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who is ramses ii

Who is Ramses II update 2022

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Ramses II spent a large part of his reign focusing on the construction of temples, landmarks, as well as cities.

Somebody of his most noteworthy successes was the institution of Pi-Ramesses as his additional funds in the Nile Delta.

He used this as a home headquarters for his Syrian initiatives. At the age of 14, he was hired prince ruler by his father, Seti I. He ascended the throne in his teenage years.

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Who is Ramses II?

Who is Ramses II
Who is Ramses II

At Kadesh, he narrowly avoided death

Ramses II launched a campaign to reclaim the lost regions of the north in 1275 BC. The Battle of Kadesh, fought in 1274 BC against by the Hittite Imperial power under Muwatalli II, was indeed the campaign’s final battle.

It was the first well-recorded battle and engaged between 5,000 and 6,000 carriages, trying to make it typically the biggest chariot fight ever fought.

Ramses kept fighting, but he was greatly outnumbered and also was ambushed by the Hittite military, barely escaping death on the field of battle.

He ordered a counteroffensive to drive the Hittites aside from the Egyptian army, and although the fight was a draw, he surfaced as the hero of the 60 minutes.

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Achievements of Ramses II

Ramses II erected numerous awe-inspiring structures throughout Egypt and Nubia. His most stunning temples are the Ramesseum in western Thebes as well as the Abu Simbel Rock Temples. He sometimes formed a capital city in Delta called Pi-Ramesses, which also served as Seti I’s summer palace.

Abu Simbel’s Two Temples

Inside the southernmost portion of a Nubian village in Aswan, there are two amazing Abu Simbel temples. They were constructed in 1255 B.C. by Ramses II as well as his wife, Nefertari. Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss traveler, found Ramsses’ wonderful monastery in Abu Simbel in 183. It is made up of two temples, one large and one tiny.


This new place housed numerous temples as well as Ramsses’ vast palace. The true Pi-Ramesses seems to be about 30 km away south of modern Qantir. Except for its feet, the entire colossal Ramses monument in the spot is buried beneath the disciplines.

Karnak Temple’s Ramesseum

This magnificent temple was predated by two cases, as well as an immense pylon stood in front of the first court. On the left, there is a royal palace, and in the back, there is a massive statue of the king. Over the walls of Kadesh, there are some repetitive sequences for the Hittites. There are a few remnants of the 2 sitting monuments of the king, one in pink granite another in bronze.

Egyptian design flourished during his reign

Ramses constructed so many colossal monuments of himself than any other pharaoh. He was also intrigued by architectural style, and he built widely all through Egypt and Nubia.

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During his reign, numerous temples, landmarks, and constructions were built or rebuilt.

These included the massive monuments of Abu Simbel, a stone memorial with himself and his queen Nefertari, as well as the Ramesseum, his morgue monastery. Both shrines housed massive statues of Ramesses ii himself.

He also recognized alike his dad and himself by having completed temples at Abydos.

He was the first to sign the first global peace treaty

Ramses led more military campaigns against the Hittites inside the eighth and ninth years of his reign, effectively trying to capture Dapur and Tunip.

Skirmishes between both the Egyptian pharaoh as well as Hattusili III, the Hittite king at the time, raged over these two major cities till 1258 BC, when a part of the peace treaty was signed between both the Egyptian pharaoh and Hattusili III, the Hittite king at the time.

He fathered over a hundred children

The accurate number of children Ramses had during his entire life is unknown, but it is estimated that he had 96 boys as well as 60 girls.

Ramses died of old age many more of his kids and was managed to succeed by his 13th son.

Arthritis was a problem for him

Ramses is said to have done suffer from arthritis as well as other illnesses near the point of death. He had severe dental issues as well as artery toughening.

He died at age of 90. He was entombed in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings after his death.

Due to pillaging, his body was taken to a storage area, re-wrapped, as well as placed within the tombs of queen Ahmose Inhapy as well as priest Pinedjem II.

His tomb was finally found inside a common wooden coffin.

Why was Ramses II significant?

Throughout Heritage, HE WAS HONORED FOR Having signed A First Peace Agreement.

Because the Fight of Kadesh won’t end in a decisive victory, the two countries managed to remain on the verge of war over several years. Eventually, in 1258 BC, Ramses agreed to sign as well as abide by one of history’s first significant peace agreements with the Hittites. As a result, he was the world’s first leader to sign a treaty. Throughout Ramses’ reign, he was also able to establish a peaceable northern boundary.


The Cairo Museum’s Egyptologists realized that Ramses II’s mummy’s situation was rapidly declining in 1974. It was decided that his tomb would be flown to Paris for extensive technology and clinical investigation. The erstwhile Pharaoh was given an Egyptian travel document with the title “King of Egypt” written on it (deceased).

The wonderful pharaoh was found to have high cheekbones, including a wrinkled forehead and a strong, chiseled jawline. He is said to be a natural redhead with a tall muscular build.

The King was known as the “Great Ancestor” by his human civilization, and his successive pharaohs ended up taking the reigning monarch name Ramses! As the second-longest reigning pharaoh of ancient Egypt, he contributed to the flourishing and prosperity of the Egyptian people.

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