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxing setting. Byblos is one of the most expensive restaurants on this list, and it’s ideal for special occasions or enjoyment based on extensive.

Latino Restaurant and Cafe

A delightful setting with a stunning view of the Mediterranean. Worldwide, Italian and Lebanese cuisine is available. This is an excellent location for sampling delicious cuisine. Because of the high-quality cuisine as well as service, the place is getting a little congested, but the waiters are always available on request. If you want to be alone.

Greek Club

The menu features a variety of seafood and Greek dishes. During your trip, you also can take in a stunning view of Alexandria Harbor. They as well end up serving beer and wine with your food.

Alexandria’s Mohamed Ahmed Restaurant

For over sixty years, Mohamed Ahmed has been going to serve some of the best fuul and Ta’meya. They also end up serving egg and cheese dishes and thus are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s never too soon or too late to try them out. It is one of the better restaurants as well as eating establishments in Alexandria, Egypt.

El Lol

This is a beachfront restaurant run by a family. Whilst also you sit going to look out over the water, you could indeed observe the fishermen brought in their grab of the day, which will be ready.


Bastille Brasserie and Bar, which also brings the flavors and aromas of France to Old Town Alexandria, is a famous relatives eatery that has been trying to please tastebuds since 2006.

Chefs Christophe as well as Michelle Poteaux own the eatery and add their different spin to traditional French bistro dishes influenced by what’s new and seasonal.

You could indeed dine at an affectionate table for two in the dining room or at the bar for a lighter meal. The restaurant serves three and four-course repaired menus, as well as a carte menu with single pieces. For great deals, there are everyday specials such as their French Quickie special for the meal from Tuesday to Friday.

Chart House

The Chart House stands out as one of the best options in Alexandria for a romantic evening out thanks to its breathtaking waterfront place just on the banks of the Potomac River. On nice days, you can enjoy a meal indoors or outdoor patio on the patio, taking in the stunning view of the river as well as the city beyond.

The seafaring theme extends to the menu, which also includes a long list of delectable seafood dishes such as Coconut Grilled Shrimp, Fresh Oysters, Crab Cakes, as well as Lobster, but meat eaters are not forgotten and also can order Prime Rib, a variety of meat and edges, or chicken.

Del Ray Café

The Del Ray Café, which is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as weekend brunch, is your go-to spot for natural, fresh traditional cuisine ready with French flair.

The lunch menu keeps changing regularly to provide the best fresh foods to your plate, but you can always count on a choice of skillfully merged salads, a soup-of-the-day, a grab fish dish, and ever favorites like escargot, salmon, and innately steaks and burgers.

If you come for dinner, you’ll have a wider selection of main courses to choose from, such as Cassoulet, Bouillabaisse, Duck Confit, as well as Stuffed Loin of Lamb. On the proposal, gluten-free options are offered.

Fish Market Restaurant

The Fish Market Restaurant, situated in the center of Landmark Old Town Alexandria, lives up to its title by providing visitors with a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood.

To set the tone for a lovely meal, ask for a table on the veranda or patio, that will provide you with stunning scenery and a more comfortable dining area.

Beginning with a shortlisting of seafood soups and stews, a choice of your favorite seafood beginners as well as salads, as well as a long list of sandwiches, platters, house specializations, as well as tasty sides, the menu is substantial. If fresh fish is not your thing, you could indeed opt for a burger or steak. There seem to be eight craft beers available on tap, as well as house cocktails as well as a variety of wines by the flask or bottle.

Landini Brothers Restaurant

Landini Brothers Eatery, which brings the flavor and aroma of Tuscany to a pleasingly rustic venue in Old Town Alexandria, is the optimal option for a romantic evening out.

The restaurant was established in 1979 and has a loyal fan base of regular posters who come to enjoy traditional Tuscan meals and accommodation.

By using fresh, local products and simple methods of preparation, the eatery adhere to an ideology of letting the innate flavors of simple ingredients shine.

The food menu begins with a choice of fresh salads as well as appetizers, such as artichokes, clams, shrimp, as well as meat or tuna Carpaccio. Such delectable treats are accompanied by residence pasta dishes, veal scaloppini, as well as other main dishes.